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If you’re anything like me, you spend an egregious amount of time online chatting, sharing comments, articles and opinions, and connecting with other people. Your personal brand is how people in your community and the world at large think about you. Having an understanding of personal branding is a powerful tool because it allows you to actively shape how people see you, and gives a focus and direction of the tone, quality, and direction of the content you share.
In this post we’re going to cover a few simple ways that you can build a strong personal brand which not only reflects the fabulous person that you are, but also how it can help you achieve your goals! I’d argue that the most important piece of the puzzle regarding your personal brand is having a website that you love. Your website should have an active blog, and should act as the hub for all of your activity online, with your social media feeds regularly linking back to it.
Back in the day people (like me) wrote lifestyle blogs, which were basically like online journals and didn’t really exist to serve a purpose other than somewhere for us to publish our thoughts.
If you’re a professional, blogging regularly about events in your industry and sharing ideas and opinions is a great way to help your audience understand who you are.
I write about authenticity a lot, and one of the reasons that I keep coming back to it is because who you are and how you craft your personal brand can make or break your future prospects.
Personal branding is about nurturing the best parts of ourselves, being honest and vulnerable, and sharing those parts of ourselves with the world.
One of the easiest ways to build up your personal brand is to speak publicly about what you do.

When you speak do so from a place of knowledge and power and show that you know what you’re talking about. Thought leadership articles (like the one you’re reading) which provide advice, insight and reflection into what you do help give you major cred. Regularly writing authentic, helpful content is one of the best tools at your disposal to help build awareness of your personal brand, and establish trust between yourself and your audience. The more content you share, the more likely it becomes that people will reach out to you for interviews, commentary, advice, collaborative opportunities, and work! The more time you spend working on and crafting your personal brand, the stronger your image will be and the sooner opportunities will start coming your way based on people’s perceptions of you. My is Manitoba's one-stop shop for grassroots news, sports and entertainment.
Something sleek, cool, easy-to-navigate and which accurately represents who you are to the world.
Blogging not only helps with SEO (search engine optimization) which is how people find your website, but also helps people gain a better understanding of who you are through what you write and share. These days, though lifestyle blogs still exist, they aren’t as frequent, and blogging has taken on a more professional quality. There’s always going to be someone out there, naysaying whatever you blog about, share, or reflect on publicly.
Additionally, having to break down complex ideas, concepts, or speak about your strategy or workflow can be immensely helpful in helping you develop clearer way to communicate it to everyone else.

While I discuss social media with my peers and clients on a regular basis, having to explain things like Twitter to a non-user helped me develop a better understanding of how to convey important ideas. Speaking engagements not only help people understand what you do and who you are, but they’re also terrific confidence-builders, too.
The world is changing quickly, and we all have a responsibility to stay as informed and up-to-date on the latest changes and trends in our respective industries.
I regularly hit up sites like Hacker News and Social Media Examiner to stay informed of goings-on in my industry – I’d be lost without them! Your audience will see you as a sincere, intelligent person and will be breaking down the door to work with you. We specialize in community-focused, made-in-Manitoba content that celebrates the unique aspects of life in this province. Make sure you’re rewarding your audience with well-researched and current opinions and facts.

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