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For some months now, Adobe has had a great set of videos out (17+ hours) covering the highlights and new features of all products in Creative Suite 5… Now comes a terrific new course specifically on getting started from the ground up with Dreamweaver CS5. So, it’s a helpful and complete background and introduction for getting started with HTML, CSS, Spry, JavaScript, XML, and rich media content such as Flash, video, and online maps. Wes writes, “I really enjoy and appreciate this entire series that Adobe has put together. If you prefer training in written form instead of (or after) the above, here is an excellent and extensive six-step visual tutorial for Dreamweaver CS5 on building your first website: setting up your site and project files, creating the page layout, adding content to pages, adding the main image text, adding the Spry menu, and publishing your website. Each of the three series above include downloadable sample files to use as you follow the instruction, so be sure to look for those. Hi Marium, could you be more specific on what you mean by that and what you’d like to know?
Marium, why don’t you first take a look at a good CSS tutorial that covers margin, padding, how they are different, and how they interrelate? In this clip, you'll learn how to generate a login form with PHP & MySQL within Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Adobe recently restructured the Creative Cloud learning resources area into the new Creative Cloud Learn Central gateway which provides a plethora of tutorials for getting started with Creative Cloud apps. With the release of Photoshop CC as part of the Creative Cloud, Adobe has also updated the LevelUp for Photoshop extension with a ton of enhancements which focus on new Photoshop CC features!
LevelUp for Photoshop is a game of missions — and points and rewards — that guide you along the way of learning basic Adobe® Photoshop® CC software skills. This extension for Photoshop has been very popular with educators and educational institutions across k-12 and higher education for use in teaching and learning some of the core concepts around using the application.
It was a truly interesting experience working on enhancing this project with Adobe and it really is a unique resource for educators – I encourage anyone learning Photoshop CC to check it out! When viewing the video tutorial on the makeup, you will see that making slimmer face requires many makeup items. 2. After opening the image file, before starting image editing, duplicate the Layer in order to copy the picture. 4. Then adjust the size of the face by selecting the Filter menu and select the menu Liquify. With the announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud, the Adobe Education Exchange is brimming with great new content produced by Adobe, Adobe Education Leaders, and other contributors. Rich, topical content like this is typical of what you will find in the Education Exchange.
There are also a variety of product-focused  technical guides to quickly get up to speed on how to use CS6 and links to other great content surrounding this new collection of professional software. Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. With the advent of mobile, pad devices and the app store phenomenon there has been a trend that has effectively atomized product offerings that range from the sublime to the ridiculous (the latter seem to be doing a brisk business). I am attempting to lead a transformation of our design department that will deeply integrate digital workflows—particularly those in the mobile space—and have been stymied by the task of trying to make sense of which workflows and toolsets make the most sense for particular contexts. I made this known to some of the Adobe team while attending the San Jose educational summit this summer. It suspect that  I came off as being rather naive to some of my technologically erudite colleagues. Imagine then, from a User Experience perspective, if all of our various expertise were to be explicitly rendered in a database that linked to a rich graphical front end, say, the very colourful Adobe Table of Elements. I hope that Michael Gough, Adobe’s UX design head, has the opportunity to ruminate on this possibility!

The second DLE was held February 25 at beautiful Lake Las Vegas, 7 miles off the famous Las Vegas strip. Leslie began her message by stressing that 1:1 programs are NOT just laptops for kids but are about teaching and learning-transforming the learning environment from teacher centered to student centered. Instructional Approach 2 and 3 are major paradigm shifts that empower students to take responsibility for their own learning. Following Leslie’s keynote the participants broke into groups and cycled through classrooms. I’m looking forward to my next Digital Learning Environment adventure in San Diego on March 11, 2010. It was around the same time that I stumbled across an unused copy of Aldus Pagemaker in an out-of-the-way cupboard, and I convinced the school principal that we should use it to do the school yearbook; his agreement to my suggestion saw me suddenly escalated to head of the yearbook committee, a job that rolled on for many years and many issues beyond that.
When I was offered a place in the Adobe Education Leaders program, I was thrilled to be part of it, and felt relatively well qualified to be part of it given that I’d spent over 15 years teaching Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver and Flash to students.
I got thinking about this lately because I’ve been checking out the tutorials on the newly redesigned Adobe TV. Finally, I just wanted to mention a book I bought recently about Photoshop that is quite simply one of the most amazing Photoshop guides I’ve ever seen. I was recently commissioned by Web Designer magazine here in the UK to produce a two part tutorial to create and prepare an interface in Photoshop ready for Flash Catalyst. I expected the design to port straight across from Photoshop without any problems but there are a couple of design features that didn’t make it across. The second problem was with vector shape layers that also have layer styles applied – this gave very similar problems to those found above, but the solution here was much simpler. ABOUT MEMy name is Semhal Nasreddin and I am a graphic designer currently living in Ethiopia.
Whether you're new to Adobe's popular WYSIWYG HTML editor or a seasoned web development professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the CS5 workflow, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial.
You can access the product tutorials by category like this… or simply view them all at once. If you are a photographer and are just starting to use Photoshop, this is the game for you. It’s a great way to get familiar with the product and teach others through an integrated learning experience. When we insert a table, a web item or whatever, it will be in line with the standards of HTML5.
Use the brush head to adjust the size of the face, and as you gradually adjust, you must verify that the size of face looks appropriate.
Much of this content is featured on a special page dedicated to CS6 for easy access. With CS6 and the supporting resources, you can be fully equipped to engage students in learning, unleash creativity, and prepare them for career success. While the products on the Adobe shelves are substantial they ,too, are by necessity, ever-expanding. The fact that many of the product offerings have significant overlaps in function make this task all the more intractable.
I had bemoaned the fact that there was a palpable need for a killer infographic that detailed all of the production pathways and tools that one should use for particular tasks. Imagine after answering a few prompts that branched down didactic rabbit holes of possibilities, the table of contents “LIT UP” like the letter board on Jeopardy!
The keynote speaker for the event was Leslie Wilson, President and founding member of the non profit One-to-One Institute.
She shared pictures from classrooms that covered the decades of the 50s until the present that showed how teaching and learning have changed little over that time.

One group was treated to presentations in several disciplines that highlighted how technology can be integrated into the curriculum in powerful ways that propel students toward learning 21st century skills with Instructional 2 and 3 techniques and another group of IT decision makers looked at solutions and ideas for cloud computing, wired and wireless networking, as well as network security. If you are in that area, or if you live near Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Denver, Minneapolis, or Raleigh, please think about joining us at the DLE event in your city.
In the late 90s I was working with students to build collaborative websites, and of course all the graphics were done with Photoshop.
Of course, mixing with other AELs and seeing the fantastic things they do is a great way to reinforce just how little I do actually know, but it’s still been an incredibly valuable association for me. There seems to be plenty of other places to learn the how-to stuff for Adobe’s products. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what they are so you can get up to speed quickly. The main problem seemed to be importing it 5 or 6 times in order to find the right way to get the visual appearance exact. This article includes written as well as video tutorials and will help anyone learn or perfect their knowledge in the wonderful program.
I love and appreciate design, all forms of art, traveling, movies and learning different languages :-). A lot of of work goes into this blog, so I hope you find it inspirational, informative, and fun! For more information, include detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this free video guide. One of the really neat things about this relaunch is that anyone can use this resource now – meaning you no longer have to be a Creative Cloud subscriber.
Even for a seasoned user, the choice of which products will get the job done, is a difficult question that requires considerable research. While this may make sense for the seasoned professional, the fact remains that the sort of deep and latent process knowledge that many experts take for granted is inaccessible to the neophyte.
Imagine the pathways to production glowing in front of you, lighting your way from beginning to end! Students find themselves immersed in virtual realities such as Second Life and other augmented realities.
Practioners of this method note that students are motivated learners when they have choices in HOW they learn. We discovered all sorts of interesting features like batch processing, we learned to do decent colour corrections, to crop and manipulate images so that they fitted our needs. Flattening the layer to a bitmap worked okay, but if there was a semi-transparent region – with a drop shadow for instance, then this merged with elements of any layers below. Now as I understand how the design is treated on import, I think this will be very useful software. These videos make great supplemental viewing for students – and a number of the presenters are actually AELs! Class environments are flexible and can appear chaotic to outsiders as students collaborate and are engaged in a variety of tasks. This is a true mobile environment that projects outside the 4 walls of the classroom via the power of technological connections and environments.

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