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Whether you are looking for the perfect gifts for 1 year old girls or boys, we have some great ideas for you.
Investing in a savings bond is a good and practical gift that will provide a child with a tidy sum when she is older.  A Christmas or birthday gift of a savings bond will be appreciated by the child and her parents even more when it is time for college. Whatever their interests might be, we have the perfect toy for them, and have not simply gone straight for what’s flying off the shelves the most. If your kids are into reading books and interested about fantasy then they will definitely find The Ruins of Gorlan (The Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 1) entertaining. The book is about 15-year old will who hopes to become a Knight but ends up as a Ranger’s apprentice. For the kids who love fantasy and medieval stories, this book will be a great gift and they may even end up wanting to read the whole series. For boys that love playing those basketball arcade games, they can have the same fun at home with the Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System. This basketball system includes two heavy-duty rims and even an electronic scoring system with buzzers and sound effects.
A lot of customers agree that the product is highly durable, rigid and it does not wobble during play.
The electronic scoreboard also makes it more fun as players can move to bonus rounds if they score a certain amount.
This classic arcade game will guarantee fun, let your kids have fun shooting baskets right in the comfort of your home. For kids who love Legos but looking for a challenge, the LEGO Chima 70010 The Lion CHI Temple would be an ideal gift for them.
This set features a buildable fortress complete with traps, vehicles and seven minifigures. This set takes a little longer to complete since there are a lot of pieces included but this also comes out better since kids are proud when they have finished building it. Allow your child to spend hours building this set and even have more fun playing with all the pieces after. Board games are a great way for a family to spend time together and your family will surely have fun playing Loaded Questions. People agree that this game is great as an ice breaker but also a good way to get to know people better. It tests your knowledge of your friends or family but you will also learn things about them that you never knew. This game is great for parties or even when your kids have friends over, it’s a great way to get to know people better. Boys have an unexplainable fascination with robots and the Transformers Platinum Edition Predaking Figure [Amazon Exclusive] is a great gift for boys who love robots. This toy is made up of 5 Predacon figures that can be converted from robot mode to beast mode. People who purchased the product say that it is well-made since the parts are made of die-cast and not plastic.
An awesome gift for any Transformers fan, this figure comes in its old school die-cast glory. Playing with Hot Wheels car has never been more fun with the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set. This has multiple tracks that intersect with a diverter than can definitely make the game more exciting. However, some find it to be too wobbly especially if there is more than 1 car on the track.

If your kids enjoy playing with Hot Wheels then this track will be a great addition and will make the game even more fun and exciting.
Nerf guns been popular for the past few years, boys love how they can play this with their friends. People like that it comes with a transparent clip so it’s easy to see how many darts you have left. However, you would need batteries in order to use the product and some people don’t like this.
If your kids love playing with Nerf guns then this model will definitely allow them to fire darts faster and win the game.
If your kids have just started getting into skateboarding then give them the POSITIV Andy Macdonald Walking Orca Complete Skateboard (Blue, 7.75-Inch) this Christmas. This skateboard is a special edition featuring Andy Macdonald, its designed with an orca and manufactured according to Skate One specifications. Aside from it being a great looking board, customers also like that the components are high quality. The deck might be a too heavy though as some customers said making it hard to do some tricks.
Skateboarding has to be one of the things that any boy this age goes through, let them enjoy and have fun with this board. The Be Amazing My First Super Science Kit will definitely keep budding scientists occupied for hours.
Parents like that the experiments also includes short explanations in order for kids to understand the activities better.
Experiments also range from easy to complex so kids can even choose which ones they like to take on.
Let your kids discover how amazing science is and let them do experiments and have fun while learning.
The bike is made up of a lightweight frame and fork making it easy to carry around and even do grinds or tricks. This is a great gift for kids who love riding bikes, it can even be used to do tricks and even grinds. Browse through some of the best gifts for 10 year old boys!Toys and gifts on this page are selected with a "boyish" boy in mind but work great for both genders.
Make an Animated Movie Now this is an open invitation to hours of fun and creative play. Firevision Sports Set Sports gifts are one of the most asked for gifts with boys these age along with cool tech stuff so why not combine those two into one gift? Nerf N-Strike Bow I love Nerf products (especially since they have bows) - I have yet to find another toy that keeps the kids as active and running around as this one does. There is no doubt that you cannot weasel out of your duty of buying thoughtful birthday gifts since it sends across a positive person to the birthday boy or girl about your feelings for them. Look at the various options that can help you create an extraordinary gift that will be etched in the memory of the receiver. Personalise this Thank You Crystal Block with any message over 3 lines up to 15 characters per line. This bright spotted personalised glass token makes a great gift for any male member of the family or friend. An Auntie will love receiving this personalised glass keepsake from their Nephew or Niece and with an engraved special message from them to her ita€™s sure to make a cherished gift idea for any special occasion. This charming glass keepsake is engraved with a personal message from you to him and is the perfect present for any occasion.

This personalised glass keepsake is engraved with a special message and makes a stunning gift idea to say a big thank you to someone special in your life. Personalise this glass keepsake with an engraved message and tell that special friend just how much they mean to you.
They will feel like big girls and boys with their own set of Sippy-cups, bowls, and spoons.  Choose a colorful set decorated with cartoon characters and make sure that they are non-breakable. Seuss.  At 1 year old she can turn the pages of a book herself and will try to read to herself stories that you have already read to her.
It chronicles his adventures as he learns what it means to be a Ranger but the story quickly accelerates as the Kingdom is attacked by evil magic forces. It is a good mix of young characters that strive to become adults and it shows their development throughout the book. The height can also be adjusted from 82 to 90 inches and even folds up, also comes with 7 balls.
Also, a lot agree that this figure is worth the price given and the fact that the pieces can be disassembled and reassembled adds more fun to it. This time they can strategize and even control the action with the lever and see which cars will crash and which one will make it to the finish line. This kit is a great gift as it lets your kids build amazing solar powered constructions that move! It's a great kit that covers the bases of mechanics, solar power and simple machines!
When they are finished they cane even color it however they want to make it even more unique and personal. Talk about a great gift!
Tintin is a journalist who unravels mysteries of all kinds on many different places around the world (along with his dog companion Snowy). If you want to link to a project you can use 1 picture (collage, not the actual printable) with a proper link back.
And it is your responsibility as a friend or family member to make the day even more special for that person. It may be wise to look beyond traditional birthday gifts such as a sweater or a pair of socks and give it a personal touch to enhance the value of the gift. Move away from your comfort zone and spend a little extra in case it is your best friend’s birthday. This personalised glass gift is is an ideal present for Birthdays, Grandma, Mum or as a Thank You token. Personalise this Floral Glass Block Gift with any message over 3 lines up to 15 characters per line. Your Uncle is sure to cherish his personalised glass keepsake which is engraved with a loving message just for him. This keepsake glass block will always remind them of how grateful you are for their help and support and is engraved with whatever message you like so it can be made completely personal. Ita€™s a lovely keepsake gift to tell them anything you want with your own message engraved into the glass block. Personalise this stylish Pink Spot Glass Block with any message over 3 lines up to 15 characters per line. Personalise this stylish glass gift with any message over 3 lines up to 15 characters per line.

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