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Ingenius architects and pretty talented interior designers have turned spaces, apartments & lofts as small as 240 square feet into compact yet cozy homes. The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Kitchens are the heart of any home, and sometimes they can get a bit disorganized, cluttered and untidy.
From where to store your pans to maximising space under the sink we  have a solution for you!
All the below ideas and tips have a full tutorial on how to achieve them – simply click on the link below each image. 18 Creative Clothes Storage Solutions For Small Spaces - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
With pantries shriveling away it makes it difficult to store hardlyA anything in them, and if you’re trying to store a year supply of foodA and supplies… you can just forget it!
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The Living Cube looks like a modern twist to a bunk bed only instead of another bed, it has a nice clean storage compartment to house your TV, DVD or book collection and your clothes. Rather than use an uncomfortable sofa bed in this small flat, the owner decided to suspend his bed, allowing full use of the floor space.
This is just the bedroom of a modern house with a bed and workdesk placed on top of ample storage shelves, a closet and the sink!
This Nakashima- (legendary woodworker and architect) inspired design was used to overhaul a single-room apartment in New York. It’s a tall house with strategically placed windows to make full use of natural light. The long warehouse design allows for this loft to have a separated upper floor that was turned into a large bedroom and shower.

Architect Nathan Lee Colkitt reworked this 750 square foot space to house a living space and his firm’s office. Russian designer Maxim Zhukov turned this 3-room loft space into an open-space home for both work and rest. The designer’s love for puzzles has given birth to the bedroom above the kitchen design, giving new meaning to breakfast in bed and sleeping in the kitchen. It’s amazing how this tiny place can accommodate a dinner party of 12, 2 overnight guests in their own guest rooms, a home office and a mini home theater system.
Most of the appliances and furniture in this apartment is hidden from sight to create a minimal look. The designers of this 400 square foot apartment had the idea of overlapping the different areas (bedroom, living room, kitchen) you would find in a typical home, hence the name Origami. We believe that any kitchen can be saved from this downwards spiral and become the efficient tidy space that it once was.
Here’s a hint: it’s different, edgy and artsy…Today art is defined by how you make something out of unexpected materials. If you don’t intend to have the traditional home design, the kind you fill up with creative or futuristic furniture, and fantasy-themed bedrooms, then perhaps these unconventional home designs may give you new ideas. The living room, kitchen and dining area are combined into one room while a huge bed area is built on an upper level 4.5ft high. The stairway to the bed can also lead you out to the large skylight atop the rooftop garden. Instead of storing random junk under it, these designers put a queen sized bed in the cozy corner, complete with a reading light.
Time Seggerman placed the sleeping area above the kitchen to fully utilize this 240 square foot apartment. However, you will find in here a kitchen, fully functioning toilet, 2 seater sofa with coffee table and a bed for 2. The bed, fridge, sink, oven and storage are placed behind wooden doors and in their own individual sections.

The bed folds out of a big cabinet, while the cabinet doors act as a divider for the living room and as an office table.
With a few simple tips, and a determined mind anyone can transform their kitchen with these genius storage and organizing tips.
Here are some small space options for your clothes that will help you to keep the room uncluttered and get a comfy storage space. While once mediums consisted of ink, pencil, watercolor, or oil, now we melt crayons, weld metals, craft wood and contort average resources into breathtaking results. As an interior designer, a DIY’er or just a passionate home improver, you are the curator and your home is the museum, the showroom for which to display your art. Wall hooks provide place for storing miscellaneous items and accessories – you can attach them in a wardrobe or a laundry room. A moveable closet rod opens up space and an automated dry-cleaning rack can sit in the narrow closet. The PVC Curtain RodA very stylish project by Christopher & AnneThis project is easy, fun, and no one will be the wiser. Take two tennis balls and cut an equal hole out of both of them so that the PVC will slide in the fitting.
Stick your PVC ends in the holes and you have a sturdy, curtain rod that is sleek and one hundred percent (wo)man made!2. The PVC Wall MuralCut down multiple sizes of PVC piping to less than an inch in width so that your masterpiece is appreciated for more than its protrusion from the wall. Paint it, plaster it with a photograph or add some PVC elbows and your eclectic tastes now include polyvinyl chloride.

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