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Below are some photos of the area before work began and after the cement treated base was installed. EURO FRESH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED does not currently advertise comprehensive company & product information with Global Sources. If you wish to change the language or use the original language later, please refer to the header or footer for more language options.
This supplier has a business registration profile independently verified with relevant government agencies. This supplier is a participant in the Hinrich Foundation`s Export Assistance Program, which supports verified export manufacturers in developing countries across Asia. Cantilever Umbrella Base ( with wheel & 360 degree rotation)1) Cantilever umbrella base.
Snowing Christmas Tree with umbrella base  Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base It's snowing. Chem Tech Paint & Coatings is known as one of the most leading dealers, distributors, and suppliers of Cement Primer Water Thinnable, Exterior Cement Primer Water Thinnable, Cement Primer Water Thinnable (Grade-2), Acrylic Washable Distemper, Interior Emulsion, Exterior Emulsion, Acrylic Top Coat Wall Putty, Superfine Plaster, White Cement Base Wall Putty, Hi-Gloss Enamel, and so on.
We offer the product range with the commitment of getting superb performance with proven quality ensuring long life to your walls.
Our quality driven attitude is the main factor behind our unprecedented growth within a short span of time since the inception in this business. Our company has years of experience as a reliable dealer, distributor, and supplier of V Care White Cement Base Wall Putty. The surface must be free from dirt, dust, grease, oil, paint, and all foreign impurities should be removed using a wire-brush.
If the applicable surface is a newly plastered wall or ceiling peripheral preparation such as removal of dust, dirt, and foreign matter should suffice. We, at Chem Tech Paint & Coatings are supported by industry experts who have vast experience of this business and are familiar with each and every requirement of customer. Alftek Acrylic Wall Plaster is especially formulated with high quality polymers, minerals and marble whitener to suit modern interiors.
We distribute and supply high quality Interior Emulsion which gives smooth finish in a wide range of designer shades.
Chem Tech presents you a variety of Hi-Gloss Enamel, which is widely used for interior and exterior applications. After proper surface preparation, Magic Hi-Gloss Enamel can be applied with a brush or a spray.
Chem Tech Paint & Coatings is a renowned dealer and supplier of unmatched Magic Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint. Clean the surface thoroughly using wire brush including surface imperfections like cracks and holes are to be filled with a mixture of white cement and fine sand only (in the ratio1:3). Magic Exterior Cement Primer Water Thinnable is suitable for exterior application on asbestos, cement plastered walls and concrete structures. We distribute and supply a wide range of Broelac Cement Primer Water Thinnable (Grade-2) which is best suitable for interior application. We distribute and supply a wide range of Magic Synthetic Primer Water Thinnable which is best suitable for application on asbestos, cement plastered walls and concrete structures. After light sanding with fine emery and apply Magic Acrylic Wall Putty in thin layers and allow drying for at least 6 hours. We provide high quality Magic Acrylic Washable Distemper which can be availed in a multitude of pastel, pleasing colors aimed at providing good coverage, finish and long lasting beauty to your interior walls.

Magic Cement Primer Water Thinnable for fresh walls or while repainting after a long gap, Magic Cement Primer Solvent Thinnable is recommended. We distribute and supply best quality Acrylic Top Coat Wall Putty which is an emulsion based product available in white color. There was a large hole forming in one of the parking lots next to the football field; and with football season right around the corner, they needed the area patched pronto. This gray based cement is a fine quality and is made with a large amount of cement mix, combined with a relatively small amount of large grain cement pebbles. Our company deals with reputed brands so that bring complete customer satisfaction in terms of quality, excellent results and cost effectiveness. Our international standard products are used for various applications including over coat wall with Acrylic Distemper, Royal Emulsion, Premium Acrylic Emulsion, and Acrylic Emulsion to give aesthetic look and fine finish to them. With a motto to satisfy individual customer in each possible manner, we distribute and supply only well tested products that exactly match to customers’ satisfaction. Their extensive experience and understanding of latest market needs are the main factors that enable us to bring customers right product range that best fit to their expectations.
It has special properties to release the moisture on wall, when applied on a newly plastered wall.
Prior to applying this emulsion, ensure the surface is dry and free from dust, grease, oil, and loose matter. Quick drying enamel paint and Magic Hi-Gloss Enamel give you a smooth and great finish with glossy look. For freshly plastered surface, apply a self priming coat by mixing paint and water in equal proportion.
Sand-down with fine emery and apply second coat of primer and after the second coat is dried within 4-6 hours, proceed with application of finish coat. But generally after thinning down to brushing viscosity by addition upto 50% by volume with potable water should be able to cover 200-225 sq. This product combines the advantages of distemper in terms of cost with superior quality in performance. For better finish and appearance fill up dents and uneven areas with Magic Acrylic Wall Putty, which has to be applied in thin layers.
They fulfilled our requirement and we are very satisfied with their after sales services.Was it helpful to you ?
Cement treated base provides a strong foundation and will prevent future failures in the area. Then, (6) inches of cement treated base was installed in the area and rolled to compaction. It has been painted gray on top of the geay base, with many coats of paint covering all sharp edges. V Care White Cement Base Wall Putty is used to fill uneven surfaces of cement plastered walls, ceiling, and concrete surfaces. The entire surface must be thoroughly rubbed down using a suitable abrasive paper and there after wiped off. Apply 2-3 coats by diluting 1 liter of Magic Exterior Emulsion with maximum 400 ml of water.
Exterior Cement Primer Water Thinnable contains micronized raw materials for smooth finish and brightness. Powerful biocides have been incorporated to take care of the product and also after application.

Advantage of Magic Acrylic Washable Distemper is that wall can be washed even after a week after application. After the putty has been allowed to dry for minimum 8 hours, a coat of Magic Cement Primer (Solvent or Water Thinnable) needs to be applied for getting a patch free wall after final application.
This product has been especially formulated to the needs of those who would love to have an excellent finish on their interior walls. It also provides a smooth and strong finish to the walls for better application of all kinds of paints. It is a ready mixed and easy to use product with excellent composition of synthetic binders, anti-cracking, anti fungal and anti-flaking properties. After properly cleaning the surface, apply a coat of suitable primer depending on the substrate and then allow it to dry for 6-8 hours for getting better result. So, if you want your house to look inviting, just pick up a magic Hi-Gloss Enamel Shade Card and find all the colors you need. This paint coat has outstanding adhesion to different substrates like cement plaster, asbestos board, etc.
You can rest assured your cherished home is well protected from a wide array of micro organisms both algal & fungal.
The emulsion used give good bonding and carefully chosen additives give good brush-ability, water resistance and leveling. The emulsion used give good bonding and carefully chosen additives with good brush-ability, water resistance and leveling.
Magic Synthetic Primer Water Thinnable supplied by us is widely used for priming walls, prior to application of distempers and other plastic emulsion paints.
Emulsion based paints need not to be removed if it is in good condition, but, the sheen on such old paint is removed by sanding. Special additives make the job of the painter easier by allowing long strokes with putty applicator to get smooth finish. I find the prices really good compared to other paint lines and paint storesWas it helpful to you ? The pigments used in Magic 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint are of prime quality to provide years of non-fading, non-chalking brilliance. In case of internal masonry structure where cracks or abundant or the wall is uneven after application of first coat of primer allow to dry for minimum 4 hours.
Due to the exceptional brightness of Magic Acrylic Washable Distemper White, it is especially recommended for ceilings. Broelac Cement Primer Water Thinnable (Grade-2) has good sealing properties and dries quickly.
This product can be used for painting walls, prior to application of exterior emulsion and other exterior premium emulsion. Thin 1 litre of Magic Emulsion with 500 ml of water and apply 2-3 coats of paint with an interval of 3-4 hours between the successive coats.

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