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Actually, there are a few other options out there in the crossfit equipment world…but this one is so cheap, so simple and so awesome. This DIY Project is powered by Garage Gym Athlete: The #1 Garage Gym Community in the world! So at this point you should have your basic structure erected and all the basic framing done.
If youA buildA this design with no glue, like me, just secure your bolts once a month and make sure they are tight.
I’m looking into buying or building a squat rack but I think maybe a power rack may be a better bet? If you already have a pull-up rig it would be easier and cheaper just to build or buy some squat stands. Any idea if this rack is strong enough to support bar holders in the front as well as the back? Why did you choose to put angled supports on the bottom back connecting to the 2×6 verticals instead of a simple horizontal support between the the 2 back 2×6 and nothing connecting the bottom boards? Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I found a lot of good designs for homemade, but I found a lot of them were overdone and too expensive.
You may want to stand them up and see EXACTLY where you want to place your flanges for the pull up bar.

All that is done from here is a few extra support and brace beams for added structure support. The back support beams that are at 45 degree angles are bolted on bottom and screwed in on top. I will take it down to the safety bars, never drop it to the safety bars and if I am going really heavy – I get a spotter and they make sure I get back up every time.
I can do military press inside but I need to postion myself really well to make sure my plates don’t hit. I now have everything I need to build a power rack, 2 plyo boxes, and a medicine ball; wish me luck. Besides the garage gym I was also given permission to buy a Ducati 749, so I have to split my attention accordingly LOL.
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I determined I wanted them pretty close to the top with just enough space for my chest to be above the bar and still have about 5 inches before my head would hit the ceiling.
Yea I didn’t put the brackets in the original equipment list because I left mounting it to the wall optional. The higher the better, I wish mine was higher, but that is the highest I could go before I start to smash my face in the ceiling for pull-ups. I am moving in a few weeks and my next garage will have a lifting platform and that project will go on the blog.

You would have to find out how to get the bar to fit into a bracket than can slide in and out.
If you have any modifications please post it to the comments where others can view and decide what they want to do. I did not want to mess with cutting pipe and having to rethread it so my frames were built around the pipe. Speaking of if you are not mechanically inclined to build your own CrossFit Equipment I highly discourage it.
Also, since I made my squat safety bar permanent, you want to make sure that it is low enough for you to go all the way down on your squat without any problems. A In particular I would be concerned about setting (or possibly dropping) high loads on those safety bars, have you learned anything that would reassure me? I was wondering if you think would be possible to build the squat rack so you could remove the pull up bar, and then SWING the frames outward so they rest flat against the walls.

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