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All Design Series pieces are cleverly engineered to make construction less labor intensive, and we leave out expensive hardwood edging used in our artisan furniture.  We use the same high-quality enamels and clear coats to create beautiful, vibrant finishes.  All of our efforts result in furniture that is distinctly Dust that you can afford!
This is the first installment of the Cara Collection – Built-in Office Furniture Plans.
This will ensure when you attach your baseboard it will be flush with the faceframe above the cleat since we didn’t build the faceframe to go all the way to the floor.
You can see a detailed post on how Cara built her Oak Countertops here and see all of Cara’s build posts here. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The ProGard NU-86 Open Bookcase Base Cabinet keeps your materials in order while remaining rust resistant to chemicals in your soil science or high corrosive laboratory.
NuAire polypropylene casework is designed to conform to a wide variety of unique customer requirements.
All casework is manufactured using stress-relieved, fully seam-welded, white polypropylene. Wall and base cabinet shelves are adjustable and come with a drip-proof ? inch (13 mm) lip.
Available in Polypropylene (Standard), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), Flame Retardant Polypropylene, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and TFE-Tetrafluoroethylene (Teflon®). Founded in 1979, California-based Coaster Furniture is one of North America's top importers and distributors of ready-to-assemble furniture and home decor accent pieces.
Coaster Fine Furniture brings you home furniture that features innovative designs, skillfully manufactured and competitively priced. Browse Coaster computer desks and office chairs to furnish your home office with your favorite interior style, be it contemporary or classic.
Bruno (my husband) and I built these months ago using  and I just barely figured out how to use Google Sketch up to give you some diagrams. If your bookcase is a different size than mine were,  make sure you add at least 1 inch to the width and depth. Circular saw or Miter saw <– this is the one I got from the contest I won and it is my most FAVORITE tool EVERRRRR! I chose oil-rubbed bronze hinges and spray painted some old knobs I had lying around to match. I got a super smooth finish using the HomeRight FinishMax paint sprayer, which I will talk about more in another post, but I would never paint a huge tall bookcase without that paint sprayer!

I appreciate the response and picture, but the corner cabinet needs to have a return on both sides. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum. When you post your question at the Forum, be sure to include references to the Knowledge Base article that inspired your question. Once complete, it will ship by FedEx, and we will send tracking information when it's ready to be picked up. Modifications, additions, optional accessories or customer-designed products can be fabricated to meet the specific needs of your laboratory application.
Their 7 US offices include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, and Texas.
Browse wood bedroom and living room furniture in a range of styles that start at traditional charm and cover design influences right up to contemporary minimalism. The quality and selection in Coaster beds, dressers, nightstands, mirrors, and more, will help you express your style your way. In your games room, Coaster bar stools and home bars pair nicely with their selection of game tables, perfect for cocktails and card games. The Coaster Garson Open Bookcase with Storage Cabinet Base in Cappuccino has not yet been reviewed, be the first!
The bookcase units were a breeze to assemble, required no tools (except a screw-driver for only 3 screws) and are the sturdiest bookcases I’ve seen for the quality and price point. The actual body is an adaptation from her mom-plex kitchen cabinet base plans, if I remember correctly, and the doors are from her tutorial on Shaker-style cabinet doors.
Because the pocket-hole screws are on the underside of the bottom board, I use scrap wood, stacked to the correct height (17″), put the bottom board down, underside up, and side boards in place to firmly secure together using the screws. Attach top frame piece first using clamps (if you have a size big enough, if not you can always have a helper hold them in place).
This is just an angle front base cabinet for a lazy Susan with the back clipped a bit more. In order to get a decent opening size, the cabinet would have to be extremely large with a ton of wasted space, because the cabinet is so deep. The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses. Choose hearty classic wood finishes with carved accents or modern black, glass, and metal, polished or brushed.

Browse Coaster Furniture bedroom sets that are ideal for transitional or modern tastes in rich wood furniture. Coaster Furniture has the broad range of products you need to furnish both the fun and functional rooms in your home.
I will be giving more information on them in a future post, but suffice to say I was thrilled to have a couple of bookcases for my living room!
Latex paint needs a good 24 hours cure time before coming in firm contact with another painted surface, otherwise it will stick. The right side is square to the wall, the left side has a 45 degree beveled scribe, and the cabinet side is 45 where it meets the face frame.
You can make it interesting by making an angled corner (just a basic bookcase at an angle to the corner and trimmed accordingly), but you'll lose a ton of shelf space. Even among art monographs, the deepest normally published book is 14", so anything deeper than that is wasted space.
There is a plethora of things you can do with the cavity that you don't see, and a lot you can do with the depth.
I had been wanting to build some custom built-ins in my living room for awhile, and these were a great start. You’ll find antique-inspired wood pieces for old-fashioned tastes along with modern metal models perfect for contemporary urban living.
Next attach side face frame pieces, and lastly, flip the unit upside down and attach the bottom piece, making sure it is flush with the bottom plywood board. I think you might be stuck for butting the two wings together with an empty corner where they meet. Only one exceeds 14" and I'm not going to build my library to accommodate a single oddball that is 18" deep.) If you're doing it for the counter space above, limit the shelves to 14" or so (if this is indeed for books), regardless of how deep you want the top. I have been using the program, in its various forms, for about 12-15 years, so it's fairly easy for me to do a drawing quickly, when I want to do something other than drag and drop, but like all software, it has its learning curve. Trying to lap the two into what is ostensibly a blind corner cabinet makes the books back there inaccessible.

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