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The popular 12X20 Metal Garage with Roll Up Door by DuraMax is constructed of durable galvanized steel.
DuraMax metal buildings are much more affordable than similarly-sized custom built buildings and are backed by a long 10 year limited warranty. Unlike other buildings which have thin, flimsy walls which are easily dented during assembly, DuraMax buildings uses reinforced steel walls which are 20% thicker and a special rib design for greater dent resistance and strength. Designed for easy assembly with common household tools, the 12X20 Metal Garage can be put together in as little as half a day depending on how much help you have. From its early vinyl sheds, US Polymers has incorporated a series of incremental changes and improvements over the years to make DuraMax structures among the very strongest and most reliable available anywhere. Research and development is a top priority and DuraMax vinyl structures now employ a proprietary resin formulation that better withstands the intense sunlight present in many parts of the United States. The main factory in Dubai features complete ISO 9001 certification and is among the most advanced anywhere in the world. US Polymer's main distribution and customer service center is located outside of Los Angeles, CA. DuraMax building specialists are available to assist you with any installation or service questions that you may have. This shed is ideal for most backyards, was designed to meet the height requirement for most regulated communities. The assembly is simple, clean, safe and can be completed in a few short hours, All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly.

Remember you have the option of buying our foundation frame base and sit it on a level earth ground or grass, you will still need ?” plywood for a floor that will be installed inside the shed on top of the foundation frame. In Addition you will need a drill with a phillips head, hammer, meassuring tape, pliers and ladder. Times shown are typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. It features a reinforced roof support truss system that can hold a snow load of 20 pounds per square foot. They are perfect for large vehicles, residential storage, commercial storage, or even a workshop studio.
The garage is low maintenance and won't fade, mildew, or rot as a wood structure may over time. Though many customers prefer the green exterior, it can be easily painted any color to match your preference.
Its more than 65 years of manufacturing experience has led to the development of one of the most consumer-friendly product lineups of any company in this sector. The frames of the metal structures have been engineered to handle the toughest loads and commercial-grade PVC is used in the vinyl structures. DuraMax structures are made in state of the art factories that employs all the latest quality control techniques and processing equipment to ensure the very highest and most precise build quality. Environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques are employed wherever possible as all scrap pieces are recycled and even wastewater is filtered for reuse.

Each shed is carefully inspected and packed for shipping throughout the country through major ground freight carriers. All you need to provide is a level surface of either wood, or concrete, the size of the base of the building. The packaging includes all components, hardware and an illustrated step-by-step instruction booklet. One of the top sellers at Shed Nation, the metal garage is a tremendous value at this size. Now a division of the international conglomerate the Harwal Group, US Polymers has become one of the world's leading makers of PVC compounds for use in home products, fencing, pipes, and outdoor storage sheds.
The wall columns are reinforce with a solid metal structure allowing you to hang garden tools.
Foundation kits are available for these units and recommended for a quicker and precise installation.

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