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At WhatShed we review garden buildings in all varieties and all sizes, so we knew what to look for when compiling our league table of the very best workshop sheds. There were a lot of workshop sheds to choose from, but as we are looking at garden buildings that could be used as either a workshop or a garden shed we’ve only considered those buildings with a minimum size of 8 x 8 and a maximum size of 10 x 15, and we’ve not included log cabins or loglap clad buildings either. When compiling our WhatShed league tables, we like to include garden buildings to suit all budgets, and therefore we always appreciate value for money. In effect, this is two garden buildings in one, within a twelve foot by eight foot base area. Most of the wooden workshop sheds featured within our league table have shiplap tongue and groove cladding, which is noted for giving excellent strength and stability.
The reason that such a long warranty period can be given is that unlike the majority of the sheds in this league table it’s made of metal rather than wood, and is therefore very strong and durable and of course immune from the threat of rot. The best workshop sheds are tough and durable buildings that can be utilised all year round, year in and year out. This is the single door version, although there is a double door version available for a little extra money. There are only two metal workshop sheds in our top twenty, which is a sign that this is very much a category where traditional timber buildings are favoured. Indeed, so tough does this sheds workshop feel once constructed that it could have had an even longer warranty period attached to it, even though the 12 years given here is still longer than we find on some similarly sized metal buildings. Shiplap workshop sheds such as this not only provide excellent weather defences, being stable in windy conditions and with cladding that locks tightly together and therefore doesn’t let rainwater through, they can also look attractive and impressive. The wide opening double doors are ideal if you want to transport wide or bulky machinery in and out, which is one of the reasons that we feel this would make such a convenient workshop facility for either work or leisure purposes. Workshop sheds can be seen as a hybrid garden building, large enough to be used to make things or to spend time in pursuing a hobby or work activity, and yet small enough to pass as an attractive and unobtrusive garden building.
This has more windows than any other of the similarly sized workshop sheds we’re reviewed, with six along one side and two on either side of the double hinged doors, all made of styrene. This comes from the same manufacturer that makes the model at the top of our league table of the 20 best workshop sheds that can be bought online in the UK today. Once again these particular workshop sheds feature a secure storage area that is served by its own single door but with no window allowing passers by to see into it.
As we’ve already seen, workshop sheds can vary greatly in cost, so just because their budget is tight doesn’t mean that a consumer has to do without the many benefits that they can bring. As is to be expected at this great value price, the manufacturer has adopted a number of money saving features. This is the first of the plastic workshop sheds to earn a place in our top twenty league table, and it brings with it benefits that you won’t find from either timber or metal sheds. The manufacturer has livened up the ivory coloured cladding by arranging it in an overlap effect.
Increasing numbers of people are working from home, and more people every day are setting up their own businesses. This is one of the toughest workshop sheds that we’ve reviewed nit only because of the high quality cladding used throughout, but also because of the heavy duty framing that’s further supported by cross framing. We’ve reviewed lots of BillyOh sheds in all sizes and styles, but these twelve foot by ten foot workshop sheds are among our favourites from their range. We were also glad to see two sets of double doors, one set at the front and one on a side panel.
This is the fourth in the range of Champion heavy duty workshop sheds to gain a place in our WhatShed league table, which shows what a reliably excellent manufacturer they are. There is no log store on this occasion, nor any secure and window free storage area at the rear. The ultimate workshop sheds from Mercia nearly live up to their name in price at least, as they are the third most expensive on their list. From first sight we could tell that this was a strong and durable building that’s been made to last. These workshop sheds have a very pleasing blend of smooth planed tongue and groove timber and glazing, showing that serious and welcome consideration has been paid to the aesthetic appeal of the design as well as the functionality of it. Whilst tongue and groove cladding has been used for the walls, it has a thickness of 11mm, not the 12mm that we are used to seeing on workshop sheds made of timber.
As the name suggests, these workshop sheds are built with strength in mind, and we’re pleased to say that they deliver on that promise. Because this is an ideal workshop to have machinery and equipment in, security is even more important than it usually is.
This differs dramatically from the other BillyOh workshop sheds that we’ve reviewed in that it has a window free design, and indeed it’s the only wooden building in our league table to have no source of natural light. These twelve foot by eight foot workshop sheds from Hipex have the classic apex roofed design that we always enjoy seeing, especially when high quality tongue and groove cladding is used throughout as in this case. What we liked most about this model, and what helped it earn a place within our league table of the 20 best workshop sheds that can be bought online right now, is that it’s highly customisable to an extent that we rarely see.
This is the second of our top twenty workshop sheds to be made from a plastic substrate, and yet it’s very different stylistically. Another feature that we don’t often see in either plastic or metal workshop sheds is that there is a window in the side panel. The very best workshop sheds are strong, durable, and reliable, and these are certainly attributes that apply to this second Strongman model in our league table. We were pleased to find that tongue and groove cladding had been used throughout, and because it has a heavy duty frame it feels very stable once the installation is complete. Workshop sheds come in many different styles, and in all substrates, but our guide should have something everybody and covers all prices. As with all our products this Metal Bike Shed is made from strong, thick, galvanised steel. SM Garden Sheds have a wealth of bicycle storage buildings in metal, plastic and timber, in Bradford, which will keep your bicycle protected from the elements as well as intruders. A plastic purpose built log store has a number of additional advantages, such as keeping logs together neatly and tidily, which is important during the winter when damp wood can be prone to wood rot.
The structure which was proported to be the longest room in the world, and which had sheep grazing on the grass covered roof, is now a cultural venue called Temple Works. Connect to the ceiling of your garage walls, roof sections, the floor, and and you can be stunned. Plastic garden shed reviews from the best manufacturers including Keter, Rowlinson, Duramax and BillyOh. Keter is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic garden sheds; they offer high quality products that are practical, affordable and low maintenance. The Keter Gemini is reasonably straightforward to assemble with 2 people, and if you have a firm, level base prepared, it should take less than 2 hours to put together.
Rowlinson is a family business that has been manufacturing quality garden storage units since 1926. The shed is quite lightweight, so try to position it out of the wind, ideally against a wall and anchor to a firm foundation. The Duramax Duramate shed has a sturdy construction using a metal frame to support PVC panels. Assembly is straightforward, but as with all sheds you need to make sure you start with a firm, level base.
The BillyOh Retford plastic shed is constructed from high-quality vinyl panels fitted around a hot-dipped, galvanised steel frame making the shed corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Assembly instructions are clear and assuming you have a firm, level base prepared and a helping hand to hold the panels at the start, this plastic shed can be built in a couple of hours. Garden sheds are part of the fabric of the United Kingdom, they’re more than a building they’re a national symbol. Here at WhatShed we review all kinds of garden building, in all sizes and at all prices, so we know what makes one garden shed stand out from its competitors. To distinguish a garden shed from workshops and small storage sheds, we have only considered sheds that are at least six foot by four foot in area, and that are a maximum of eight foot by eight foot. High quality garden sheds can take many forms, but the timber apex shed is a timeless design classic, and this heavy duty shed from Champion is a prime example of just why it’s so effective and so in demand. With a base area of eight foot by six foot, there’s lots of room to move around in inside, and the tall ridge height of 2.21m means that it never feels claustrophobic. The vast majority of garden sheds within our top 20 league table have a timber construction, and yet the runner up spot goes to a shed that’s very different. We’ve reviewed lots of garden sheds made by Shed-Plus, and we’re invariably impressed by their strength and design quality.
Added value is given by the initial pressure treatment that has been applied to the tongue and groove cladding. Even with overlap cladding, it still feels strong and resilient when assembled, and the cladding is still effective at carrying rainwater away. Not all gardens share the same dimensions, or even the same shape, so it makes sense for garden sheds to come in different shapes as well. This is one of the toughest garden sheds we’ve seen, thanks not only to the tongue and groove cladding used throughout but also to the thicker than average 34 x 34mm frame. This is one of the largest garden sheds in our WhatShed league table, which means that it’s also one of the most flexible buildings on our list. We were pleased to find that although it’s relatively large in size, the asking price wasn’t. This is the second of the plastic garden sheds to make our top twenty list, and once again this has the advantage of being maintenance free other than a hose down occasionally to clean it. Built from a tough resin, there’s no need to worry about the colours fading over time, unlike some of the older plastic garden sheds that we see.
This is the first of our top twenty garden sheds available online in the UK to feature a pent rather than apex roof. Some garden sheds with pent roofs can seem a little restrictive once inside, but we were pleased to find that this wasn’t the case here, thanks to a taller than average eaves height of 1.85m or just over six foot. We always prize value greatly when it comes to all kinds of garden building, but it also has to be allied to high quality components and design. Of course, for this price there have to be certain trade offs: for example, overlap cladding is used rather than tongue and groove cladding, and the roof and floor are made of solid sheet material. As we explained earlier, all of the garden sheds to feature in this league table have to include windows as we feel that this is one of the factors that differentiate them from small security or storage sheds.
Looks wise, this adheres closely to the style of apex garden sheds that have been enhancing British gardens for many decades now.
Another feature that we particularly liked about this eight foot by six foot shed is that it has a bank of four windows that run down the full length of one side. Whilst most of the garden sheds we review may lack the exciting and innovative designs that we see on some other garden buildings, it’s this traditional appeal that many people like so much.
Its compact footprint makes it a good choice not only for people who are looking for a reliable garden shed on a tight budget, but also those who don’t have too much garden space to spare. When garden space is severely limited, but you still want to enjoy the many advantages that garden sheds bring, this corner shed can be a perfect solution. We were pleased to find that tongue and groove cladding had been used for the walls, even though cheaper solid sheet material had been used for the roof and the floor. The BillyOh range of garden sheds are very diverse in their make up, but they all have certain elements in common.
The first thing that we noticed about this building is that it’s taller than we usually see with BillyOh garden sheds.
Garden sheds are among the most practical garden buildings of them all, but it’s good to see that they can still have an individual look that grabs the attention for all the right reasons. It has a seven foot square base area, and the offset apex roof reaches a ridge height of 2.15m so it feels comfortable and spacious inside. Pent sheds have loyal fans across the country, as they provide a good standard of protection against the elements without standing out too much or creating a shed that’s much taller in one area than another.
What caught our eye most about this particular pent shed is that it has three well sized windows on the larger end panel, creating a very well lit interior to work or relax in. We feel that six foot by six foot garden sheds are an ideal size for most small domestic gardens, as they can hold a good amount of tools and equipment and still have enough room to move around in, and yet they won’t take up too much garden space that may be in short supply.
We also liked the use of high quality redwood tongue and groove cladding throughout, especially as it’s supported by a 50 x 38mm frame.
If you think that all plastic garden sheds look the same, then you certainly haven’t seen this beautiful model from Grossfillex.
A single door is centrally positioned at the front of this six foot by five foot shed, and once again it has a unique look all of its very own thanks to a rectangular window placed at the top of it.
This is one of the most attractive traditionally styled garden sheds that we’ve seen thanks to the high quality smooth planed timber that’s been used for the cladding and the slightly overhanging apex roof. Two features that we did like were the wide opening double doors and the opening window which means that it’s easier to ventilate than many timber clad garden sheds that we review. Unlike the other BillyOh models that have made it into our list of the 20 best garden sheds that can be purchased online in the UK today, this one has overlap cladding. In common with the other garden sheds from this manufacturer, there is no flooring supplied. With so many garden sheds to choose from, made from both timber and plastic, selecting the top twenty, and then the top one, was a hard task.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In this series of articles on these products, we will begin with THE WOODSIDE RANGE of PVC storage buildings.
4x6 Woodside – An attractive shed, which like the Sidemate, features a single hinged door on the shorter side of the building allowing customers to have a good amount of storage space in restrictive garden locations. 6x6 Woodside – This is very similar to our Large Hut model, with its apex roof, double hinged doors and Integral floor.
10x8 Woodside – Based on similar dimensions to one of our popular models (The Woodbridge), this model is a popular size?and colour option.
They make a great place to keep gardening tools and equipment, of course, but thanks to their size they can be used for a whole lot more as well. We also felt it important that they could be easily found online, so we’ve only considered models sold by the ten leading retailers in this field. We’ve then considered the price and overall value of each workshop shed we’ve reviewed, as well as its aesthetic appeal, and any additional features that can give the customer extra value for money. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheapest sheds will always come out on top, however, as shown by this heavy duty combination shed that takes top place in our list of the 20 best workshop sheds, despite a price tag of over thirteen hundred pounds.
The majority of this building is a high quality workshop, with tongue and groove cladding used throughout and accessed via wide opening double doors that take up most of the frontage.
This Hartwood shed, however, uses overlap cladding, but it still takes the runner up position in our league table by offering superb value for money. Polycarbonate glazing is used, which once again helps to keep the price down for the customer, and this means that the windows are not only functional they are also extremely shatter resistant.
This makes it an ideal proposition not only for those who want a good sized garden shed, but also those who want a large garden building that can be used as a home office, warehouse or even small scale manufacturing unit for a home run business. We now that many people prefer the look of timber workshop sheds, and this is the only thing preventing this model from claiming the top position, but we found it quite attractive thanks to its subtle green and white colour scheme.
That’s certainly what this Shed Republic model offers, and as it also offers very good value for money, at less than nine hundred pounds for a base area of ten feet by eight feet, it deserves a place in the upper echelons of our league table.
That both of them feature in the top five, however, is an indicator of how tough metal sheds such as this are, and of the excellent value for money that they bring with them.
That certainly applies here, as we were impressed by the smooth planed exterior at first sight, and although this also represents very good value for money, which is one reason that it features so highly in our league table, nobody will ever guess how inexpensive it really is. Whilst the floor joists have been pressure treated, which we were glad to see, the rest of the building has been given a dip treatment.
It was the first thing that grabbed our attention when we saw this building, and it creates a pleasant and welcoming interior that will be a comfortable place to work in, even for hours at a time. This adds even more flexibility, however, but as it’s also smaller and significantly more expensive it achieves a lower overall position. As it’s also secured by a key operated lock, this makes it an ideal place to store valuable tools, or even computer equipment that could then be used in the main body of the building that serves as a workshop or shed.
This Windsor workshop shed is the least expensive of all the timber workshop sheds in our top twenty league table, and it means that people can have a well built and reliable ten foot by eight foot garden building in their garden for not much more than four hundred pounds.

Foremost among these is the use of overlap, rather than tongue and groove cladding, for the walls, and solid sheet material for the roof and floor.
We found this to be interesting and pleasing on the eye, but there’s no denying that this isn’t as attractive as many of the wooden workshop sheds we’ve reviewed, and this has been taken into consideration when determining the final placing.
For these people, workshop sheds can prove a perfect low cost solution to where to carry out their work tasks free from the pressures and temptations of the home.
Once assembled this is a workshop shed that should give very few problems whatever the weather throws at it, particularly as the wood has been pressure treated to push wood preserver deep into its fibres. For a start, they’re among the most attractive medium to large sized garden buildings that we’ve seen.
That means that these workshop sheds could be used for a dual purpose, and a partition wall could even be erected to turn this into two reasonably sized rooms. One again, this model has a character of its very own, including a reverse apex orientation that makes it ideal for shallow gardens. What this does mean, however, is that the owner gets the full use of all of the twelve foot by ten foot interior space that these workshop sheds offer.
We were pleased to see, however, that they also nearly live up to this boast when it comes to performance too. The shiplap cladding is 16mm thick, as opposed to the 12mm thick cladding that we more often see used on wooden tongue and groove workshop sheds.
Although it feels noticeably thinner during assembly, however, once it’s all pieced together it still feels strong and stable. Heavy duty shiplap cladding has been used throughout, and this feels heavier than usual both during and after assembly. That’s why we were glad to see that a key operated secure locking system was included as standard, although of course we wouldn’t discourage anyone from adding even more security in the form of alarms or CCTV. This means that there’s lots of room to move around in, and of course that means there’s also lots of storage space available. This could prove a popular choice with those who have traditional looking gardens and homes, and with two square windows on either side of the single hinged door it could easily be used as either a small scale workshop or as a garden storage shed. The customer can pay to have thicker cladding, or to upgrade tongue and groove timbers to loglap. It’s small and so doesn’t compromise security too much, and yet it still allows a good amount of natural light to reach the interior, especially as there are also five small skylights secreted in the roof. For this reason, we feel that this deserves consideration by those who are looking for workshop sheds that will stand up to the worst that our weather can throw at them.
In such a competitive category, it’s well done to Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Combination workshop shed, which takes the top spot not by being the cheapest, but by offering added value in the form of the secure storage area, and by being very durable, well built, and good looking too. A unique shed ventilation system around the unit minimizes the build-up of condensation inside the unit, keeping your equipment dry and safe. UPVC bike sheds from SM Garden Sheds are steel reinforced with high quality secure door locking systems, air vents to keep mustiness and mould growth. Plastic garden sheds are becoming very popular due to their durability, ease of assembly, and weather-proof construction. The Keter Gemini 6×6 shed offers the benefits associated with a resin construction – virtually maintenance-free, and both weather resistant and UV-stabilised, which means that it will not fade over time. A tip to ease assembly is to apply some spray lubricant such as WD40 to the joins of the interlocking sections to help them slide together. Check the shed panels on delivery for any warping, as the shed will be difficult to assemble and won’t sit square if the walls are deformed. Made entirely from polypropylene, a tough and durable plastic, this shed is hardwearing, whilst ventilation panels ensure a flow of air within the unit itself.
Although advertised as weatherproof, in extreme weather conditions, rain can seep in, so again try to position it in a sheltered area of the garden. The combination of steel and plastic results in a solid structure that gives the impression it will provide many years of service and provide a reasonably safe and secure storage space. All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly and the flat-pack kit includes all necessary hardware as well as illustrated instructions. The resin is UV resistant so will not fade over time and the shed is weather proof so your bikes, mower and garden tools are safe from the elements. Given the pent shed design, an excellent feature is the option to be able to fit the door to either end of the shed depending on its position in the garden. We also wanted to make sure that all of the garden sheds featuring in our league table were easy to find and purchase, which is why we’ve only considered sheds that are sold by the ten leading online garden building retailers, who between them sell over 95% of all the sheds bought via the internet in the United Kingdom.
We’ve also insisted that our garden sheds must have at least one window, as this allows the owner to look out at their garden and provides the light needed for typical garden shed activities. The apex roof itself is very good at dispersing rain water, and we were pleased to find tongue and groove cladding used throughout, which being tightly interlocking means that there’s no way for water to get into the interior. There’s also lots of natural light inside, thanks to the inclusion of two opening windows, and we were very pleased to see that they were glazed with toughened glass, which isn’t something that we usually see on the garden sheds we review. It has bold looks that we found very attractive, and we especially liked the arched tops to the double doors. The proof of this is that they account for two of the top three positions in our league table, which is a laudable and well deserved achievement.
This not only gives it a long lasting protection against rot, exemplified by the 15 year warranty supplied by the manufacturer, it also means that the owner won’t have to spend time and money adding their own coats of wood preserver on an annual basis. We do prefer tongue and groove cladding of course, as this is typically thicker and therefore more stable. This is also helped by the apex roof, and we found it noticeable higher than most similar garden sheds we’ve reviewed.
Once again, we were pleased to find that an initial pressure treatment had been used and that this brought with it a 15 year guarantee.
The reason that it can be sold at such an affordable price is that it has overlap cladding with solid sheet material used for the apex roof, where it’s then covered by roofing felt, and for the floor. That makes it perfect for people who want a very useful garden work or storage space, but don’t want to spend time or money on it once it has been installed. For this reason we would have liked to see a much longer warranty period than the 10 year one provided by Suncast, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it exceeding this period. This gives it a very different look, of course, but it’s still one that we found aesthetically pleasing, and one that we feel will appeal to traditionalists. We were equally pleased to find that the timbers had been pressure treated by the manufacturer, and that once again this meant that a 15 year warranty had been supplied by Shed-Plus.
Both of these things come together in yet another Shed-Plus building, which is why it earns a place within our top 20 league table. The floor is supported by integrated and pressure treated floor boards however; this isn’t something that we would necessarily expect to find in such low cost garden buildings, and it helps to protect the timber as a whole from the threat of ground moisture.
The inclusion of a window, or windows, brings with it a lot benefits, creating a pleasant interior that you can spend prolonged periods of time inside.
On the downside, however, the timber has been dip rather than pressure treated, and it comes without a floor which must therefore be added as an optional extra. One of the things that sets it apart, however, is that it’s been made from sustainably sourced timbers that comply with the government’s ‘sustainable homes code’. That means that this is one of the best illuminated garden sheds that we’ve seen, which makes it a great place to carry out work or a hobby activity, or to simply sit inside reading a book. Despite its dimensions, there’s still enough room to move around in inside, and there’s also enough natural light to move around in thanks to the inclusion of two styrene windows.
Its five sided design means that it can fit snugly into a corner of just about any garden, leaving more precious lawn space free. We also liked the use of double doors, with a square window on either side, as this makes it much easier to manoeuvre wide or tall objects in and out.
On the plus side, this means that they are very well built from high quality components, and that they always look aesthetically pleasing. The ridge height of 2.22m makes it good for those who need a little more headroom either for themselves or for storage purposes. Whilst this particular shed still has the apex roof that is so effective at channeling water away and keeping the interior dry, the apex itself is offset. There’s only one window, alongside the single door, but on a sunny day this still provides an adequate supply of natural light for most purposes. For lovers of pent garden sheds, this model from Empire is definitely one for the shortlist. We were also impressed to find that the tongue and groove timber used for the walls had been pressure treated to give it long lasting protection against wet rot. This is substantially thicker than we usually see used on wooden garden sheds of this size, and means that it feels very strong and solid once the installation is complete. It’s like no shed that we’ve seen from any other manufacturer, and has a contemporary designer feel about it that will fit in perfectly with houses that have lots of modern features. By careful positioning of the shed this can also make it very hard for anyone passing by to be able to see what’s kept inside, yet it still allows natural light to reach the interior.
Both of these factors also help to ensure that rain can’t penetrate into the interior, which means that it should also prove to be very durable and rot resistant.
The width of the doors make it easy to carry wide and bulky items inside, and with a seven foot by seven foot base area we can easily imagine furniture being installed to transform this into a small and affordable summer house.
This does, however, give it a rustic appearance that we found charming, and it also means that it provides exceptional value for money. It can be installed directly onto a level area of concrete, but we feel that it would be better to pay a little extra and have one of the two optional floors added. This also comes complete with an Integral floor, fixed window, brown slate effect roof and attractive brown doors & trim. The 10x8 features a foundation kit and fixed window as standard, as well as the slate-effect brown roof and brown trim, similar to the other models in the range. Each building features vents to allow air-flow, fully lockable doors, a comprehensive instruction manual, attractive brown slatted roof effect, a door catch and a 15 year non-perforation manufacturer's warranty. Well built workshop sheds provide a comfortable environment to pursue a hobby, such as woodwork or crafting, but they can also act as a cost effective base for a home run business. They’re the reliable big name companies who between them sell over 95% of all the garden buildings purchased online in the UK. When you consider its versatility, thanks to an integrated secure storage area, and its durability, however, there was no doubt in out mind that this still represents very god value for money, and fully deserves the top spot.
Even though the cladding is noticeably thinner than that we see on tongue and groove workshop sheds, it still feels stable and reliable once fully assembled, and we were very pleased to see that the timber has been pressure treated by the manufacturer.
With all these possibilities it also represents outstanding value for money, especially as it comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee which is longer than that on any other workshop shed that we’ve reviewed. We also liked its very tall eaves height, 2.25m, and the two sets of doors it has, making it easy to move items in and out. We were glad to find that strong tongue and groove cladding has been used throughout, as in conjunction with the apex roof it means that there’s no chance of water penetration reaching the goods inside. We were also glad to see that the two windows featured toughened glass and that they could both be opened, providing an easy and natural source of ventilation. As it doesn’t have any windows an artificial lighting source will need to be installed if this is to be used as a place to work in, but even allowing for this we are very impressed by an asking price of not much more than four hundred pounds for a strong and resilient ten by ten garden building.
This allows the owner to install a wooden floor safe in the knowledge that it will be supported above ground level, and will therefore be protected from the threat of rising moisture which is often found at the surface of concrete or stone.
This means that although these workshop sheds include a 10 year warranty against rot this is dependent upon the owner carrying out annual preservative treatments. There’s a ten year warranty applied to the tongue and groove cladding as well, and if it had only been pressure treated, rather than dip treated, this could have gained a position even higher up our league table than it already does. What makes this stand out from all the other workshop sheds that we’ve reviewed is that it also features an integrated log store at the side.
We found the 15 year warranty against rot very reassuring as well, especially as it means that a long lasting pressure treatment has been applied across all of the timbers. For those on a budget who only like the classic appearance of wooden sheds, therefore, this is certainly worthy of consideration.
Once installed, however, it doesn’t feel flimsy and so it shouldn’t have any problems with the British weather. This also means that they are maintenance free, which will come as a relief to people who have become tired of applying extra coats of preserver to their wooden garden buildings every year.
We were also a little disappointed to find that it only comes with a 10 year warranty, as the nature of the PVC substrate means that we feel it should last for much longer than this suggests. This gives added value in the form of a 15 year guarantee against rot, making this good value for money considering its generous dimensions. That’s partly thanks to the smooth and high quality tongue and groove cladding used throughout, and partly thanks to the four opening windows. It’s a value adding feature, but on the other hand it’s worth noting that a floor isn’t included as standard but has to be purchased as an optional extra. It’s also the second most expensive of all the workshop sheds in our list however, and that accounts for a position that’s considerably lower than it could otherwise achieve.
They’ll also gain extras reassurance both from the key operated lock included as standard with the double doors, and the fifteen year manufacturer’s warranty provided. If you live in a windy or exposed areas then you may be looking for a building that will prove stable and reliable even in tough conditions; in this case, this is definitely one that should be considered.
The framing was also noticeably thicker than average, and we were pleased to see that it featured chamfered edges that give it even more strength where it needs it most. We were pleased to find that while six of them are fixed in position, two of them can be opened and closed as required. For a twelve foot by ten foot garden building, this represents very good value for money, but this is let down a little not only by the lack of a floor but also by the lack of an extended warranty of any kind. This makes it a perfect choice for people who want a shed that they can load up with heavy furniture, equipment and machinery. At eight foot by eight foot this is the smallest of the workshop sheds in our league table, and yet this makes it ideal for those with smaller gardens where available space is at a premium. Those who want to use this primarily as a workshop, and who plan on spending extended periods of time inside, will need to install some form of artificial lighting. From a security and storage point of view, then, this has a lot going for it at a very reasonable price, but unfortunately the lack of an extended warranty and the lack of a floor as standard has again impacted upon the final position in this league table.
They can also choose to have tanalised timbers, but it has to be said that we would have liked a pressure treatment to have been used anyway, and for a long warranty period to be provided. For one, the polyethylene cladding is starkly white and it contrasts with the dark grey roof, arranged in a shingled pattern, and double doors. With a ten year warranty as well, which we feel could and should have been longer, this is a workshop shed with a lot to recommend it, but its extravagant price may put some people off, and it’s this that keeps it in the penultimate position in our WhatShed league table. It is also, however, more expensive than many workshop sheds of a similar size we’ve reviewed, and despite being very tough and durable it doesn’t come with the long lasting warranty that we would have expected to see. It should be noted, however, that this will also involve the customer having to add their own preservative treatments before or immediately after assembly, and every year thereafter. Whether you want a large workshop, a small garden shed, or anything in between, WhatShed will bring you the reviews that can help you make a perfect purchasing decision. Our metal bike sheds like the Asgard Metal Security Shed - Double ended Bike Locker, have space saving separate compartments with a tough steel division, allowing two bicycles to be stored at the same time.
Plastic sheds are a cost effective solution to garden storage with the huge advantage that they require virtually no maintenance. The interlocking construction and the integrated floor will keep both wet weather and pests out, whilst the double door opening, window and integral skylight allow some natural light in. Double doors provide good, wide access, meaning that although the shed is compact, you can easily store bulky items such as mowers and kids bikes.
The door comes pre-assembled and hooks onto hinge pins which are ready mounted onto the door jambs. A high quality shed is an essential purchase for any keen gardener, providing a safe and convenient location to store all the tools and equipment needed to keep a garden looking good all year round. Other considerations have included price and overall value for money, style and design, and durability. We were even more pleased that the timbers had also been pressure treated, which gives it a fifteen year warranty against rot.
With a key operated lock included as well, we feel that even though this isn’t one of the cheaper garden sheds in our list, it still represents good value for money.

We also appreciated the two square window on the side panels, which are something that we don’t often see on plastic sheds.
This shed is more compact than its compatriot in the top position, with a base area of six foot by four foot, but that makes it suitable for gardens that don’t have a lot of spare space. The framing was also noticeably thicker than average, so this feels very stable when assembled.
This difference can be more pronounced however on larger sheds than the eight foot by six foot one featured here.
What we liked most about the roof, however, is that it’s made of onduline, which is a modern alternative to traditional roofing felt. It could also make a comfortable environment to pass a few hours in at the end of a day, and the wide opening double doors make it easy to bring furniture or other large objects in and out. As the timber has all been pressure treated however, it’s guaranteed to be free of rot for at least 15 years which we think adds even greater value to this range of garden sheds. Once again this has a unique look that people will either love or hate, thanks to its beige and brown design and two rows of tiny glazed windows across the upper portion of the double doors. This is, however, one of the smaller sheds in our league table, and its higher price compared to the Keter model accounts for their relative placings. Whilst the pent roof has enough of a pitch to ensure that rain, and even snow, quickly slides away it also creates a less obtrusive look.
It can also, however, bring added vulnerability as passers by may be able to see what’s being store within the building and this can attract opportune thieves. This prevents this cleverly designed building from climbing up our list of the very best garden sheds. While that will appeal primarily to building contractors, it’s also good news for garden owners who are concerned about the environment and who want to control their carbon footprint.
We also feel that this represents good value for money, and it’s only the lack of a longer warranty period that would have come with an initial pressure treatment that stops it from being ranked in the top half of our league table. We did however find that it caught our eye upon first sight, partly thanks to the smooth planed tongue and groove cladding for the walls.
Overall value for money is further enhanced by the inclusion of a 10 year warranty, which we feel is acceptable for such affordable garden sheds. This also makes it much less obtrusive, especially since it has a pent rather than apexed roof.
Thanks to its seven foot by seven foot base area it’s surprising just how much can fit into a small corner or the garden, although the corners do take up some of this space. On the downside they often have short warranty periods, although the 10 years provided here is as long as we find on any timber sheds from this manufacturer, and they typically come without any flooring as standard. We also liked the bank of windows which take up the full width of one side, and we were pleased to see that guttering and a downpipe are also included as standard which is more than we’d have expected with a shed costing as little as this one.
We found the result very striking, and this simple design feature makes the shed as a whole look unlike any of the many other garden sheds we’ve reviewed. As the shiplap cladding has been dip treated it will need to be treated regularly with wood preserver by the customer, although it does then come with a 10 year guarantee. Its six foot by five foot base area gives it a compact footprint that makes it ideal for smaller gardens, and yet the head height of 2.00m means that you won’t have to bend down too much when walking around within it. We would usually expect this to bring a 15 year warranty with it, but on this occasion it only has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. This is significantly more than we find with most garden sheds we’ve reviewed, and means that there’s lots of space for storage purposes or simply to move around in. This is a garden shed with a lot to recommend it, and it would have earned a much higher position if it had come with an extended warranty and if it had been priced a little lower. The first thing we noticed was the blue colour scheme, but it’s very subtle giving a pastel like appearance that contrasts with white detailing.
The 10 year warranty could have been longer for such a tough and well built shed, and it’s substantially more expensive then other garden sheds of a similar size, but if price isn’t a primary consideration then this should be near the top of your shortlist. An initial dip treatment has been used by the manufacturer, and even though this isn’t as long lasting as the pressure treatment and tanalisation that we like to see we would still have expected an extended warranty of 10 years or so to be provided. A well built six foot by six foot garden shed from a reputable company can now be had for less than two hundred pounds, making this a great choice for those looking for a new garden shed for their first home, or those looking for a low cost garden building to supplement the shed they already have.
As well as a floor we would also have liked to see an extended warranty provided, rather than the one year warranty which is the statutory minimum. It earned its place at the very top of our league table of the best garden sheds by providing very good value for money, lots of interior space, and a long 15 year guarantee which shows how effective its initial pressure treatment is. We think this is due to the fact that fewer people wish to spend the time and care necessary to maintain a timber shed.
It is modelled on the existing range but the roof and doors are supplied in a contrasting brown colour making it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Apex Roof, Plastic Shed with Integral Floor & Fixed Window, Large Hut Outdoor Building with Slate Effect Roof.
It’s little wonder that they are becoming ever more popular, which is why we’ve created this handy WhatShed guide to the 20 best workshop sheds that can be bought online in the UK today. At the rear is a secure storage area that is served by its own personnel door, and as there are no windows it’s impossible for others to see what ‘s being kept inside. Not only does this give a 15 year guarantee, which is something we’re always happy to see, but it also means that the customer can save time and money by not having to re-treat it with wood preserver every year. This can be especially useful on a hot day of computer equipment, or other machinery, is being used inside. For this kind of money, however, we don’t find this surprising; nor are we surprised by the inclusion of solid sheet roofing and floors, cost effective solutions that have helped to keep the asking price low. With increasing numbers of people burning logs for fuel we can see this being an extremely useful garden building to many, and so in this case the fifteen hundred pound price tag should actually prove to be reasonable value for money.
A 10 year warranty is included against rot, and to help in this fight we were pleased to find that there were integrated floor joists that had been pressure treated to keep ground moisture out.
Nevertheless, it does still represent very good value for money, and we were pleased to see that a window could be added for an extra eighty pounds, which would then make it even more suitable for use as a workshop. Because all of the substrates are made from tough tongue and groove cladding, including the floor, it can take relatively heavy machinery without the need for reinforcements.
They can not only all be opened, which is something that we think is especially important for a workshop environment, they are all designed in a Georgian style with a cross hatching.
It’s this that prevents this otherwise excellent workshop shed from achieving a higher position within our league table. If this falls within your budget, however, you may want to consider it before any of the others.
As the wood has been pressure treated there’s also no need to apply extra coats of wood preserver every year, and with a building of this size that can add up to a considerable saving of both time and money over the years. Double doors are included, as well as two windows, and we were glad to see that the doors featured a key operated rim lock. This helps keep the price of the building as a whole down, which we know is an important consideration for many consumers, while still allowing easy and quick ventilation.
It’s this that keeps this workshop shed towards the lower reaches of our top twenty league table.
It does feature an apex roof that gives eaves that are much higher than average as well, so it can be used to store tall items without any difficulty. On the other hand, this is perfect for those who prize security above all other factors when it comes to their garden buildings. This, then, is an excellent choice for people who want to create a bespoke workshop shed, although the basic model is more expensive than many similarly sized garden buildings we’ve reviewed.
The doors themselves are arched at the top, although there’s still more than enough room when walking in or out. Into a sports activities fan's sport room and viewing room bike storage sheds plastic is a storage than twenty bucks, they. Plastic sheds are sturdy, long-lasting and waterproof allowing you to keep your garden tools, furniture, mower and bikes safe and dry, whatever the weather.
The assembly instructions are clear and straightforward, and no tools are required to fit the plastic interlocking parts together. Manufactured from PVC vinyl, it won’t fade or deteriorate over time making it virtually maintenance free. Keep in mind though that the Duramax doesn’t come with an integrated base or floor, so if you don’t have a suitable base already, you’ll need to purchase the steel foundation kit.
The shed also comes with a steel foundation kit, which can either be filled with concrete or fitted with wooden panels for flooring.
Let’s take a look then at the UK’s top 20 garden sheds that can be bought online right now. This then is a large shed that has classic good looks, is very strong and very durable, and it is these qualities that carry it to the top of our league table of the very best garden sheds.
As there’s also a translucent panel on the apex roof which acts as a skylight, the interior is very well illuminated which is another reason that this is one of our favourite garden sheds, albeit one that may not be to the taste of those who prefer traditional looking garden buildings.
It also makes it more affordable, and the great value price tag of less than four hundred pounds helps this good looking shed achieve such a high position.
We were also pleased to see that the one side window could be opened, making this easier to ventilate and cool down than many of the garden sheds we review. One thing that the overlap cladding does do, however, is make the building as a whole much cheaper to construct and therefore more affordable to buy. That makes it an ideal choice for people with shallow gardens, and yet there’s still lots of room inside for storage, growing, or activity purposes.
There’s a single door and single window alongside it, and with toughened glass inside it you won’t have to worry about it shattering after an accidental impact. If you’re looking for a shed with an accommodating internal area that won’t stretch your budget, then this is certainly worth adding to the shortlist. On a sunny day these allow more light in than you might expect, which means that finding and retrieving items is easy. It also means that the shed is easier to hide behind a fence or wall, which is why we feel that it could be used as a security shed, especially as a key operated rim lock is included as standard. This BillyOh shed comes up with a very practical solution, which is why it gains a place in the top half of our league table. As it is, a ten year warranty is provided, although this is dependent upon the customer adding regular preservative treatments themselves to keep the warranty valid. It makes this look like an expensive shed, but in fact it’s one of the most affordable garden sheds we’ve reviewed, with a price tag of not much more than two hundred and fifty pounds.
For that reason we feel that this will be especially useful who want garden sheds that are functional first and foremost, although we still found it quite pleasing to look at. It also comes with the reassurance of a 10 year guarantee against rot as long as the treatment schedule is adhered to. It only costs ?37 to add a solid sheet floor to this six foot by six foot model however, or ?51 for a stronger tongue and groove floor, and so even allowing for this we still feel it offers good value for money.
If you want a well built wooden garden shed that will look different to anything your friends or neighbours have, then this is well worth considering. For its size however it is a little pricier than many of its competitors, although many will feel it’s worth paying extra for its unique and attractive styling.
With an above average asking price higher than we see on most six foot by five foot sheds as well, this prevents it from being placed further up our league table.
The overhanging apex roof also caught our eye, and in conjunction with the tough PVC cladding it ensures that no water can get into the shed itself. Unfortunately, however, only a 1 year warranty is supplied, which is why this otherwise very good shed finds itself in our league table’s penultimate spot.
Nonetheless, we feel this deserves its place in our WhatShed league table thanks to its low price point and its attractive if rustic design. Whether you want garden sheds or larger metal workshops, or anything in between, WhatShed will bring you the independent reviews that can help you make a perfect purchasing every time.
The attractive slate effect brown roof has been a key selling point for this model and the introduction of a fixed window as standard has been a good addition to the product specification. Whilst this is a DIY product, preparation of the ground and the building of the shed can cause difficulty. It’s a unique feature among the workshop sheds we’ve reviewed, and we were pleased to see that all doors have key operated locks to make them even more secure.
This may lack the sophistication of many of the wooden workshop sheds we see, but when it comes to the price it’s unbeatable. We also feel that the two opening windows are a boon to people who are going to use machinery of any kind inside, providing cooling fresh air whenever needed. At this price we would have liked to see a longer lasting preservative treatment, and a longer lasting warranty period, than the 10 years supplied here, however. If this workshop shed had been pressure treated, rather than dip treated, and came with an extended warranty period this could have been placed much further up our league table. Because there are no windows to look into, passers by will be unable to tell whether anything valuable, or indeed anything at all, is being kept inside.
We found the overall effect striking, although we know that it won’t be to everyone’s taste. If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag.
1 person familiar with following flat-pack instructions can put the shed together in under an hour, but make sure you prepare a flat base to stand it on. Although there are no windows in the side panels, a transparent roof panel lets plenty of light in, and having solid walls will help with security. At 4ft x 8ft, this plastic shed is an ideal storage solution for a narrower garden and with the pent design the shed looks great positioned against a wall.
With so many sheds to choose from, WhatShed have created this helpful guide to the very best garden sheds that can be bought online in the UK today. We appreciate, however, that not everybody likes the look of garden sheds, and we also feel that the warranty period supplied could have been longer than ten years given how durable the substrate was; these factors are what keeps it off of the top position. It’s this price tag of less than three hundred pounds that really caught our eye, especially as the timber has been pressure treated and is therefore guaranteed to last at least 15 years free of rot, which is why it gains such a lofty position in our list.
It’s also the reason that we found it so eye catching upon first sight, but that’s not the only reason that it earns a place as one of our top five garden sheds.
It was also good to see that the window, which can be positioned on the right or the left, had toughened glass in it which is another security boosting feature. It is however the cheapest of all the sheds in our list, and as it also comes with a 15 year warranty thanks to the long lasting pressure treatment that has been applied we feel that this is probably the best value garden shed we’ve reviewed. Light is provided by a series of tiny windows, but because they are so compact and placed so high up on the wall they make it practically impossible for unauthorised eyes to see within. The inner construction of this building is a galvanised steel frame giving it inherent strength and durability. A helpline is available and we strongly recommend that you call us if you have any doubt on how to proceed. Another positive feature that helped this rise to the top of the league table is that all the timber has been pressure treated, and is covered by a 15 year guarantee.
This makes it much less likely, in our opinion, that it will be targeted by opportune thieves in search of easy pickings. If you don’t need a full sized shed but still require somewhere to store your garden tools and accessories, then this tall plastic shed is perfect. The Duramax 8′ wide format is ideal as an extra storage space for most gardens or large patios, and its steel frame construction makes it a notch up in terms of sturdiness compared to other plastic sheds. Our specialist advice will provide customers with confidence, that they are dealing with an organisation that marries together a quality service with a quality plastic shed product!
Plastic Sheds featuring Pre-Cut, Pre-Drilled & Numbered Parts for Ease of Assembly, Stockport, Manchester. However, it’s also worth noting that Rowlinson make an add-on system for this shed allowing you to extend the dimensions to double the depth if you find you need the extra storage space later on. Each model has its own unique and enhanced features compared with our standard Ivory Duramax Range.

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