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Each piece of custom wooden made furniture that you find here is designed and created to be truly unique. Our family business started in Italy in 1910 by Andres Scuderi followed by his son and at the present time Daniel Scuderi.We mostly work for architects and interior designers. RestorationsDo you have a special piece of furniture that has been damaged during a move or due to fire or flooding?
Scuderi Custom Wood FurnitureYou can check out a this very short video to have a quick glance of the fine custom wooden furniture we can create here at Daniel Scuderi. Whether you want to restore, repair or simply replicate an old family antique furniture piece; whether you want to dress, highlight or accentuate your windows, bedroom set or any home furnishings. When building custom built ins attention to detail is essential to achieve a seamless integration into the internal architecture of your home. For over 20 years Thomas Filicia and Daniel Scuderi have worked together in several projects. My rustic custom cedar bars are trimmed in hand hewed cedar log and designed to fit your area. Our MissionOur mission is to craft long lasting furnishings that are one of a kind and can remain in a family for generations. Our collection of handcraft tables and benches could be a perfect focal point for your home decor indoors or on the porch.
More than 10 years ago Sparky Potter designed and crafted the original Rainbow Trout table. With its warm wood tones and inviting “old world” charm this handcrafted table is a cozy fit for any living room.
Darv specializes in his own designs and has been trusted to create pieces for top designers and VIP’s.
If given the opportunity to visit with Darv Averill you are quickly taken by the depth of his passion as he describes the birth of his latest creation.
Whether or not you agree with global warming or all the reasons to become more self-sufficient is irrelevant. At Autumnwood Designs, we specialize in designing and handcrafting fine custom wood cabinets and furniture for the most distinctive interiors.

Located in south Charlotte, our focus is providing the finest quality home entertainment cabinetry and office furniture that complements your entire living space and reflects your personal style. Each project is built with the finest materials and frameless European construction techniques which add elegance and value to your home.
Whether you prefer free-standing pieces, built-in cabinetry, modern clean lines or traditional embellishments, your furniture by Autumnwood Designs will be both functional and dramatic. In the following pages you'll find photographs and information designed to supplement your experience with our fine custom wooden furniture and antique reproductions. From handcrafted antique reproductions to custom handmade wooden furniture for your home or office, we're proud to present the passion for life displayed in the euphoric forms and the deliberate function of the life's work of Daniel Scuderi. Thom Filicia knows that Daniel Scuderi delivers consistent high quality products and that is reflected in the longevity of their professional relationship. Because everything produced is custom manufactured, you're not limited to one particular size, thickness, or style.
Because everything produced is custom manufactured, you're not limited to one particular size, thickness, or style. One of these first trout tables was purchased by a friend from England, whose wife was royalty. No two are exactly alike; the wood grain and knots that are viewed on the surface distinguish each offering a lot of character to each piece.
The map theme could display your favorite range of mountains, sailing adventure, golf course or ski outing. He is also very happy to visit with you in length about your thoughts and ideas and help you put the finishing touches on your design.
For whatever reason awareness and care has been heightened, all that really matters is that it is finally happening.
We can also create custom pieces for fireplace niches, home libraries, Murphy beds, window seats, banquettes and more. Our expertise in space planning will create unique designs even in the most challenging spaces. Our goal is to provide the finest craftsmanship and services to the trade.For three generations our hands have crafted your imagination.

Wood & Wood shipped the table to them and shortly after received a note that they had tea with the Queen of England at our table. Each fresh water and ocean creature’s outline image is wood burned into the slab then artistically rendered with numerous layers of acrylic washes followed by several varnish coats.
Raised on the shores of Flathead Lake in Bigfork, Montana on the nationally know guest ranch, Flathead Lake Lodge he became known as one of the finest cowboys around. All pieces are made with reclaimed woods and can be created in dark woods, light woods or painted surfaces.
His furniture has been featured in Architectural Digest, graces the homes of VIP’S, makes an impressive statement in offices, conference rooms and restaurant dining rooms and lounges. We at Cowboy Custom are committed in any way possible, big or small, to make the sky bluer, the water clearer, the fields greener and the world healthier for generations to come. We can accommodate today’s high-tech components for audio, video and computer into any design style, from classic to contemporary. My Custom bars and furnishings have been under commercial duty service for near ten years with great results. The table base can be black painted metal or 2″ thick wood peg legs, which are strong enough to use as a bench. Darv was inducted in 2007 into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame for his six consecutive Calf Roping Championships.
Our efforts are dedicated to our five grandchildren who bring us great joy when we see them running through the pasture, gulping huge laughter breaths of magnificent mountain air. He takes great care in capturing the essence of the cowboy character in every piece he creates. Yes, they have worked hard to be there and they have the talent but rest assured these Montana cowboys will beat you all day long and on a daily basis.
Many of them could have been NFR champions but because of money or just their preference to stay on the ranch they never pursued that path.

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