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The Goose Creek High School enrolls approximately 1,200 students in grades 9-12 and is part of the Goose Creek CISD which serves both Baytown and Highlands, TX. The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, fostering a safe work environment, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials. The project features a ceramics lab with two kilns, a digital animation classroom, and two additional art studio classrooms.
Construction activities were coordinated so as to minimize disruption to the fully operational high school campus. Oxford Area Schools presented the architect with the challenge of converting an existing middle school into a 1,600-student high school.
This project is similar to the 4WD car, not only in that the student is working with wood and electrics, but also that the concept of drive ratios is involved. Then pass the hook through the hole that was drilled in the bracket, and squash it a little wider than the pulley. This entry was posted in Electrical, Mechanical and tagged children's handcraft ideas, DIY wooden toys, science projects, woodwork projects.
The Visual Arts Wing consists of a new two-story masonry addition to and renovation of the existing 100 Wing of the school.

The project included a renovation of the existing faculty cafeteria to include not only a new faculty services kitchen and dining room, but also a working lounge area for teachers and staff to relax and socialize or do prep work and grading for their classes. The crane takes this a little further: one can observe how the winch diameter affects lifting speed and power, and the very useful principle of mechanical advantage gained by the two pulleys. The bearing surfaces are two small brass bushes that came out of the pulleys (plastic curtain pulleys). When this is taught in schools, it is normally not easy for kids to really get it as a concept; how the addition of pulleys increases the lifting power and reduces the speed. The black thing on the shaft is a stick-on rubber foot with a hole poked through it, of the kind you put on the bottom of electronic project boxes and such. More often than not they only wind up memorizing formulas so they can pass the test and forget about it. One of the strips is slightly curved upwards at each end so that a definite pressure is required to turn it on. But by making and playing with one themselves, they can see first-hand what actually happens when you add pulleys.
The multiple elevations of the school were broken into different combinations of split face and brick and combinations of burnish and brick.

They were further broken down to entire elevations of brick or combinations of all three materials.
This allowed the entire project to have a uniformed look without the redundancy of the same elevation throughout the project. Certain elevations included casts stone accent bands and every exterior window required sills consisting of solid black burnished CMU with chamfered edges. The design team worked hard on detailing slight differences throughout the project in order to give the school several unique looks and the construction team worked just as hard in order to accomplished what was expected. At the end of the day, the owners received exactly if not more then what they expected and are confident the school will be used by many for several generations.

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