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Woodworking can also improve on crafted or already existing gear you’ve found in the world! Many players will need Wooden Weapons and Shields of various types and styles. Deadric, and Imperial seem to be the most popular as far as style, so having the Racial styles available can be very profitable! Raw wood is used in the creation of woodworking pieces and can be found throughout the zones in Tamriel.
Woodworking  Stations are found in towns and cities and are identified by a hammer and angle  symbol on flags outside of the station and on the map. The station itself is a workbench with lumber leaning against it, complete with tools, chisels, peg holes, and an axe.
There are also special Set Woodworking Stations located throughout the world that allow you to craft items with special set bonus.
Another way to gather materials is to deconstruct old or useless armor into usable materials! There is a risk, however, as improvement takes multiple improvement materials to complete and the chance goes up the more materials you use. If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills to get your Woodworking off to a great start!
Just keep putting points into these four skills in order as you level Woodworking, interwoven with your regular combat skills! Rank 3: A Lumberjack Hireling will send you even more wood and possibly even better items twice a day. Gather at Night! – If you have the chance to gather at night with your Keen Eye ability ready to go, you will see the wood from a very long distance and it is very bright in the dark!
As always, we hope you have found this guide informative and useful and will continue to update it as we discover more, happy crafting!
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Whilst you don’t receive any woodworking inspiration points for refining materials, you do have a chance to gain Resins and Trait Materials every time you refine wood. Woodworking requires you to be at a woodworking station, which can usually be found in towns. In order to craft weapons or apparel, you first have to choose the type of item you want to craft. There’s a number of different Racial Styles to craft your items with, which affects how the item looks like.
Woodworking is a bread and butter passive skill which gives you access to more woodworking material.
Wood Extraction is a passive which increases the chances of extracting woodworking ingredients. Research is a process that takes a long time, by default 6 hours, and you can only have one research active per profession.
To learn a trait, you must have an item with that specific trait and then choose to research the trait off of that item.
There are different types of Resin, and it’s a much more demanding process improving an item to Legendary quality than it is to improve it to Fine quality because the higher quality Resins are much, much rarer. ABOUT USTESO Elite brings you the best Elder Scrolls Online guides, news and theorycrafting. The last thing youa€™ll need for basic woodworking is the reagent of the appropriate style of crafting you know.
Select either or then select the type of item youa€™d like to make using the arrows in this section.
It is important to mention that the amount of material you put into the item youa€™re making determines the level and damage. Looking at the itema€™s icon will give you a general idea what that style will look like on that item. You can also add a trait in this screen, since you are just starting out you probably wona€™t have any yet, so wea€™ll leave it on no trait. Improvements are easy to do as you simply select the item you want to improve and the resin you want to use. The all-important and probably most confusing part of the craft, although it is listed last in this guide, its best started before anything else in any craft. You can only research one trait a t a time, so in the beginning try to pick the trait that will best serve you.

More advanced woodworking will be covered in guide a€?Woodworking 102a€? which will include all wood types, improvement resins, and the gems needed for traits in the creation screen. Lumberjack Hireling3, 12, 32(3 pts) A lumberjack hireling will send you wood & possibly other items. Hidden crafting stations are scattered throughout the world and are the only stations where you can apply set bonuses to items.
There are 2-7 levels of items per material tier, eg, in the iron tier you can craft level 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 items. Each level within a tier requires an additional sanded wood to create an item (eg, level 1 maple shield requires 6 sanded maple, level 4 maple shield requires 7).
Style-specific stones can be purchased from vendors located near the crafting stations, by deconstructing other items or by finding them in cupboards, desks and nightstands. One of the nice things about crafting in ESO is that you can take items you’ve earned and deconstruct them for materials.
Increasing the quality of an item, increases its base stats and changes the coloring of the item slightly. The first point in the Carpentry skill (available at skill level 8) speeds up research time by 5% and allows you to research 2 items at once. Each level within a tier requires an additional sanded wood to create an item (eg, level 1 maple bow requires 3 sanded maple, level 4 maple bow requires 4).
Here we cover the basic and advanced mechanics of Woodworking in The Elder Scrolls Online as well as some best practices! If you would like to get a quick primer on the basics, check out the video. You can turn wood you collect in the world into fine pieces with various stats and styles as well. Some of the best wooden weapons and shields in the game can be crafted by Woodworking and they have the ability to fine tune their pieces.
Using improvement materials found by refining wood, deconstructing armor, and given to you by hirelings, Woodworkers can improve wooden weapons and shields all the way to legendary! These special set stations require multiple traits to be unlocked for the various pieces of woodworking gear. HERE is a list of the Set Stations and their locations! It requires 10 pieces of raw wood for each refinement and yields sanded wood and sometimes other useful items for Woodworking!
These improvements will increase the quality and look of the gear from Common all the way to Legendary. These materials cannot be farmed or gathered in the field, they are earned by deconstructing, and can be sent to you by a hireling. A master woodworker needs less improvement materials and can help a non-woodworker save money by not having to buy as many. After taking your initial survival skills, place points into the following to get the ball rolling!
You can choose to use more sanded wood than the minimum amount to make the item have stronger stats and a bigger level requirement.
Each race has their own style of crafting and it makes sense that a Nord heavy armor looks different to one that has been crafted by Altmer. It increases the number of researches you can have simultaneously and reduces the research time. Investing points in this passive skill is definitely worth it at the higher quality levels, because you’ll be able to save valuable resins this way, giving you the ability to improve a greater number of items overall.
Traits are bonuses which are applied at the creation process and there’s separate Traits for both weapons and armor.
The research time for a gear piece doubles after each research, so the second trait your research for the same piece of gear takes 12 hours, the third 24 hours and so on.
In the process, the original item is destroyed, and at the end of the research you learn the trait and gain experience in the crafting skill line. Every time you deconstruct a weapon or apparel, you receive crafting materials and potentially Resins for woodworking, Trait Material or Style Material. They are special items which can be found as drops, but the main source of Resins are Deconstruction, Refinement and your Hireling passive skill. If you want, you can improve a single item multiple times, eventually improving it all the way to Legendary, but you do need to have all the different kinds of Resin to do this. Styles are based off of race, and are the items that determine what the final product will look like. Open the crafting window by looking at the blacksmith station and pressing a€?Ea€?, youa€™ll see the creation screen.
For faster leveling, choose an item with low wood requirements and just keep pressing a€?Ra€? as the system doesna€™t reset after creation. Note, using a single resin will always give you a 20% chance to improve the item, the more resins of a certain type you use the more the chance of improvement goes up. This will give you a chance to get not only resin and wood, but trait and style stones as well.
Ita€™s also important to know that every piece and type of armor has its only trait list that will need to be research separately.

Usually the Blacksmithing and Clothing stations are co-located with the Woodworking station nearby.
The set bonuses vary from station to station and require you to have learned from 2-8 traits before you can craft an item with the bonus. Also, each tier starts out requiring one sanded wood more than the previous tier (eg, level 1 maple shield requires 6 sanded maple, level 16 oak shield requires 7 sanded oak). To apply the trait to an item, you will need one of the following stones that is consumed upon use. You can also deconstruct items you’ve crafted so that you can apply a new style-stone, but be aware that deconstructing does not yield the same amount of materials it takes to create the item in the first place. Also, each tier starts out requiring one sanded wood more than the previous tier (eg, level 1 maple bow requires 3 sanded maple, level 16 oak bow requires 4 sanded oak). You will choose the type of item, its wood type and amount, the style material to define its look, as well as the trait material to make the item have special properties. This WILL destroy the item and provide some of its base materials for use in creating new items.
These improvements do not have a level requirement of any kind, so a woodworker can increase the quality of ANY woodworking item. Researching traits requires the specific piece of gear that you want to learn the trait from to be destroyed in order to understand it’s properties. The higher level items you choose to craft, the more experience you’ll also gain with woodworking skill line. Eventually you’ll be able to learn all the racial styles, which come in the form of lore books.
If you want to learn the last, eighth, trait for a piece of gear, it’s going to take 32 days without this passive. For the examples below wea€™ll be using the Redguard style, which requires Star Metal, all style regents are available for purchase from the vendor near each work station.
Hovering over an item will show you the stats of the item and say one of the traits listed above if it has one, Ornate is NOT a trait. Once you reach certain levels, you can choose to apply your skill points to passive crafting skills. To do so, use the Woodworking Refine Menu and add rough wood (10 pieces at a time), then hit Refine. You must also put points into the Woodworking skill tree to be able to craft items beyond the first tier (maple). NOTE: To create a higher level item within a single material tier, click on the + sign next to the number or materials required to create the item. You can obtain these stones from gathering ore, opening containers or deconstructing items.
Researching takes several hours, destroys the item, and only applies to the type of item (eg.
With the proper skills, a woodworker has an increased chance of extracting these materials from items! If you wish to learn a trait for chest pieces, you will need to destroy a chest piece with that trait on it in order to learn it. You can reduce the time it takes to research traits and increase the max number of active researches with the passive skill Carpentry, though.
Instead of selling all the looted weapons and apparel to a vendor, you might want to consider deconstructing them instead.
To unlock other styles you need to find books out in the world that teach another race style. The research pane will also show how many items with un-researched traits you have in your bag. You can reduce these times with skills that allow more than on research at a time and reduce the overall time to research. In the above picture we see there are none in the bag, but I had previously researched a bow with the Precise trait on it.
There are 8 traits, so it will take 1530 hours (over 63 days) to learn all 8 traits per item. This chance can be improved by using more Resins and by investing skill points in the woodworking skill line. We can tell what wea€™ve researched by the column on the right where it says unknown by grayed out names and nothing by the name trait in white letters.

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