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Constructed of 100% western red cedar, the Sag Harbor storage shed provides a stylish, attractive outdoor storage solution for any home.
Add shelving for more organization - a set of 3 shelves for our 8ft garden sheds is available.
Sag Harbor cedar garden storage shed is perfect solution for areas where storage space an issue. Our 4x2 Garden Storage Shed is ideal to fit into the smallest of spaces and keep tools and supplies organized. If you need a little more space, our 6x3 Garden Shed is big enough for a bicycle, garbage cans or loads of sporting equipment. The Sag Harbor 8x8 Gardener Shed is a simple, attractive and the perfect size to store all of your gardening tools and supplies.

Constructed of 100% western red cedar gives a stylish, attractive outdoor storage solution. Sag Harbor 6x6 Backyard Storage Shed is a great little shed where you can pack all your gardening supplies, bikes or just about anything you can think of into it.
Roof Shingles are not included with this Shed, asphalt shingles available or apply your own cedar or asphalt shingles in the field. 33" high perimeter fencing, backed with a screening will keep the dogs and pesky critters away! Our larger 8'x8' raised garden bed features 47" high folding trellis panels that can be mounted in rear or on the sides! Constructed of 100% western red cedar gives a stylish, attractive containment solution for flowers, vegetables and plants.

This lean-to style wood storage shed is leans against the side of your house providing ample storage for pool, garden and yard tools, lawn chairs and more.
Choose from our 1 door with window and planter box or our double door model for greater access to shed contents. This versatile garden shed features shelves on one side, and a full-height space on the other, making the perfect choice to store all your garden and yard tools. It features 1 door, 1 window and ample space inside to store all your garen and yard tools.

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