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A friend commissioned me to cut a fretwork portrait of the Biltmore House in Asheville, N.C.
Of course, the more floors, features, and landscaping a house has, the more complex the pattern will be.
I use a commercial computer program such as CorelDraw or Photoshop, or a free program such as Gimp or Inkscape.
To use a paper and pencil, print a large photograph of the building and tape it to a flat surface. To use a computer program, open the photo in the software and use the pencil or line-drawing tools like a pencil. When his mom got sick in the 1990s and he needed to go back home and take care of her, Jim found his dad’s tools in the garage.
At first, he had a certain style of set he regularly made, and he did the road show circuit of church basements and so forth, sometimes even setting up shop in an open space on the side of the road. Among the things he’ve carved are chess sets with the themes of the lost sea city of Atlantis (sea god Neptune was the king), the Great Train Robbery, and the War of 1812.
Jim’s wood choices are based not only on carving considerations, but on the desires of the chess community — most of whom want hardwoods, things like ebony or lignum vitae, Jim said. Jim does occasionally make things other than chess sets — walking sticks, picture frames, and, currently, carving a few different whales and dolphins onto a downed tree. Chris Yates has been woodworking for what he figures to be around 18 years, from his early days of building sets for high school plays to studying at the Rhode Island School of Design to starting his own design and woodworking business, so it’s no surprise to see him out and about in the woodworking community. His works are fairly unique in that they’re multilayered and wrap around the base in different directions, so a lot of planning goes into figuring out how each piece is cut into the puzzle, especially ensuring that the different layers stay matched up perfectly during glue-up.
Though the Bafflers take up most of his time these days, Chris tries to squeeze in other woodworking projects from time to time. Electronic variable speed can be adjusted from 400-1,750 SPM for a wide array of cutting applications. Unique dual parallel-link arm design reduces vibration and noise and keeps the blade perpendicular to the work surface which dramatically reduces over or under cutting, improving accuracy and quality.
Upper arm lifts and locks in the raised position during blade changes or while adjusting blade position for fret work.
Customized Safety Margin Whirlwind BLACK BOX accommodates various enclosures and shields for adjusting degrees of safety. If the operator approaches or touches the clear blade guard fence, the proximity detector will immediately shut down the saw motor and stop the blade, without damage, in one-eighth of a second — long before the operator can contact the spinning blade. Superior above table saw-dust containment and extraction method for protection from breathing carcinogenic saw-dust. In addition to the revolutionary, new BLACK BOX system showcased here, Whirlwind™ health and safety technologies have been successfully implemented using the Makita bench top, Delta, Powermatic and Rigid saws.
One person claims to be able to recharge oxyrides, but only with a slow charger, and only for six cycles.
Alkalines used to contain mercury, a toxic metal, but Congress banned mercury from household batteries in 1996.
Alkalines lose their voltage gradually — as opposed to rechargeables like NiMH or NiCad which maintain most of their voltage over the whole charge and then suddenly plummet. Alkalines might leak if they’re used only lightly or not at all for a long period of time.
RA’s get far fewer recharge cycles than a real rechargeable (NiMH), and their capacity drops every time you charge them. Your device is used infrequently (like a flashlight) and the high self-discharge rate of NiMH’s means that the batteries go dead on their own between periods of use. Unlike alkalines which lose their voltage steadily, NiMH batteries maintain most of their voltage over the whole charge and then suddenly plummet, as shown in the graphs below.
Also, when NiCads are dead, you can’t throw them away because they contain toxic metals.
NiCads put out a fairly consistent 1.2V for the length of their charge, and when that charge is spent, the voltage drops rapidly. Don’t confuse AA Lithiums with Lithium-Ion battery packs (like the kind that come with some cell phones and camcorders). These two were the battery type of choice in the 70’s, before alkalines were available.
The only redeeming value of Heavy Duty batteries is that they’re supposedly less likely to leak than alkalines. Of course, faux gold and silver finishes will never replace the look of real gold or silver finishes.
For speed and convenience, I find gold and silver colored aerosols work very well for coloring and covering the wood’s surface. To create the base for your faux finish, lightly spray the aerosol to cover the wood; heavy coats are not needed.
A colored glaze is a colored liquid that stays wet for various periods of time, depending on the materials used to make up the glaze. We will create and antique gold look with a Van Dyke brown glaze, and an antique silver look with black glaze.
To make the finish appear to be aged, select a red, green, or blue colorant, mix it with some mineral spirits, and brush it lightly on the edges, and along the sides. A different look can be obtained by using a gold glaze over the brown sealed-in glaze or a silver glaze over the black one.
With a little practice and patience, you should be able to make your scrolled work look like classic antique gold or silver pieces, and also increase your future custom-made orders. Mac Simmons is a freelance writer, and a 50-year veteran of the furniture finishing, refinishing and restoration trades.
Mac has written many finishing articles for numerous woodworking magazines in the USA, in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Germany. The Unisaw, newly equipped with a riving knife to prevent kickback, came back with a bang in 2010.
I spoke with the new CEO of Delta, Bryan Whiffen, about the deal and about the future of Delta woodworking tools.
After some disappointing offerings over the last few years, Delta seemed to be rebounding with gusto. Serious furniture makers will be happy to know that Delta has no plans to veer from their interests and needs. But for Charlie Kested of Johnstown, NY, there’s one thing that has been a constant in his life for the past 10 years.
But throughout the years, the whirring of the blade of his scroll saw has remained constant, as has Kested’s unfailing patience for his work.
The massive piece, which is nearly as tall as Kested himself, was finally completed several months ago. The 81-year-old retired industrial arts teacher began experimenting in wood working when he was a child growing up in Fonda.
He started the Declaration of Independence in 2000 and worked on it, little by little, over the years until it was near completion. Kested did keep on going, straight to the Florida State Fair earlier this year, where his piece attracted a lot of attention.
Richardson called the piece “museum quality.” He said Kested’s stroke makes his accomplishment even more astonishing.
Aside from his prize-winning Declaration, Kested is an accomplished woodworker whose made everything from grandfather clocks to ornate, minutely-detailed decorations to jewelry armoires. Charlie Kested said the Declaration itself is a piece of history that is near to his heart.
The Kested’s said Charlie’s work on the Declaration led them to learn more about the history of the document, which both called fascinating. Now that it’s finished, it will remain in the Kested family as a treasured heirloom, the pair said. This article first appeared on July 4, 2010 in The Leader-Herald, a newspaper in Gloversville, New York. This isn’t really a woodworking article, it is about an accessory that may be used in woodworking. Recently I was playing on EBAY and found a great item that would be a great asset to your woodworking. Any residue of stripper or the old finish remaining on the surface will reveal itself in the final finish as random glossy areas – and this residue usually doesn’t show up until the coatings are applied! Wood that has been stripped must be allowed to stabilize with respect to relative humidy and the ambient temperature of your shop.
Fix nicks and scratches, replace veneer, fabricate and install missing parts – and do it all before you start working on color or building the finish!
Abrasives with low grit designations can leave unwanted marks on wood and should be avoided. Solidified particles of resin and pigments, for example, can cause severe problems in applying colors and topcoats. Stains and other colorants that are not allowed to dry completely will behave the same as wet wood and can cause a variety of defects in the finish, including blushing, pinholes or softness. This helps to keep overspray from settling onto the work, thus saving you time, money and the need for recoating.
If there’s too much flattening agent in the sub-coats of the finish, it can cause problems. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog.

Personally I think I would rather spend my money on a modern scroll saw with a variable speed motor, quick change blade arrangement and a guarantee.
Alistair, either you don’t have sufficient clamping pressure under the table or too much pressure on your tensioning lever on top. I don’t know enough to say if this is the saw, but I did see it on my local CL in Jacksonville, FL. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. 3D Tiger leaps from the wood I developed a new technique to bring fretwork portraits to life.
Dedicated dad creates scroll saw businesses for handicapped sons When the Warrens discovered that both of their sons were significantly handicapped, they became all the more determined to give them lots of love and help them reach their fullest potentials. The Guinevere Sanding System by King Arthur Tools claims to be the smallest inflatable sanding drum. Ornamental tree hides exotic and beautiful grain Mimosa, a popular ornamental tree that sports fern-like leaves, makes a surprisingly good wood for scrolling. New pattern attachment method and web-exclusive ornaments When I spray adhesive on the back of the patterns and cut long delicate pieces, the pattern has a tendency to pull loose. Colored acrylic lends a soft glow to simple fretwork designs See the attachment to download bonus Jesus, Joseph, Mary, Santa and Snowman patterns (PDF required).
Artist designs humorous portraits of famous faces Doug Wallace of Fort Worth, Texas, began transforming images of celebrities into 3-D intarsia portraits in 2004. Preserve the beauty of your work by understanding the effect of time For me, the best part of an intarsia project is picking out the wood to use. Inspirational design is a beautiful symbol of faith The large open frets and sweeping curves make this beautiful cross a good project for both novice and experienced scrollers. Keep your fingers away from sharp blades with these simple designs In Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2014 (Issue 55), Dennis Simmons offered an Adirondack chair pattern sized for dolls. Use the right products to ensure your outdoor projects last In Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2014 (Issue 55), Technical Editor Bob Duncan presented an introduction to durable outdoor glues and finishes. Scroll Saw This Commemorative Portrait Ronald Reagan wore many hats before he was elected the 40th president of the United States in 1980.
Every So Often You Come Across a Piece that Makes Your Jaw Drop March 19, 1996 was a proud day for Bill Thurlow.
A challenge to create and a greater challenge to assemble Photography by Valerie Gooch My 26-year interest in woodworking has a lot to do with wood itself.
Stump Your Friends With this Easy to Cut but Hard to Assemble Puzzle The making of this puzzle is quite simple, really. Fascinated by the Past, He Preserves Scrolling History for the Future Experts estimate that 80 percent of scroll saw patterns from the turn of the century have been lost. Making the table saw jigs You will need a table saw jig, to make hinges, cut box sides, cut slots in box sides for the box bottom, and to cut the 45 degree beveled box corners. Layering Technique Lets You Make as Deep—or as Shallow—a Box as You Want Celebrate our nation’s birthday with this simple patriotic scrolled box.
Dremel’s new tool, the Scroll Station, combines a traditional scroll saw with a disc sander and a flexible shaft tool.
Embellish a whimsical doll chair with a classic summer design Cut by Bernie McKruit of the Blazing Blades of Western PA Hummingbirds are one of the most recognizable signs of the harvest season.
Suffering with an underpowered and too small Ryobi I jumped at the chance to get this old Delta Saw with the big throat for $75.
I usually eliminate trees and other landscaping elements because they distract from the house. Choose a font that accents the design of the house—a comic sans font will not work with a Spanish-style house, and a Gothic font will not work with a colonial-style house. Sales were pretty good, but around 2003 or 2004, Jim said, some competitors began copying his design. He particularly enjoyed that last one, even though it took him a year and a half altogether to make it, since he needed to work in his time around his commissions (which generally take between six to eight weeks for completion). His main obsession from 2001 – 2004, he says, was Terraforms, topographical maps made in a similar style to his puzzles. The prototypes showcased on this site differ from all previous table saw blade guards and emergency blade brakes, with a built-in “electronic fence” blade enclosure. Consumer Reports found that the spread between the best and worst alkalines was only 9-15%. Some devices that take multiple batteries won’t work with NiMH because the voltage is too low. That means that devices which require four or more batteries might not even work at all with NiCads or NiMH’s. For this reason many electronic devices that tell you how much battery life is left have a hard time reporting an accurate level for NiMH’s. You’ll get more recharge cycles if you charge soon (before the battery has lost too much power). That means appliances that require four or more batteries might not even work at all with NiCads or NiMH’s. You can drop them off for recycling at ACE Hardware, Circuit City, Sears, Target or Wal-Mart. Most chargers stop charging when a battery is done, but some don’t (especially older models).
Some rechargers figure that a NiCad is done recharging when it gets hot, so if you put a NiCad that’s already warm in your recharger, the charger may quit charging before the battery is fully juiced up.
Even recently they were still popular because they used to be a lot cheaper than alkaline, even though they were puny. So if you have an expensive device that you use infrequently, where you expect to be able to keep the same set of batteries in them for a long time, then Heavy Duty might be a little safer, even though the overall battery life is terrible.
But the costs of these materials are prohibitive and the next best thing, leafing, is time consuming to complete.
A clean surface is critical to achieving good adhesion between the wood and your finishing materials.
If you prefer brushing instead of spraying, you can buy prepared liquid gold and silver coatings. The working time of the glaze allows you to apply it and still have enough time to control and manipulate it to copy the characteristics of the material you want to duplicate.
I highly recommend staying with the Van Dyke brown, but you can choose any variation of black. Whiffen is no stranger to power tools, having been in the field since 1994, most recently as the senior vice president for product development at Techtronic Industries North America (TTI). For the last decade, Kested has regularly sequestered himself away in his basement workshop, carefully carving, letter by letter, every single line of the Declaration of Independence out of dark walnut wood.
It’s an exact wood model of the Declaration of Independence, right down to the flourish of John Hancock’s signature at the bottom. The time spent on the piece paid off, when he was awarded first place and best in show at the 2010 Florida State Fair. He’s replaced the dashboard of an old Rolls Royce, and has worked making quality-control models for a variety of applications.
He can no longer feel any sensation in one hand, but is able to still use it and still has a strong grip.
I want people to know that you can still do things, that they shouldn’t give up, they should keep on going,” he said. Petersburg Wood Crafters Guild in Florida, said the fellow woodworkers who saw Kested’s piece at the state fair were amazed by it. His home in Johnstown is full of his work, from the entire kitchen to the “love spoon” adorned with roses he carved for his wife. She smiled as she warmly recalled when the pair first met while he was visiting the area to attend a wedding during his time in the Navy more than 50 years ago, and was eager to praise her partners accomplishments. The document, written mostly by Thomas Jefferson and signed on July 4, 1776, declared the 13 American colonies at war with Great Britain, were no longer ruled by Great Britain and were independent states. Kested said he isn’t taking a break from his woodworking now that his long-time project is finished.
It is far better to feel uncomfortable in the shop because of this gear than it is to incur a severe health problem down the line.
In addition, if you follow directions and still have problems, you will be better prepared to discuss a product’s performance with your supplier.
It makes little sense to apply colors, sealers and topcoats to pieces that have not been structurally repaired or that have surfaces that have not been properly prepared. Rotate your inventory and use the older containers first – and be sure not to use outdated material. Do it right, and light will reflect more brilliantly from what will be a more glossy surface.
Never assume that any two given products are compatible: Check them out and be sure if you want to avoid costly mismatches.
So if you apply satin or flat materials as subcoats, you must allow them to dry out completely so you can see their true sheen, as they will become duller as they dry out. As a result, you should routinely clean your spray guns, pots and spray booth, not to mention your brushes, saws, tools, benches, floors and stripping area. Another problem could be that you are either putting the blade too deep into the bottom clamp or not deep enough depending on where your blade is popping out. The Eclipse (a new type of vertical travel saw), Hegner, Excalabur, Dewalt or Delta scroll saw are my second choices.

This carved-fretwork technique combines traditional scrolling with basic relief-carving techniques. The light-colored wood is highlighted by a distinct dark grain that lends an exotic look to many scroll saw projects. At first glance, Dave Danchuk’s vibrant colorful works of art are often mistaken for paintings. His work is on display in the James Stewart Museum and the Comedy Shrine, as well as the homes of various celebrities he immortalized in wood. The design allows you to make large blade-entry holes to minimize time spent threading the blade through tiny openings. He was a sports announcer, motion picture and TV actor and governor of California before his election to the presidency at age 69.
After more than 580 hours over a span of eight years, Bill had completed his replication in wood of the Declaration of Independence. As you master this technique, experiment with adding a tree to the side of the house to add character to the project.
I use a ruler and sharp pencil to trace the lines of the house; be careful not to puncture the tracing paper with the pencil. His response was to change his design, making it harder to copy — and leading to his current work, which includes custom ordered chess sets.
He has 90 active spray cans of different colors ready at any time and 200-300 more backups on hand. Removable, extended safety shields can be wide or narrow to offer varying safety margin depending on user comfort and experience. Table saw miter cuts, bevels, narrow rip cuts, non-through cuts and dadoes have all been implemented with the BLACK BOXprototype. Alkalines have a lot of power and are inexpensive, but they usually can’t be recharged. However, most manufacturers have introduced special alkalines which work well in high drain devices, such as Duracell Ultra, Energizer Advanced Formula, and Kodak Photolife. If your charger is dumb and overcharges a NiCad, its capacity may be decreased, and may even be completely ruined. If your batteries are warm for some reason (like from sitting in your car), let them cool to room temperature before recharging. NiMH batteries are fine in subfreezing temperatures (source), but they have a high self-discharge rate.
But these days, alkalines are close to the same price, so Heavy Duty and General Purpose are slowly becoming extinct, thankfully.
With a colored metallic base coat, a glaze and a couple of clear coats, you can easily add a few extra dollars to the selling price.
If the surface of the wood is too porous like open-grained woods, you may want to brush or spray on a coat or two of your choice of shellac, lacquer, varnish, polyurethane or acrylic. You can make your own gold or silver basecoat with colored bronzing powders added to a clear acrylic, varnish or polyurethane. You can purchase glazes and the gold and silver aerosols from your finishing supplier or from your favorite art supply or craft store.
Make up a few scrolled pieces with a few different faux gold or silver finishes, show them to your customers, and then get ready to start scrolling their orders. That makes sense, because the company says it posted a great third quarter last year, with most of the profits coming from that market.
Kested himself went through some changes, suffering a stroke that impaired his speech and his motor ability.
He worked for years making models out of wood that would then be used to make cast-iron products for the Navy before returning home and becoming a teacher in the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District. His speech is slower and he sometimes struggles to find words, but ultimately he’s made a good recovery, he said. The kit consists of 1) light box 2) lights 3) camera stand 4) 4 different colored backdrops 5) carrying case .  The sizes of the lightbox varies from 12 inches square up to 5 feet square. By allowing the slower-drying solvents time to fully evaporate, you can avoid unsightly bubbles or pinholes that may form. Using gloss materials as sub-coats and then flattening the finish with the topcoat is simpler, presents fewer problems and offers you more control over the final appearance. Now when I pull the lever across to finally lock the blade, the blade pops back out it of the holder time after time after time. I also push the top clamp down when putting in a blade to make sure it is securely in the clamp. The reason that I like the older spring top saws is that the blade has a perfectly vertical travel.
But a closer examination reveals they are actually made up of hundreds of individual pieces of wood, painstakingly cut with a scroll saw. Instead of tilting the saw table to the right or the left, the saw arm tilts to the right or the left. The extra voltage should be safe for most devices, though I expect light bulbs may burn out a bit quicker.
But it’s probably not worth even trying to charge alkalines in the first place, because they can be charged only about 10 times (vs. Since you can’t access each cell inside the 9V battery individually, they could not be reliably recharged. Some devices (like my GPS wristwatch) let you specify in the setup menu whether you’re using NiMH or alkalines, so they can try to be more accurate with the battery-remaining indicator.
For other stores in your area, check out the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s website. And when you go through only one battery in a decade, rechargeability becomes less important. So if you need batteries in subfreezing temperatures and you need really long shelf life, then lithiums might suit your needs.
You can cut out the pattern for this classic Greek comedy-tragedy icon, faux finish it, and have yourself a sample you can show to potential customers.
No matter which materials you select to use, be sure they are compatible with all the other materials you will be using for your work. They come either as a clear glazing liquid where you add your own colorants, or they come already mixed in an assortment of colors.
Begin lightly dabbing the cloth on the gold or silver, lightly pouncing and twisting the cloth to get a mottled look. Dab on the gold or silver glaze to create the mottling effect you made with the colored glaze.
Whiffen credits Stanly Black & Decker with reenergizing the Delta brand, moving it in “a positive direction,” and his goal is to continue the surge.
After some therapy he was able to resume work on his project, carving the final bits of punctuation and adhering them to the birch background.
However, I suggest you surf the web a bit to see what is available and maybe read some reviews before you buy. This allows one to precisely cut thick packets of veneer of up to 16 layers with a minimum of saw kerf width, and be assured that you can take all the interchangeable pieces of the veneer puzzle and assemble them back together again for a perfect fit. It runs perfect, has 4 step pulleys, a working air blower, the original motor and probably the belt. Thomas Distributing has a good assortment of NiMH sizes, and they clearly state the different capacities. It usually takes at least an extra day to hurt it, but that really depends on your charger.
Whether it exists or not, here are some things to pacify you: Most sources say that memory effect is only a problem if you repeatedly recharge a NiCad before draining it most of the way. Once you try doing a few faux finishes you will see how easy they are to do, you will want to add this unique technique to your finishing arsenal.
A good way to ensure compatibility is to stay with the same category of coating: For example if you start with an acrylic-based coating, finish with an acrylic coating. You can dab randomly on places, or do the entire piece to enrich the glazed metallic faux finish.
The double arm or pivoting arm system that most scrollsaws possess have the blade moving front to back in a slightly orbital fashion and usually have no blade backing guides for precise cutting, but are still quite good for marquetry if properly used.
Always test your materials first on samples, taking the process all the way to the end so you can work out any problems. As of now, there’s no plan to jump into that market, but Whiffen won’t rule it out for the future. Check the manual to see if yours has this feature, or ask the manufacturer if the manual doesn’t say. Also, you can usually erase any memory effect by draining your battery most of the way and then recharging it.
Finally, manufacturers tend to claim that their newer NiCads are less susceptible to memory effects, and that their newer chargers have special circuitry to prevent memory effects. I would like to sell this to someone who would really like to have it and am asking $200.00. Once the glazing process is completed and allowed to dry, spray light clear coats to seal in the glaze, then allow it to dry.

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