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In this course you will learn to master html5 so that at the end of this course you are able to create websites. I took many classes to learn coding but I could never figure it out until I went to college where my professor taught me with the right approach. At the end of the course I will tell you what exactly you can do to secure a high paying job.
To take this course you do not need any experience ,this is a complete beginners course,all you need is a computer.
The tablet arena, which was once solely dominated by the Apple’s iPad, is now booming with a new entrant every day. Accessing content and information seems to be the top-most activity of tablet owners across the world, says a study by the Online Publishers Association. Tablet readers are used to engaging with a myriad of apps, which are built with rich graphics and highly detailed visuals.
The only way to engage your ever-growing tablet visitors is by thinking beyond PC website norms i.e.
Take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 to display content in a paginated, well-formatted layout that emulates a printed magazine and give readers the experience of flipping the pages of their favorite magazines. Every tablet on the market today works with a touch interface, which has redefined the very idea of how we interact with personal computers. While PC websites load on a screen that is placed at a certain distance from the eye accessible with the mouse via a cursor, tablets are designed to be held in hand and to accept input from the user’s fingers. Increase text padding so that there is quite a bit of an area around hyperlinked text that can be clicked even by large fingers. We recommend you comply with Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines when building a tablet-friendly website.
With the iPad still the leader of the pack in the tablet market, it’s still safe to not build for Flash. Lastly, always use images that are of very high resolution, or make sure your images resize for different orientations, so that users get the full picture.
When building a tablet-friendly website, think beyond PC websites and take personal interaction a step further. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. WordPress grows more popular every year and it’s now not only known for being a blogging platform but also a very powerful CMS, with that comes the demand for WordPress to do more things and have more features.
The veteran aMember software has kept up with the times and has made many changes, one of the biggest changes it’s made is that it’s now a fully integrated with WordPress by default so there is no need to buy an additional plugin. This is the newest addition to the list of great WordPress membership plugins out there, at one point I was going to create my own membership plugin and I was actually going to name it MemberPress, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me. The now very popular WishlistMember plugin was not even around when I first started looking for membership plugins, but when I later ran into it, making the choice to purchase it was a no brainier because before it came along none of the other plugins at the time were that great. Honestly If this plugin was around before I purchased WishlistMember I would have purchased it because even though I love WishlistMember there were some key features that are not available yet. Most of these features MagicMembers had because now that they had a blueprint like WishlistMember to follow so all they had to do is copy them and then add more features. Many people would argue that this is better than WishlistMember, and it’s a valid argument.
The best thing about wp-Member is how much you can customize your member registration page, something that is not as flexible with WishlistMember and MagicMembers. This plugin is like MagicMembers and WishlistMember on steroids, they take all the best features from both of them and then add 10x more features, I mean damn near overkill. They also have this really cool feature called First Click Free that allows better promotion of membership site on search engines.
Other features include a powerful file protection feature as well as being fully integrated with TraceFusion that finds out exactly who steals, illegally shares and distributes your premium materials on internet. And that’s just the beginning of the features that they offer If this was around in the early days of membership plugins, this would most likely be my choice. The only downside to MemberWing is that they only support 4 different membership levels but for 90% of people that’s more than enough. Judging by the price I didn’t think this plugin would have much features but I was wrong. Digital Access Pass has a built in affiliate program that supports both Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale, this is a big deal! They are at least a dozen other features that make this plugin incredible, this is worth checking out.
This is a very basic and simple membership plugin that allows you to run a simple membership website using PayPal for payments. A new comer to the WordPress membership market with a few stand out features like being the only WordPress MU compatible membership plugin and easily integrated with self-hosted or online affiliate marketing systems.
Pls contact us via the contact-us form on our web site, and we'll make you an affiliate. In fact, we have a smokin' hot Black Friday deal going on now that you will want to promote. It is really hard to know if you'll get all you need for your membership site based on the vendors feature. Oh, and ideally I'd like to find a free solution, although I will consider a premium plugin if necessary.
I appreciate much of this could be achieved using a service like Dropbox, but I really want to drive the customer traffic to our website.

SBT covers all aspects of design, development, marketing and making money with your website, apps and services. Find out what's happening, right now on Twitter, follow us to know more, we cover the top social media news. We cover the top social media news on topics like Facebook, like us and be our fan on Facebook. When the publicized series of Tridium Niagara Bog file hacks happened a few months ago people wondered how the hackers knew what their IP address was and how they were able to access the control system. Let me put a little bit of fear into you, If I wanted to I could have typed in some of the manufacturers names and their default passwords and accessed public systems, there typically are no Banners declaring do not access, confidential usage only, thus the due care and due diligence would fall on the owner if I were to do something bad. The Department of Energy has a great website but it is a bit difficult to navigate if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. Energy Star is a great website and if you have the time and money you can enter your data into a repository of like buildings and really narrow down where your needle exactly is within that giant haystack.
I am a Building Technologies Consultant with over a decade of experience in building automation, integration, energy management, and business management.
I specialize in understanding legacy and current technologies in order to develop specifications, and RFP's for cost effective building and enterprise solutions. I’ll try to spend some time on Shodan figuring out what they are reporting back, but I wish it were more obvious to me. I guess the basic question I have is “if you see one of YOUR devices when searching on SHODAN, is it necessarily BAD?” Should all devices be UNSEEN, always, to any kind of a search tool like this one? To answer your question Ideally devices and servers for BAS systems should not be publicly exposed.
1) Dos or DDos- A hacker can perform calls to overload your devices internal web client, they can overload your devices network card with large packets and force a restart, they can simply fill up the data pipe so you cannot access your device.
2) You could see a phishing or social engineering ploy to grab your credentials, the hacker could also perform a man in the middle and try to inject bad code or malware into your transmissions.
Once someone is in your device there are no limits to what they can do if they have admin rights and then they can delete the audit trail in the device to cover up anything they did. I’m sure there are some more tips but this should get you started and at a level better then 80% of the people I meet.
They are gathering the professionals to define a tagging model for all HVAC, BMS, Energy metering, lighting control and other system to facilitate the integration and IoT.
I actually got asked by another person last week to write up my opinions on Project Haystack. Since you are the second person to ask me about Haystack I think it will be good for me to go research and write an opinion piece on this. The Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Surface, and a host of other tablet devices that have entered the market are pushing marketers to think beyond the PC website and develop a stand-alone tablet strategy – or, at a minimum, a tablet-friendly website.
Hence, tablet readers expect the same lean-back, app-like reading experience they are used to seeing on their desktop browsers. For optimal reading experience on tablets, it’s as simple as placing the minimum text size at 14 pixels. Also increase line-spacing between sentences so that there is no clash between hyperlinked texts, form fields or dropdown menus.
However, you can create a betterapp-like experience for your readers on their tablet browsers using HTML5. See 30 Responsive Portfolios For Your Inspiration for an idea of how your content needs to rearrange itself to suit different screen sizes and orientations. Before I chose my membership plugin I researched for a couple weeks to see which plugin best met my needs, below is the list of plugins I came across. Some of the features that stood out were Sequential Content Delivery, Multi-Level Access, Secure RSS Feeds, Control Viewed Content and features that just weren’t available at the time with other plugins, just by watching the videos on the site you can tell that the plugin was built by someone who actually has a membership site and understood how they worked. Another great thing about WishlistMember is the fact that it has a API which makes it easy to integrate with other plugins and 3rd party services in fact. It depends on what exactly your looking for, they’re both the same price so the decision solely depends on features. As the competition grew they stepped there game up and rolled out all the features expected from a membership plugin and I like the fact that they support Google Checkout which MagicMembers and WishlistMember do not. This is very important for a membership website and I’m glad to see wp-Member put so much work into it, below are some screen shots of a different types of registration pages. If you can’t find what you want with this membership plugin you might as well just build your own. Detect, Trace, Terminate and Prosecute members who are involved in illegal sharing of your premium digital content. It comes with all the features that you would expect from a membership plugin and it’s compatible with a list of other plugins including their list of in-house plugins which includes Affiliate Software and WP eStore. If your not looking for crazy over the top features for your blog then this is the plugin for you.
They also have a cool built in HTML E-Mail newsletter feature for mass mailing your members.
I did however expertise some technical issues using this web site, as I experienced to reload the web site many times previous to I could get it to load properly.
This insight is invaluable – I was sure I wanted to buy whishlist member, but it turns out that it does not seem to work as well as advertised.
As you've been so helpful to other people I was hoping you might point me in the right direction as well. You have some stuff from the DOE (Department of Energy) and other government entities but chances are you will only find one of the top 5 building and energy websites during your search.

Websites like SHODANHQ (which is one of the more prominent sites) allow you to search for a control system by name and then any websites with that name in the web server description will show up. Problem is what if you are building a new building and you don’t have an energy model? They often ask, in fear and trepidation, if they are the first ones to use this kind of technology. When I started this list I thought about what are the websites I visit at least once a week. I leverage my expertise around Building Systems to help clients develop solutions that are open, expandable, and that achieve business outcomes based on client needs. That has inspired my next article which will be a detailed look into how hackers can create devastation using that exploit. Shodan uses a crawler like any other search indexer and the results you are seeing are from it’s index.
Having a device publicly exposed is not the worst choice but it definitely is not the best. The other side of this is that a hacker can google the default username and passwords for your brand of device and can access the device if those credentials were not deleted. I was considering something similar for how to break into selling controls here in the States. In fact, a recent comScore report clearly reveals that one in four smartphone owners also used a tablet. So, what should you, as a content marketer or publisher, be doing to woo your tablet readers? Remove hover events but keep the behaviors and controls intuitive, or at least predictable enough so that users need not relearn how to navigate your site. Use less of JavaScript-based animations to keep your tablet website fast and accessible across all tablet devices. I bought WishlistMember a while back but I just started using it last month to launch my membership website MixTapes.TV which is a niche music subscription based service. I’m using a in-house media plugin that is fully integrated with WishlistMember and I’ll be releasing that plugin in the future for FREE! TraceFusion is like CCTV security camera with night vision and recording – but implemented as a software to protect your digital property against crooks, giving you the power to protect your online business like never before. This means that decision makers, consultants, and designers are missing out on key information that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of their building management and energy programs. All a hacker then needs to do is to either use the default password for the system (if it’s not disabled) or try to access your Building Automation Systems Root structure. It is a link to a lot (not all) of the Tax Credits, Rebates, and Savings programs throughout the United States. It is then I turn to the trusted folks at LBL who have performed research and case studies on almost every technology approach you can think of. We already see a shift with utility companies providing smart meters that allow them to reduce their production or divert the flow of utilities based on instantaneous demand. It seems so many outfits are popping up and my problem with Haystack (this may be ignorance on my part) is I haven’t found any companies outside Tridium reps who are endorsing it.
WishlistMember most likely will have what your looking for in a membership plugin and would be a great choice for your project.
Not that I'm complaining, but slow loading instances times will sometimes affect your placement in google and could damage your quality score if advertising and marketing with Adwords. You should be checking once a quarter to make sure your BAS system is not exposed to potential hackers. I could overide a discharge air pressure setpoint while logging into a controller and disable the Pressure High Limit….
This one list can be filtered to narrow down your targeted program by type, vertical market, state, ect… This is where the free money lies, and should be the first place you check prior to conducting any building related project. I can give my customers my case studies and white papers but the problem is they are from me!
Let me know your thoughts and what your top 5 list looks like below in the comments section. My biggest issue with standards and protocols is that they are useless if not adopted by the big 4 companies Honeywell, JCI, Siemens, and Schneider.
While some of your mobile web strategies may work for tablet users, your tablet readers have particular needs that require special consideration. Anyway I’m adding this RSS to my e-mail and can look out for a lot more of your respective fascinating content.
The LBL is a trusted think tank that analyzes and reports on key trends within the building automation and energy space. I noticed that Shodan does show if it could or could not authenticate, the web server os, url, ect. The EIA conducts studies that gathers massive amounts of building performance data to create a repository of utility metrics.
This database can be used to project usage, rank and stack buildings, and analyze existing portfolios for energy hogs.

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