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In the first years of the Internet, most small business owners had limited options with regards building a new website. In the last few years, WordPress has emerged as a popular CMS package with which to launch blogging services and new websites.   Every month, its user base grows and now most people are aware you can choose either a hosted option or a deploy the blog yourself using the famous 5-minute install. But in reality, both options highlighted above are trickier than they sound requiring a solid understanding of FTP, folder permissions and security measures required to lock down WordPress blogs, which are often the target of unscrupulous hackers. Software built by several hundred international developers and volunteers in the open source community. It’s easy to use.  It features a largely plug-and-play environment once the technical environment is set up.
So is there an alternative method?  Yes, and it’s largely built around new automation techniques being put in place by leading hosting providers.    In an effort to streamline the website creation process, reduce costs and speed up your launch date you can leverage new SiteBuilder tools for either personal or business website. In just a few clicks, you can launch a new website with no programming or HTML skills using an online wizard that vastly reduces the complexity and pain of building a new online presence.
While WordPress is a great blogging and CMS package, you may find the SiteBuilder tools more economical and dependable if you struggle with time and development resources.  The website builder does not require a contract and is available monthly, making it an attractive tool for small business owners who wish to get online quickly at affordable prices.
Since we started, our customers have trusted us to sell them more than 4 million website addresses — aka domain names. We are now in process of building on the new property which is located on the corner of McCracken RD and Dwinell Rd. As the Apostle Paul consistently asked fellow-saints for their prayers, we also ask you to pray for us during this transition time. LookingPoint, known for facilitating advanced technology deployment hand-in-hand with exceptional customer service, has chosen SeoToaster to create, manage and market their new website presenting their reliable managed IT services for businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Baranova Monaco's new website takes full advantage of the open source CMS SeoToaster to provide important information about the newest DNA diagnosis techniques and her personalised Programmes for Life designed to help rejuvenating both mind and body.
SEOTOASTER integrates a powerful web based quoting engine ideal for handling "complex sales" scenarios. Yet, it gets even better as quotes templates can be customized at will, and edited inline just like any other pages. Default reporting capabilities includes sales and quotes count, along with the average order amount; as well as sales breakdown by customer, by product type, brand, tags, and location. SEOTOASTER's web quote system is a powerful automated engine that is fully integrated out-of-the-box with your shopping cart. SEOTOASTER E commerce offers a great online client area where web store owners can manage orders, and customers get access to their past and current order's shipping status. The internet is made-up of billions of websites covering almost any topic you could imagine.
As technology continues to advance and society gets more and more involved in the Internet of Things, an online presence is almost a necessity, both for personal use and for businesses. To test these website builders, we signed up for each service and selected the restaurant theme, so that we could equally compare them against one another. We tested both the basic tools in website building, such as font, background image and design template selection, as well as more advanced features, such as social media buttons, e-commerce tools, menu builders and the ability to add multimedia (individual photos, photo galleries, audio and video).

There were several website building services that were easy to use and had a lot of editing tools that were perfect for website beginners. Both GoDaddy WebBuilder and Wix also have an extremely friendly and responsive customer support team, which is something that’s important when you’re creating a website. These included learning html or hiring a web designer (or developer).   A few content management systems (CMS) did exist, but they were generally very expensive and cumbersome to learn. This means you need a good server admin background to cover these holes or spend additional money finding a developer to help you do it.
Plus, if you wish to customize the theme further this can take up time and cost you more cash.
Plugin conflicts or poorly constructed software can result in website downtime  and a frustrating user experience. We’re also part of the UK2 Group, which has hosting brands in America, so we’ve got international clout, too. Plus, people have come to us from more than 200 worldwide destinations for our cutting-edge services. In today's B2B website marketing, your ability to provide online instant or rapid quotes to your website visitors is critical to the online sales process.
Feeling like adding a fancy video, a real-time chat to drive conversion at this pivotal moment or some break-through information? Store dashboards can be customized at will by uploading new dashboard themes to your free and open source seotoaster E commerce install.
Instant at-a-glance access, rapid search, powerful filters, with an ability to trigger emails automatically. As an individual, you can create a website for announcements, travel blogs or resume and portfolio purposes and businesses can easily build websites complete with maps, contact forms, online stores and social media buttons.
Some services were much more user-friendly than others, and some desperately needed to update their design templates to something more modern and easy-on-the-eyes. There were also some that weren’t as user-friendly and some that were very out of date. This service gives you access to both a mobile optimized website and all of its templates, even if you choose to use the free plan option.
Her writing has been published by The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, American City Business Journals, Succeed As Your Own Boss, Small Biz Daily and others. We receive advertising revenue from most but not all of the companies whose products and services we review. It is important for your website to be well designed and optimized so that you can build traffic. But with so many services available that each claim to be the best and most user-friendly option, how can you decide which is the top option for you?
For most of these services, pages were automatically generated for us to begin customizing, such as Home, Menu, About Us and Contact. The services we deemed as top options featured sleek designs with easy-to-customize tools and also included options to integrate social media buttons, an online store and contact forms.

Though popular website builders, like Weebly and Squarespace ranked highly, the two that come out as the top options were GoDaddy and Wix. It gives you plenty of visually appealing templates to choose from, and in a variety of categories, from businesses, restaurants and nonprofits to weddings, beauty and portfolios. With the free plan, Wix ads will appear on your website and your site’s URL will include the Wix domain name (e.g. Jessa has been interviewed by Intuit QuickBooks for her email marketing expertise and cited on Fashionista Chicago for her reviews on fashion clubs. For credit cards, we review cards from all of the top 10 US issuers by purchase volume (according to Issue 1035 of The Nilson Report, Feb 2014) excluding issuers that require additional accounts to be a cardholder and private label issuers.
We decided to check these website building services out for ourselves and put them to the test.
There were some services that only gave us a single page to start with, but we did have the option to add, edit and re-order pages while editing our website. It was refreshing to see the social media buttons were equally as visually appealing and GoDaddy allows you to choose from various different display options. She is a graduate of Temple University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and Mass Media, and currently resides in San Francisco.
It is easy to view critical information at a glance then view, edit and send quotes to users using pre-defined email templates and messages.
The online menu builder lets you create contemporary menus complete with item names, descriptions and pricing. Automated emails can also be easily planned for based on triggers from SEOTOASTER's action email facility.The system also automatically modifies quotes across easily recognizable status from "new" to "sent" then "sold" or "lost", and save sales information over to the proper customer account before generating invoices.
Additionally, its e-commerce tools keep your transactions secure with the option to add an SSL certification for encryption. The template selection allows you to get specific with what kind of website you’d like to create. We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own.
For example, if you select the restaurant category, it will then prompt you to select which type of restaurant (e.g. Another aspect of the service we enjoyed were the editing tools, which displayed as easy-to-use icons. We were pleased to see that we were even able to simply create subpages within the main pages on our website.
Additionally, Wix’s app market featured a ton of extra features for things to add to your website, such as a live Twitter feed, a Facebook share button, events calendar, weather forecast and a PayPal button to process transactions.

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