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The bench I chose was modeled after a picture I saw of a classic entry hall built-in I saw on the This old house blog.
Screw L-brackets inside the box and to the floor, three inside the front edge and two on each side, to hold the box in place.
Attach the panel molding to the seat.Next, I trimmed out the front and the one visible side of my box with 1 x 4 boards. TOH Tip: To avoid splitting narrow wood stock with finish nails, dull the points of the nails with the strike of a hammer before tapping them in.
I chose to use lengths of quarter round trim along the bottom edge of the box where it meets the floor.
Use a piece of 1×12 shelving board cut to the length of the top of the beadboard panel. Using the provided hardware, install the shelf brackets flush with the top edge of the fascia board and on center at your marks. Hallway Benches , , , , , Hallway Bench on Pinterest Discover Pins about hallway bench on Pinterest. Hallway Bench , , , Hallway BenchHallway BeHallway Bench on Pinterest Discover Pins about hallway bench on Pinterest.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Everything is made of Birch plywood trimmed out in leftover Hickory from my hardwood floor.
A few months ago, I bought out a friend who was in the Barn Reclamation business here in Indiana. My friends…God is never done with us, no matter how rough our lives have been, just like we are seldom done working with the wood that we love. Pine, this stuff from some parts crates from my old shop (STRYKER parts) that this past summer we were burning in our fire pit, glad we saved a bunch of it. This one’s a mix of Dark Chestnut and Red Mahogany stain from Minwax, and one coat of finish, mixture of BLO, Mineral Spirits, and Fast Drying Polyurethane. The bench is designed to be built with 20 boards of 8 foot 2x10 dimensional lumber, which will yield very little waste.
I have been thinking about a bench for some time and have already bought several other books and dvds.

It had everything we wanted; a place to sit, a place to store stuff, a shelf and plenty of coat hook space. Since my bench was less than 48 inches I could use just one 4×4 sheet and rip it to the right height.
As with all of the trim in this project, take a look at the variety of Trim pieces available and get ones that suit your taste.
Start your next project for hallway coat rack and bench with one of our many woodworking plans. The bench seat not only provides a place to sit but the baskets located underneath can help keep that clutter of shoes by the door in check. Ten Uses For Wooden Pallets - Today on Wish I Had That I am featuring ten different uses for wooden pallets. I will probably used plywood instead of oak because she is insisting that we paint it white. To paint, instead of oak trim I would use poplar… preprimed poplar is fantastic stuff. If you get lucky you can find them on craigslist for free if you demo and haul everything off. The cabinet plans are included - its a nice feature that provides a little additional shop storage with its 3 drawers and the top doubles as a shelf.The plans and instructions include the bench, cabinet, gap stop, and sliding deadman. With a compatible viewer, you can select any or all the bench parts and move, rotate and measure them as needed. It had been crying out for a place to hang coats and to drop off “stuff” rather than haul it in and lay it on the kitchen table.
All of this combined into a really nicely appointed, decorative piece that looks nice fits the room. Take a look at your finished box at this point and decide if there are any gaps or spots that you feel like you want to cover with trim work or if just caulking alone will fill.
Prime the bench, bead-board panel, shelf, and moldings, then paint them with two coats of semi-gloss latex. The expensive part is if the land comes with the barn, or if the barn is in good enough shape to use.
The bench breaks down into easily manageable components, which makes it simple to build in a one person shop, plus, when the time comes, its handy for moving.Typical woodworking machines were used to build the bench.

I would recommend these plans to a friend and I am looking forward to putting my own together with your ideas. The photos show a reverse progress from the final product, (Which I made him stain and finish atleast, so he had SOME ownership in it!) To the original cut parts. This workbench is based on a design by the 18th century French carpenter and author André Jacob Roubo.
This makes the plans very easy and clear to read, and even the smallest components can be examined in detail. The dimensions were altered because our particular space required the bench to fit in a corner. Trim the base of the box using quarter round molding mitered 45 degrees at the corner joints. Where the bead-board meets the top of the bench seat I put a 1×4 trim piece to finish out the back. The following links will take you to the CAD - files for the Roubo bench, which are in the Vectorworks file format. As you will see later, when I finish placing the shelf facia board later, I will put a matching piece at this seam.
The shopping list I’m going to provide you will cover the better part of your project for the size bench we used.
Try to get the box to sit as level on the floor as possible and fasten through the back into the studs in the wall using 2.5 inch deck screws. If you decide you want to expand or alter to fit your room then you might need to modify your purchase list accordingly. The Top of the box (which will be the bench seat is going to be made from the same ? inch plywood. There has to be a slight space to allow the lid board to pivot by the stationary hinge mounting board.

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