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Installing an outdoor railing on the steps of your home or business does not need to be complicated or expensive.
Rob, from Florida, installed this L160 Simple Rail handrail on the front steps of his home. In addition to free-standing stair railing, there are also Simple Rail handrail kits that will attach to your outdoor porch. The Surface L160 is more difficult than some of the other Simple Rail stair handrails to build, but it has an elegant, finished look. Building a deck can be very simple to relatively complex, depending on the size, shape and number of levels involved. I removed 3' wide steps across the front half of my deck and replaced it with 2 sets of 4' wide steps to go all the way across the front of the deck. If you need to install a handrail for steps on your porch or deck, check out our entire line of Simple Rail handrail kits.
When you're an intense computer gamer you need a setup that helps you perform to the best of your ability. Technical brochure that covers the features, benefits and technical data for the Fast-Fit connection system.
Most railings require a few simple steps to install, and we have had customers comment again and again at how easy it is to install a Simple Rail railing ket.
The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products. Since I installed the rail, my mom is going to the mailbox, to the yard, etc.  She would not get out before.
He was able to install the railing himself, even painting it to a color that worked for his surroundings. If you have a need to add a handrail to the steps of your house, consider Simple Rail handrail kits. In this post, we show you how Charles Rankin used Kee Klamp to build a Pull-up Bar to help him train for the World Record for Chin-ups in a 24 hour period.
We receive a ton of emails from happy customers who have used our product to solve their railing troubles. After meaning to install a railing outside on his front porch for some time now, Mike finally was able to find the time to put one in. Thomas needed to install a short railing for the two concrete steps in his father's garage. Michael came to us because he wanted to put a handrail on the concrete steps outside on his back porch.
As a condition of a buyers FHA loan, Craig needed to install a railing on the front concrete steps on a property he was flipping. To avoid tripping or falling on the back porch of his house, James decided to add a railing to the concrete steps.

Tamara needed a railing to ensure she was within the requirements of her homeowners insurance.
Porches are often designed with a flat top rail that is very difficult to grab or hold onto.
This is helpful when you need to ascend out of a basement area or attach to an existing wall on one end while allowing the railing to be free standing on the other end. Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rail handrails are durable and easy to install. Desks built specifically for gaming allow for comfortable playing for long durations, easy access to everything you may need with minimal effort, and room for multiple monitors. That is why your insurance company is so eager to make sure that you have a front step railing installed. Each kit is a bit different depending on the structure of your step and what look you prefer.
We love seeing the value that our customers get from using our products and that they thoroughly enjoy the flexibility, ease of use, and durability that accompany our products.
After searching online, he stumbled across Simplified Building and was able to find a solution that suited his situation perfectly. Randall was able to add a series of railing to protect people from slipping or falling and really putting a damper on their day at the lake. He found the L-160 railing kit and was able to add a solution to this problem quickly and with minimal effort. However, he had constraints when finding a solution since the top of the steps had been repaired and probably would not support a flange or post. Other than having a little trouble with installing the concrete anchors, James thought the project was easy. After having to deal with the hassle of talking to many contractors and railing suppliers, Tamara frustratingly got nowhere as all of their proposed solutions were too expensive. We have a variety of stair railings that are fully galvanized to stand up to tough outdoor conditions.
Simple Rail wall mounted kits can be added to the exterior of the porch and will provide a strong, durable grab rail that can be finished to match the exterior of your home. Each video covers all the necessary steps required to build a Simple Rail stair handrail kit.
This railing is great for insurance compliance on the stairs of your home or any other area where you need handrail accessibility.
Available as kits or in custom configurations, these railings are great for home owners, business owners and landlords who need to provide code compliant railing. Whether you experience wintery weather or not, having a railing to grab onto eases people's entrance into your home, especially for the elderly. When you find the railing you want, simply specify the length of the grab rail and you're on your way to installing a railing for your home or business.

This particular paint job was done by the owner himself, but if you desire we can supply the railing to you pre-painted (additional cost). A common problem our customers have are the need for a railing solution that can be easily added to the concrete steps outside their home or in their garage. Mike appreciated the ease of use, sturdiness, and the excellent customer service he received.
He was able to install a railing with minimal effort and really appreciated that the railing was easy to assemble. The end result pairs great with the stone concrete steps and the fall colors of the leaves make these pictures look fantastic! He also wanted to be able to grasp the railing from inside of the porch before stepping down. After searching online, she stumbled across Simplified Building and we were able to find a solution that fit her needs perfectly.
Browse our kits for a railing solution that you can add to the steps in your garage or patio.
The railings can be painted on-site, or we can powder coat your railing for an additional cost. The C50 Outdoor Stair Railing is especially easy to install; no pipe cutting or drilling is required.
I love the look of the metal railing and it is very secure for my 82 year old momma to hold onto going either up or down the steps. Naturally, one of our most popular products for solving this problem is our Simple Rail handrail kits. She loves the look of the newly installed railing and the fact that she keep her wallet in tact. Also, if you're attaching to concrete, be sure to check out this article, "Attaching to a Concrete Base or Wall" to learn how to properly add a handrail to concrete. These kits make it extremely easy to add a railing to already existing structures like a concrete wall or steps.
David loved how his railing came out and now feels safe going up and down the concrete steps outside his home. To show you just how simple these railings are to use, here's 15 customers who have used our railing solutions to help them conquer their concrete walls or steps.

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