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We will now increase this “Available” amount so you have more free storage space on iCloud for backups. If you've upgraded iPads three different times, for example, you might find three different iPad backups. To check the date of each of the other iCloud backups tap each of the other backups and look at the date of the “Latest Backup” for each. Delete these old iCloud backups by tapping “Manage Storage” (it's in blue along the top), tapping an old iCloud backup, tapping “Delete Backup” and then following the prompts.
Using your Mac or other Apple devices, you can sync your contact, calendars, mail, notes, and even upload your photos to the 5GB storage space you get by default. Say you have a picture that you really need to send to a friend on WhatsApp, but it’s on your Windows 10 PC, and to get it on your iPhone just seems like a mission.
Instead of saving a file and then manually uploading it, you can select to automatically save the file onto your iCloud Drive. This does not mean that you will never be able to back up your device again, it just means that your older backups are gone and you should make a new one whenever you see fit. We bring you five top tips to help you spring clean your iPhone and free up some space for more stuff. First things first, though, if you've come to this article looking for ways to free up space in order to update to iOS 8 after you were told you didn't have enough memory to download and install it, you should know that you can find out how to update to iOS 8 without deleting anything here. However, it's well worth giving your iPhone a tidy-up once in a while anyway, as it can help keep the smartphone running smoothly and will prevent you from having a nasty surprise when you're in the middle of filming an amazing concert or your kids doing something particularly funny and it cuts out because you've run out of space, for example. For most people, it'll be Photos & Camera, which includes all of the photos and videos you've got stored on your iPhone, but take note of the other apps that are taking up lots of space. There might, however, be some apps that are covered in virtual cobwebs because you haven't used them for so long.
You can delete apps right from the Manage Storage screen, by tapping that app and then tapping 'Delete App'. To delete apps form the Home screen, tap and hold until the icons on your screen start jiggling, then tap the little cross in the corner of the app you want to get rid of.
For example, if you've downloaded videos in BBC iPlayer but not deleted them yet, that'll be taking up space. The deletion process will differ for each app but there should be instructions within the app itself. Anything else you've stored in iCloud will not be deleted completely if you delete it from your iPhone, unless it warns you otherwise.
The final thing to do to prevent your iPhone from becoming full up again is change some of the settings in the Camera app.
And while there's no setting that lets you turn off Burst Mode, the feature can mean that you accidentally take more than one photo at a time.
When I say “completely automatic” I mean that all your content is available on all your devices using iCloud. Find my iPhone; users can track the approximate location of their phones at any time of the day. If you’re looking to secure your data, photos, music and apps combined with increased available hard drive space and less administration; iCloud is an excellent option for you. About Katherine StottKatherine Stott is a copywriter hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. Starting off as a freelancer for a PR agency, she worked her way into the digital realm while focusing on methodologies such as SEO copywriting and blogging with passion and fervour.
An inherent love for all things Mac led her to Macdigita, where she offers a layman’s perspective in a world where jargon and technical terms can become a little overwhelming. When not writing, she passes the time by fiddling around with Sudoku and Yoga apps on her iPhone.
Editors Note: Originally this post was going to be a study of cloud services and how they work with the various desktop and iOS applications. But Apple isn’t the only one pushing these services and Mac users have been seeing more and more of Office 365 and Google Docs and they all come with cloud based storage solutions. Now that the iMac is plugged into the web and iCloud is running you realise you don’t have a word processor and you are just itching to write that letter to the Times. For the purposes of this exercise I am going to assume that you want Pages because that is what is on your iPhone or iPad. For the purposes of this exercise I am going to assume that you want Word because that is what you use at work or at school. However, unlike iCloud, SkyDrive offers a very usable version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint via a web browser. The Mac App Store purchase of Pages is seamless and the iCloud integration is all encompassing. As far as sharing and opening documents on an iDevice is concerned almost anything is better than SkyDrive. Yes Pages can open and save in Word format but lets suppose that these products are even better at playing in the Office space and if thats your focus they are worth a look. Conclusion, well for document sharing between your devices and other people I cannot really think of a better solution than DropBox. More than anything the worrying thing here is the direction Microsoft is going with their Office product. As Word cannot be purchased as a sepparte product I am listing the only product available from Microsoft that includes a word processor. Ironically the birth of OpenOffice in the 90’s by Oracle was because Microsoft were seen as having a strangle hold on the productivity suite and as such the prices were steep.
If you wan to use Office for the next few years it might be worth upgrading NOW to Office 2011 for Mac. It might also be good to note that with Office 365, you will always have the latest updates of all of the Office applications without having to pay above your subscription. Who is mac services?Mac Services offers macintosh support, repairs, installs and advice for families and businesses in the Canberra region and surrounding areas at the lowest cost possible. That’s why we set out to create this master post with the hope of giving you sound tips for getting rid of all the cruft that has accumulated on your iOS device, so you can reclaim big chunks of storage space lost to unnecessary things you can do without. You cannot delete these system caches manually as iOS automatically removes them when it needs more space. Force-restarting your device forces iOS to wipe clean its temporary files and purge caches.
Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, select Manage Storage under the Storage heading, tap the software download in the list and select Delete Update. Applying an software update may require a significant amount of free storage due to an over-the-air iOS firmware download and temporary files created as part of the update process, some of which may not be fully removed post-update. Over time, video and audio attachments in your Messages chats  consume valuable storage space on your device. Start by tapping Details in a chat, then hold on one of the attachments to reveal an action menu.
In addition to removing attachments from your chats, you should consider  adjusting message expiration which defines for how long texts will be kept on your device.
This will prompt Messages to permanently delete all text messages, along with their attachments, that are older than 1 year or 30 days.
This will ensure that audio and video messages will be automatically removed from your conversation history two minutes after they have been interacted with, thus freeing up valuable storage space.
Regaining additional storage lost to unwanted photos and videos is dead simple: go to an album or Camera roll in Photos, tap Select and choose items you want deleted.
Deleted items are moved to a special album on your device, meaning you must take an extra step to purge them permanently: tap Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Delete All. Removing a bunch of old images and videos can be a tedious task so you might want to use third-party apps that take the pain out of bulk photo deletion. When Photo Sstream is turned on, the photos you take with your iOS devices or import to your computers appear automatically on all of your devices in the My Photo Stream section, or in All Photos if iCloud Photo Library is turned on. Disabling this option will help conserve storage space: in Settings > iCloud > Photos turn off My Photo Stream or Upload to My Photo Stream.
When you take HDR photos, iOS also stores their normal versions, doubling the storage usage. Turning off HDR duplicates will not remove non-HDR versions of your previously taken HDR images so make sure to delete them manually. Using iCloud Photo Library can rally slim down the size of your photo library by storing your photos and videos in their original resolution in iCloud while keeping their optimized versions on your device.
Depending on the size of your library and bandwidth, the initial syncing process can take hours, or even days. Assuming you’re willing to change your photo workflow, transferring all your photos and videos to an online service like Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr or OneDrive may be the best way to free up a few gigs of on-device storage. Electronic books downloaded from the iBooks Store, especially textbooks with enhanced features like audio and video, can eat up gigabytes of storage space.
To stop new iBook Store purchases made on other devices from automatically downloading to this device, go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and disable Books below the Automatic Downloads heading. Your personal videos along with high-resolution movie and TV show purchases can really strain your storage.

To delete episodes yourself, launch the Podcasts app, tap My Podcasts and select a podcast to see its episodes.
Do you seriously want to own your music in 2016 and fiddle with song downloads and file syncing? To get started, tap Settings > Music > Apple Music, and also enable iCloud Music Library to see your music library on all of your devices. To free up storage space lost to offline songs, disable and then reenable iCloud Music Library in Settings > Music.
Reading List is a great read-later feature in Safari for accessing saved articles without an Internet connection. To clear this cache from your device, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and tap Manage Storage under the Storage heading. In addition to building a history of websites you visit and searches you perform, Safari also lets websites you visit, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Docs and others, save caches and offline data to your device. To reset your browsing history and remove all website data from your device, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data below the Privacy & Security heading, and confirm by tapping Clear History and Data. Keep in mind that clearing browsing history on one device will remove it from all your other devices that have Safari turned on in iCloud settings. Many apps that download data from the Internet permit you to adjust the size of their caches, which are used for keeping temporary files, items favorited or marked for offline use and more. Drill into specific app information to see if you might be able to delete caches yourself, along with app documents and other data. If an app keeps eating up your storage at an alarming clip, and none of the aforesaid methods remedies the situation, deleting and reinstalling it is a 100 percent safe way to get rid of any app-specific junk.
I could’t recommend more an app called PhoneExpander to get rid of temporary files that apps have marked as safe to delete. Now click Clear Temporary Files and make yourself a cup of coffee because identifying and deleting a residue of temporary files from your device will take some time, in some cases up to ten minutes or even more. This app is also great at identifying storage hogs on your iPhone, removing old songs and podcasts that you don’t listen to anymore, backing up the pictures and videos that take up the most space on your device and more. Lastly, if you’re jailbroken there are even better ways of managing your storage such as Ryan Petric’s useful cache-cleaning tool.
Delete items in the Screenshots album, as well as photo duplicates and visually similar images in the Photos app.
Delete, or transfer to a computer your high-resolution panoramic photographs which tend to take up quite a lot of storage space. Trash or export images from apps like Camera+ and VSCO which default to storing photos inside their private Documents folder. Turn off high-quality voices in Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices and disable Alex, a high-quality U.S.
Remove third-party keyboards you don’t need in Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and delete their container apps.
Delete custom keyboard shortcuts you no longer need in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Restrict background activity to as few apps as possible in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Remove and add back your email accounts in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars in order to reclaim storage lost to attachments database. Limit video capture to 1080p instead of 4K in Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video.
Clear out Siri’s cache by disabling and re-enabling the feature in Settings > General > Siri > Siri. Be selective about third-party apps in Spotlight by turning them off in Settings > General > Spotlight Search. Turn off automatic downloads for Music, Apps, Books and Updates in Settings > iTunes & App Stores. In my experience, it’s the best way to make an iOS device feel like new again while nuking out of orbit all the cruft accumulated over the years and leftover files from previous iOS installations. If you keep all your other stuff in Dropbox, OneDrive or another cloud-storage service that has an iOS app and a storage extension available, all the better.
Needless to say, you should only reinstall apps that you’re absolutely going to be using on a regular basis. When you enable Optimize iPhone Storage, device-size versions of your originals will be kept on your device, which in most cases means downscaling photos to 2048px width so they look crisp on iPad Retina screens.
While I highly recommend restarting your iOS device now and again, I would not r commend force restarts unless absolutely necessary. Being able to access data that is on your computer directly on your iDevice is a big advantage as you will not have to plug your phone every time you want to sync something on your device. However, the company has gotten rid of the service and now offers only iCloud having more advantages to users. With iCloud storage your music, documents, photos, calenders, apps and more are backed up to the cloud and synced will all your other Apple devices linked to iCloud. This article gives you tips and tricks for how to free iCloud storage so you have more free room on iCloud. Continuing with this example, the only iPad backup that you need is the one labeled “This iPad”.
Here you can choose to sync it all to your drive by turning on and off the specific things you want to sync.
It’s fairly simple to get going and all you really need to do is log in and choose what you want to sync. From here you can access many things like Keynote documents that you have uploaded, contacts that are on your iPhone, and even photos that you have set to upload.
Keep in mind that the storage space is pretty low so choose what you really need backed up before you do so. Here, we help you spring clean your iPhone to free up some space, with 5 top space saving tips for iOS. You probably won't want to completely delete that app, but you'll be able to reduce how much space they're using by following the other steps in this article.
Some photo-editing apps store photographs within them, even if you've saved them to your Camera Roll, so you should delete those too.
You'll get 5GB of free iCloud storage, but then you'll need to pay a monthly fee if you need more space than that. Go to Settings > Photos and Camera and make sure the 'Keep Normal Photo' slider isn't green under HDR. Make sure you tap quickly when taking a photo, or use the volume button to take a photo to prevent duplicates.
All new Macs and Apple products are made ready for iCloud with only a few small steps to take before successful setup is complete. How does it differ from any other cloud computing storage facility and why all the hype surrounding it?
If stolen, Find my iPhone can erase all the contents on the phone or even change the password.
Even if you’re not looking for all of the above, it’s still an excellent way to organize your bits and pieces. Her family are also often subjected to numerous Instagram photo shoots that eventually end up on Facebook or her blog.
However, as it is too often the case, I got side tracked into the new costs facing Microsoft Office users. One of the major issues with this spreading of devices is the retention of documents and the sharing of files between them.
So if you are without your Mac, iPhone or iPad and want to edit that resume in a Qantas lounge you are out of luck. This weighs in at 1.01 GB and takes about 50 mins to download on an average internet connection. Gone are the days where the average family computer can buy and install Office on their Mac (or PC) and thats it! Over the years Microsoft dropped prices and suddenly it was an affordable price especially for Mums and Dads wanting to equip their Mac or PC with the words most recognised productivity application. So when new updates are released, you get them for free as long as your subscription remains active.
This rule sounds simple enough yet many people just don’t bother removing multi-gigabyte games and apps from their device even though they might no longer use them.
If you’ve accumulated a bunch of personal documents that are no longer needed, delete them inside apps that created them.
Should you decide to skip installing a downloaded software update, you can regain anywhere from a few hundred megabytes to a few gigabytes of storage simply by deleting the pending iOS installer. To stop iOS from automatically downloading firmware updates to this device, go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and disable Updates below the Automatic Downloads heading. Just plug your device into a computer, select it in iTunes, click Check for Update in the Summary pane, and then click Download and Update.
Don’t worry, this is a new feature in iOS 9 and the system will automatically restore your apps and data after an upgrade is successfully deployed.

You can easily bulk-delete attachments from a conversation in the Messages app without deleting the entire conversation. Tap More, bulk-select attachments, hit the Trashcan icon and confirm by tapping Delete Attachments.
In Settings > Messages > Keep Messages, change the default Forever setting to 1 Year or 30 Days.
You can change this behavior by switching from Never to After 2 Minutes in Settings > Messages > Expire for both audio and video messages. Albums you’re subscribed to are automatically pushed to your device so turning off this feature will help regain some storage space. To only keep HDR versions for new photos you take, disable Keep Normal Photo in Settings > Photos & Camera. This feature requires that the device be plugged to power, connected to Wi-Fi and you must keep the Photos app open.
To remove books you no longer need, launch iBooks, tap Edit, select some books, hit Delete and confirm the operation. To remove downloaded, or synced, content in the stock Videos app tap Movies, TV Shows or Music Videos tabs and then hit Edit. Now tap the ellipsis next to a downloaded episode you wish to remove, choose Remove Download and then tap Remove Download. Streamed songs are temporarily stored on your device for quicker access, but iOS manages storage automatically. To remove individual songs and items marked for offline listening from the device, tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and then Manage Storage below the Storage heading. To delete an individual webpage from your Reading List, which also removes it from all your devices, tap Safari’s bookmarks icon, then hit the glasses icon to access your Reading List. Some apps are quite liberal with their cache so reducing it to a more acceptable level will increase the amount of storage available to you. Download PhoneExpander, open it on your Mac and connect an iOS device to your computer with a USB cable. English voice the delivers natural sounding results but takes up nearly one gigabyte of storage. Before your proceed, however, please make a full backup of your device in iTunes in case something goes wrong. Only then should you tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, which will clear everything on your device and reset all settings. Everything else should be kept off your device as you can always re-download your past purchases through the App Store’s Purchased section on a as-needed basis. I have over 70GB in iCloud Drive and apparently it stores some of that locally on the device but doesn’t appear ANYWHERE in views about what apps are taking up storage space. If you have tons of space on your device, iOS probably keeps these documents locally so you can access them very quickly. As far as I know, iMyfone Umate is applicable for iOS devices no matter they are jail break device or not.
Just like cloud web hosting where users’ save their website data on remote cloud servers, the iCloud is Apple’s cloud storing service. What's more, iCloud automatically backs up your data on all your devices over Wi-Fi every day and for free, so, if ever an Apple device fails, your music, photos and data are protected. Under “Storage” look at “Total Storage” which reads 5GB (assuming you only have free iCloud storage). After a career in IT, he made the jump to the field of education and received an MS in Elementary Education and an Advanced Certificate in Educational Technology. We have a few tips to help you get the most out of the service whether you are on your iPhone or even on your PC. From here you can navigate through your PC or Mac and find the file you want to manually upload to the drive.
It might take a minute or two for your apps to appear, but when they do you might be surprised at what's taking up the most space. With this setting turned on, any HDR photos you take will be duplicated, with a normal version of the photo stored on your iPhone, too. Whatever content it stores for you is always available, yet not sitting on your hard drive consuming much needed space for… well, other things. This issue is a little more serious, and as it turns out more complicated than first thought. Doing this infuses iCloud into the operating system giving you storage space in the cloud, syncing services for Photos and documents, Calendars, Address Book and a free email address.
It weighs in at 372MB and takes about 10 mins to download on an average internet connection.
It is true iCloud will let you download the document to the desktop but unless that foreign Mac has pages installed thats no use at all. This service is 100% free and can be used even if you don’t subscribe to the Office 365 way of doing things. But now, at these prices and the with the distasteful concept of being locked in, I think Mums and Dads will likely move to Pages and if Apple start playing this subscription game its back to OpenOffice.
Have you already been greeted with a “Storage Almost Full – You can manage your storage in Settings” message? To restart your device, hold down the power button until a “Slide to power off” message appears, then slide to restart.
In addition to clearing caches, this method may help your device run a little faster for some time. To delete an app, hold your finger on its Home screen icon until the icons start wiggling, then tap “X” to delete it. Keep in mind that some apps move deleted items into a special folder as a precaution so you may need to take an extra step of emptying that folder in order to permanently trash your content. To further optimize storage consumption, set Download Episodes to Only New and Limit Episodes to Most Recent. You can also mark any song to store it permanently for offline listening, as long as your subscription is active. If you need more storage space at some point, iOS might decide to remove these files to make more room for your stuff.
There should be a storage usage row for iCloud Drive to improve visibility into how storage is being used. Still, Photos will download the original version from iCloud when you tap the Edit button so your edits will be applied to the original-resolution photo.
Look at the number to the right of “Available” (this is the amount of free iCloud storage that remains available). You can save lots of storage space for iCloud backups by deleting those iCloud backups that you no longer need. It's not the end of the world if you decide you want it back – it'll be downloadable from the 'Purchased' section of the iOS App Store and you won't need to pay for it again. Messages can take up a surprising amount of space so it's worth deleting those, and then there's photos and videos you've captured. Any tunes you purchase will become immediately available on all your registered devices without any syncing required.
There are moves afoot that will affect how you are able to buy Office for your home computers and I hope to explain this further here. If and when you get an iPad or iPhone and you enter the same details when prompted the two devices will be buddies and will from now on swap files and data without troubling you again. It automatically installs and as soon as you launch it you are offered the chance to save to iCloud or the local Mac. SkyDrive isn’t part of the Office365 deal but it does offer a cloud based service similar to DropBox or Google Drive. I think most of people who read this article can learn much about how to save space on iPhone and iPad.
For the same time period Office 365 (at current pricing) a full stand alone version of Office will cost $720.00. I used the iMyfone Umate you referred, it is very easy to use, and it combines more than 25 analyzation techniques and technologies that target and eliminate over 30 kinds of junk files. And if you stop paying your subscription after those five years your $720.00 copy of Office will cease to function and will prevent you from Saving or creating any new documents. Apps and games you download, content you create and media you consume on your device can all take up a ton of space, even if you own the most capacious iOS device now available in the marketplace.
This is all well and good if you have a strong and generous internet connection but as this trend shows no signs of slowing down all we can do is look to services that do it well.

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