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Most of us have dark brown or black hair and there are times when we tend to get bored of the colour. You could go about it in natural ways if you have lighter variants of Asian hair such as brown. Just as lemon is particularly useful as a skin bleach, it is also a preferred method for lightening hair. For intensive lightening, lemon juice concentrate may be applied all over strands before you decide to head to the beach or out shopping.
Swimming in chlorinated water in the sun will cause your hair to become significantly lighter over time. The best possible way to dye black or dark brown hair to lighter blonde shades is to visit a professional salon.
Oriflame India recently launched their fabulous The ONE Range and I have been testing out their new launches for a few months now. The wear time is pretty good at 6-7 hours and the best part is that these work very well as an eyemakeup base since they do not crease that easily.
Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Rose Gold Swatch: Probably not the most appropriate name, this a beautiful flesh toned color with slight shimmer.
Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Golden Brown Swatch: A brown eyeshadow with copper and gold tones. Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Intense Plum Swatch: A shimmery eggplant purple which looks amazing on the Indian skintone. Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Shimmering Steel Swatch: A gorgeous steel-blue eyeshadow which is again a unique shade and I really love it.

Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadow Deep Indigo Swatch: A metallic and vibrant peacock blue which is very intense in pigmentation.
HBM Recommendation: Oriflame The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadows have a smooth and creamy texture. It is quite obvious that Asian hair, albeit very beautiful, has lesser scope and range when it comes to colours. Brewed as per normal concentrations and cooled, it can be used as a regular rinse with a dash of lemon added to it.
This way you minimize the damage done to it and your hairdresser has the situation in control.
In worst case scenarios, if your bleaching experience has turned out to be a complete disaster, don’t think twice about rushing to a professional and confessing your crimes. I adore their Colour Unlimited Lipsticks which are perfect for winters due to their moisturizing texture. The tubs are transparent hence you can easily identify a particular shade, As for the texture, the Oriflame Cream Eyeshadows have a cream to powder finish that is these are creamy on application but set to a powder finish.
It also helps increase the vibrancy and staying power when used as an eyemakeup base for your powder eyeshadows.
Usually our natural hair colour is so deep and dark, that even bold colours like red don’t show much on them. However, beware that this is a very drying procedure, so you need to get home and condition your tresses well. This method will also cause hair to become very dry, so you need to deep condition it regularly at home.

Do a strand test after every few minutes by lifting a strand up, wiping away the bleach and checking the colour. You can now buy a blonde shade of dye and dye your lightened hair with this colour for a more natural look. A salon should probably know how to colour correct the weird hair and will also advise on rescuing it from the damage it has suffered. I have recently been trying out The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadow for awhile and I must say I’m quite fond of the quality. I’m quite impressed with the pigmentation with most of the shades though some like Rose Gold do require a bit of effort to show up. I find them much better than the Maybelline Color Tattoos which used to give a patchy finish and makes it the best cream eyeshadows in India for me. You can also use them as an eyeshadow base and I love the shimmery metallic colors in the range which are perfect for party eyemakeup. This way you get a more even colour all over, because the warmth from your scalp will not bleach your roots faster than the tips. Do NOT leave bleach in your hair for longer than an hour unless you want to severely fry your hair.

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