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August 14, 2015 by admin 2 Comments I’ve always had the rather romantic notion of spending my days sat by a draughty open window in a sparsely decorated attic room writing a novel with a coffee by my side, my fingers tap tapping away.
You’d reach it by following a path of homemade wooden toadstools and stepping stones with fairy lights for nighttime.
It’d have gorgeous thick carpet, the kind your feet just sink into luxuriously and lovely white washed walls. One corner would have to be completely white, with a white table and white walls for my Science Sparks videos and photos. I’d like a big cosy chair in one corner so I could read a book or magazine, and a second chair for a friend or one of the kids with a stash of board games at the side.
On a different note I’m a bit in love with the Groovy Garage, I LOVE that it has two doors with one a double, and an upstairs. Love this, I would love to have a place to take blog photos without having to take the entire setup down after every shoot.

Designed for a corner location, the Yoxall features joinery made opening windows and a matching half-glazed door.
One of our best selling summerhouses made from top grade 22x100 log lap four eight pane opening windows full glazed georgian doors plus window boxes.
A much larger summerhouse made from 16x125 redwood log lap 38x75 framework up to six large opening windows full glazed doors give a 5ft opening. A larger summerhouse with joinery made windows and doors with diamond pattern lead light glazing.
Eight sided summerhouse with four large lead light windows and double doors felt tiles on the Roof as standard White hardboard lining optional Extra.
A five sided summerhouse designed to fit into a corner of your garden with Georgian windows and doors plus window boxes. Ideally this would involve some kind of wipe clean surface as I’m forever having to re cover the table I currently use with white paper.

The rest of my life is so disorganised that I really need my sanctuary to be neat and tidy. Would make a an excelllent addition to any garden double doors with antique hinges and handles. We do have a very messy study, which isn’t conducive to writing at all, just sitting here in the clutter and mess makes me want to run away and hide.
If you are outside this delivery area, please click here for further information and prices.

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