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A customer recently asked me if I would build them a wood storage shed that would be able to hold one cord of firewood. The rear of their garage faces South East and gets a lot of sun exposure, which I knew was going to be helpful for drying out the wood.
My customer gave me free reign on the design  and I choose to build a simple open faced, shed roof structure with clapboard siding and trim details that mimic the details on the Colonial farm style house and garage.
I measured a pile of wood that they told me was the equivalent of a cord and sized their new wood storage shed accordingly. Once I determined exactly where the wood shed was going I cut my 2×6 pressure treated ledger-board to size and secured it to the garage concrete foundation wall with 8-10 concrete wedge anchor bolts. With the ledger-board installed level onto the garage I measured out a rectangle on the grass that was slightly larger than the woodshed. DIY Tip: In order to get corners square and as close to 90 degrees as possible I use the 3-4-5 rule to build square corners.
The purpose the rectangular space was to create a gravel covered ground base and drip edge to match the existing garage roof drainage gravel.
To create this drip edge I first removed all of the sod and organic soil, installed 2×6 pressure treated boards as border strips and then we installed landscape fabric and filled the space with ?” river stone. A footing helps support the structure by spreading out the loads created by each support post over a wider area. DIY Tip – To avoid having to keep pulling out a tape measure I measure 48 inches on my spade shovel and post hole digger and mark this measurement with a permanent marker. Once mixed, I pour the concrete into the Sonotube with the wheel barrel and use my shovel to get and add the droppings. Often times I will pour about of foot of concrete and then lift my tube out of the hole a few inches, typically 4 to 6 inches.
Post bases have an elevated bottom compartment with an opening that is designed to lock into a concrete anchor, which is embedded in the top of the concrete pier. DIY TIP: If your deck has two wood support posts and a ledger board that is bolted to the house, each of the two deck post holds up approximately 25 percent of the total weight. Depending on the wood shed load, the diameter of the hole will probably range between 8 and 24 inches in diameter.
On small structures I like to build my floor frame, square it and then dig my footings and install my support legs.
It is far easier to build your floor system first and use temporary stilts [or in our case a block of firewood] to hold it up, square and level it and then get an exact measurement for your support posts. We used left over synthetic deck boards from a prior job and spaced the floorboards 2-inches apart to facilitate airflow, rain drainage and drying of the firewood. Prior to building the walls we measured and leveled up mark, cut and remove only the garage wall siding that was in the way of the 2×4 wall and sheathing. Slowing down and taking these steps saved us ripping a ton of garage wall siding off and later having to replace it on the inside and sides of the new wood storage shed. The owner disliked pressure treated splinters and specified that she did not want pressure treated 2×4’s used inside this structure.
Note – We secured wall and roof sheathing with 8 penny ring shank nails every 10 inches in the field and every 6 inches at seams and edges. After sheathing the roof we covered every square inch with ice and water shield and ran it up the sidewall of the garage.
We wrapped the roof in drip edge and installed the same shingles that were in the existing garage.
DIY TIP: We installed our rake and fascia trim and then used scrap pieces of our crown molding to figure out the size of the roof sheathing. The exterior of the woodshed was trimmed out similar in detail but in a smaller scale to the garage. Problems that arise on homes is not usually attributed to the type of siding but to the installation and lack of proper flashing and drainage planes. The result was a simple and effective open wood storage shed that is easily accessible and keeps all but the wind driven rain out. Abri bches 5 stres en bois robuste, l'abri bches 5 stres en bois vous permettra de faire scher efficacement votre bois et de le protger des intempries.
This section of our site is dedicated to woodworkers and DIY-ers that have built a project inspired by our outdoor plans and have sent us photos and a few comments about their woodworking endeavor.
We strongly encourage you to send us photos and your feedback regarding the projects on MyOutdoorPlans. Find attached a picture of my log store that I completed today. Thanks for the shed plans on your website.
Very straight forward, I followed the firewood shed plans except for changing the the rafters to 2 x 4 instead of 2 x 6s, which struck me as overbuilding. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.
Those pics don't show the racking made out of pallets into which I just lob the logs once split. I know its rough but none of the pallets were the same size and as i am currently between jobs as it were i could not afford to buy any timber so i used some long straight (Ash?) trees for the joists.
A shed was made in 6 foot sections as I had a load of split 13ft scaffold boards and second hand OSB. Last pile is inspired through a German friend and was he tester for several arond the garden.
Funny thing about all of this was that the electrical distribution post sits about 10' - 12' away from the shed and had an available 30 amp 220 volt breaker.

As I've been working on the inside (I now have three of the walls insulated and sheathed) I set up a small temporary workbench.
I'm getting quite excited to get the inside finished off so that I can start getting things put away in their place, but mostly I want to get the inside completed so that I can have it ready for a winter project with my two boys.
Well I haven't had a lot of time or extra cash to spend on the shed recently, but I do have a mini update to post.
I'm in the process of gathering the components needed to use the vintage Forney arc welder for lift or scratch start TIG welding. I needed some more firewood storage area to augment my small firewood shed so I built the lean-to shown above. Last picture is a little bit of design work I did for an off-road trailer.One design shows a trailing arm and panhard bar air spring suspension while the other frame shows a design that uses independent trailing arms and air springs.
In addition to the firewood lean-to shown in the previous post I've also added one to the south facing exterior wall. Back on the inside I was having a tough time deciding just how I wanted to finish off the underside of the overhead storage shelf. Well before Christmas my younger son expressed that he wanted to build a trailer to hook to his BMX bike so that he can take the garbage to the dumpster. After disengaging the power feed Tyler is using the hand wheel on the apron of the lathe to move the tooling over and clean up the last little bit.
Today he asked me if he could use the lathe without my supervision and I responded with a great big NO! I don't know about Slippy but I did some heavy timber construction long ago and still build big stuff from wood for a living. There is nothing worse than wanting a warm fire in your fireplace or wood stove and finding out that your firewood is wet or damp. After speaking with them they also asked if I could build this shed attached to the rear of their garage. For the roof detail we discussed coming off the upper garage roof with gable roof, the woodshed roof having the same pitch as the garage, but decided that was too costly. This meant that I could attach a ledger board off the garage wall hang my floor joists from it, built two walls and a roof and call it a day.
Because the ledger-board was only 8 feet long I pre drilled my holes in the ledger-board with a wood drill bit an then used a ?” SDS hammer drill bit to drill the holes in the concrete wall. With these expandable bolts – once the wedge anchor bolts are tightened wings inside the concrete anchor expand and compress against the walls of the concrete hole securing the anchor in place and providing sheer strength. Using a combination of 3-4-5 triangle measurements to determine the footing locations as well as the rectangular space.
A measurement lees that 5 feet means your corners is less than 90 degree, and if over 5 feet your corner is more than 90 degrees.
The front line is not consistent around the country and there are often dramatic differences from state to state. Because the wood shed was only eight feet wide I was able to span that distance with a double rim joist and needed only two footings, one at each corner.
I pour the contents into a wheel barrel and mix it with water a little at a time to get the perfect consistency. No matter how careful I am there is always a tone of concrete outside the edge of the Sonotube.
The top of the post base straddles the wood support post and provides nail holes which I used galvanized 16 D nails to add a strong connection.
In this situation, the soil under each deck footing may be called upon to support 3,000 plus pounds.
In this case the frame was too low to the ground to dig the footings so we installed the footings but not the support posts. We also removed an additional ? – inch to accommodate a corner ground for the wall and garage siding to butt into. This is an unheated structure but I look at the rubber membrane as cheap insurance to water leaks. This allowed me to run my roof sheathing out to cover the top of my crown molding and provide a place for it to rest as well as a secure nailer. Cedar clapboards contain natural oils and resins that protect the wood from insects and rot. Purchase good quality Western Red Cedar clapboards and prime and back prime them or purchase quality primed clapboards. Flashing: Before installing siding, make sure that flashing’s are installed to prevent moisture from entering wall and roof.
Caulking: Use high-performance acrylic-latex caulk to seal gaps around windows, doors, corners, and other exterior joints that are exposed to potential water intrusion.
The open floor flan and the fact that these folks do not lean the wood against the back wall allow 360 air flow to keep their firewood dry and ready to use at a minutes notice ~ and no blue tarp is needed. I currently have my logs stacked off the ground and just covered with corrugated iron - it does not work very well!
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The previous owners had a 50' extension cord plugged into the side of the house and ran it around to the shed.
All it took was an afternoon to trench over, install some conduit and pull the wire to a new 6 breaker load box that I installed in the shed. This doesn't seem like much, but originally the shed had no windows and thus no ventilation either.

It doesn't look like much but the plan is to round up some more license plates and complete the rest of the bottom ofthe shed with them, and then above that install wood siding.
We plan on building some custom bicycles and will even build a frame jig to help us out with it. I'll try to remember to update this as I make progress, but it will probably be a little slow going as I have to fit the shed project in whenever I have a few spare moments here and there. Eventually I'd like to break out the cement and pour a larger (and level) pad in front of the shed.
I really like to walk in the shed and see them up on the wall instead of being tucked away in storage. I just realized tonight that it's been a little while since I've updated this thread so here are some pictures and comments to show what I've been up to. After looking at these pictures I realized that they are already out of date as I've since trimmed out the rafters and filled the back of each side with a stack of wood up to the rafters.
I've been working on another project this past year but will hold off on posting about that untill I get it a little closer to completion. The curtains are actually just some canvas painter's drop cloth that was hemmed to size by a friend and then I added the gromets.
I had thought about just painting it, sheeting it with diamond plate or galvanized sheetmetal, but in the end it turned out that license plates were just the right size for my needs. What’s even worse is having to shovel a foot of snow off a blue-tarp to get to your woodpile.  This article is about building a firewood shed. The floor joists were to run perpendicular to the garage wall and sit on a double outside rim joist that would attach to two 4×6 pressure treated posts with both attached atop of two 10” x 48” deep concrete footings. This means that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the square of both legs. For example in Florida the frost line is less than one foot and in Minnesota it is closer to six feet. This uses a bit more concrete but I like the look and feel it is better for the longevity of the posts. Post bases connectors are galvanized hardware designed to permanently attach the support posts to the concrete footing.
The end grain of all wood products absorbs liquids up to 250 times more rapidly than other wood surfaces. Ideal for interior and exterior applications, dries quick, applies quick and is perfect for preventing cedar bleed. Flashing intercepts and directs the flow of water away from the building to designed drainage paths. You can see the twisting shape of the exhaust where the splitter is up against the wall in pic 2. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
I've now wired the shed with one circuit for the lights, two circuits for 110 volt outlets, and one circuit of 220 volts (20 amp) that I'll use for my welder. And, at the end of that bench top I'll have a vertical cabinet with cubby holes for storing my power tools. I need to pick up some more Romex and insulation so I can complete the sheathing of the last interior wall. If all goes as planned I'll be going back to the salt for the beginning of Speed Week this year.
Second picture shows a close up of the bracket that I built for attaching the front vertical supports to the ceiling. It was meant to house my lawnmower and garden tools but for now it is holding my tablesaw instead of the lawnmower. I was pleasantly suprised to see that I didn't need to trim any license plates in order to get such good coverage.
With that done we headed out to the shop on Saturday to build an axle for the wheels to ride on. The best resource to check your frost level and depth of footing is to check with your local building department. Spacing can be changed or tweaked in order to get the siding to land on top of doors and windows. Was 80% full before winter i.e open the doors and the timber was stacked all around a tiny path to the splitter! The amount of noise it cuts down is little short of phenomenal - tickover is barely audible and at running speed much more muted and hushed. Just trying to get round to finishing the 2500L rainwater collection for garden and greenhouse.Just needs guttering connecting. The worst part was that to accomplish the splice they just twisted the wires together and wrapped them with black tape and left it sitting on top of the ground outside the shed! I think after that I'll be able to get the last of the electrical completed and insulate and sheath the last remaining interior wall. On his website, Rob uses his knowledge and experience to help and educate on best practices in the remodeling industry.
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