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Here’s how to make a simple pegboard cabinet that can greatly increase your storage area. 11 Assembly Table Plans: Putting it All Together with Glue Up Tables, Torsion Boxes, Clamp Stations and More! Invented and designed by Fred Cona, a 23+ year union carpenter from Brooklyn, the Portable Carpentry Workshop (PCW) solves a major problem for contractors — the amount of time wasted setting up and the amount of space used by tools and equipment on job sites. All tools are centralized, contained within one transportable compartment and with an internally located power strip. The PCW has received the INPEX 2008 Grand Prix Award and a Gold Medal in the Construction Category. Remodeling is a "Buyer's Market" today, so Homeowners shouldn't Take any Crap from Contractors! Wright Building systems offers a variety of pre-engineered storage buildings.  Please call today for more information at 615-822-4811.
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So when my sister said she needed a new daybed, I said, No, you need a daybed with some STORAGE! We have some daybed plans with storage, but we wanted something super inexpensive, easy for my sister to build (she's in her last trimester), and the space under the bed fully accessible.

Step 5 Instructions:  Insert drawers under bed and attach faces with face frames so the drawer bottoms are flush with the end bottoms - you want this to look like a real drawer! TIP: Attach handles to face before attaching so you don't have to drill through 2 thicknesses of wood later on. TIP: Check the height on the flooring you are using - for example, thick shag carpet could alter the height of your drawers.
TIP: Leave a little bit of a gap to the top for overfull drawers or heavy weight on bed frame.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
I actually bought a (used) HEMNES day bed and built it, and it's not easy to make, which I suspect is why there is no plan for it yet, even though for every day bed post I see here, Ana gets at least one request for that plan. In order for the HEMNES bed to work as it should, there is a metal piece, quite flimsy, which is about two inches wide. I have no idea where you would get such a thin metal piece, made to this exact length, and bent in the right shape. These free storage plans will help you tame the clutter in your workshop and make you more productive, efficient, and smarter. Alot of those designs are pretty smart and some (like the rollout-finished organizer under the stairs) I hadn’t thought of before.

This rolling workshop has plenty of storage and is designed to house a table saw, miter saw and router.
Question: could this be modified so that the drawer unit pulls out all together, and a solid top was above them? Which I'm not saying is impossible, but definitely harder than most of the plans, where if you mess it up, it just doesn't look good.
I recently bought the BRIMNES daybed, which is basically HEMNES in a different aesthetic, and it was a PAIN to assemble. It increases productivity by eliminating costly set up and dismantling time and eliminates the need for a second person to help cut sheet goods or long lengths of lumber. I don't doubt you could possibly find the hardware at a specialty store, but as ethidda says it takes a lot of precision. The compact design and easy maneuverability are perfect for job sites, small shops and garages.

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