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For years I’ve been collecting inspiration and watching out for the perfect wood to frame our gigantic floor mirror that I inherited from my grandmother. As with all construction, there are many ways of building a timber wall, however the drawings below show the most common way of doing it. The left image shows a vertical section cut through the wall, with the same wall in plan shown to the right. Vertical batten - vertical wooden element often 22 x 44mm, which creates a small ventilation gap between cladding and rest of wall. I reused what I could including a lot of the 8020 extrusions in the frame, the Z axis screw assemblies and drive belt, and the X and Z axis motors. And here’s what can be done with about an hour to figure out how to get it apart to remove the mercury vapor lamp and ballast and  clean it up a little. As previously promised, MegaMax’s Y-axis has been converted to screw drive along with the addition of a larger motor, DSP based driver, and 32V power supply. Smoothieboard is supposed to read the config.txt file from its uSD card (conveniently accessible via USB) every time it boots. I attempted some prints and managed to get two decent ones in about a week of screwing around with it.
After that, I have some ideas for a filament respooling machine and ways to fix the retraction problem in the SnakeBite extruder.
Simply put, the Humorously Maniacal Milwaukee Makerspace Multimedia Machine (HMMMMMM) is a personal sized movie theater, with 5.16 surround sound. Disclaimers: For safety, the big 2000 Watt amplifier that drives the HMMMMMM to its full potential is not available when the author is not present. PS:  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to help with the video scripting, filming or editing.

Well…maybe not for THAT reason, but when we start cutting stuff with this robot, we need to keep spectators out of his reach and make sure that if a cutting bit does break, it doesn’t go flying out into the shop and maim someone. Step 3: Bolt the wood to the floor so we know where to put the wall, and then build some framing! Now that the fabrication is complete, we’re working on decorative ideas for all that blank-looking drywall. On June 18th, Milwaukee Makerspace participated in The Great Milwaukee Race as a challenge sponsor.
Team would decode the clue to our location and decide on when they should come to our station. The other player (the grabber) donned a pair of gardening gloves and had to pick up the jacks.
On the first bounce, the grabber would have to pick up and hold onto one jack before the bouncer caught the ball. On the second bounce, the grabber would have to pick up 2 more jacks while holding onto the previous jacks. The game only took a couple of minutes when done correctly, but some teams were faster than others.
Thanks again to Fit Milwaukee and the other Great Milwaukee Race organizers for letting us be a part of this event and thanks to the racers for being such good sports!
Join our public mailing list to talk with Milwaukee Makers about projects, techniques and more. Below are the options for this series.Hover over and click on the elevation of your choice to see that product's details. Thermal reports are generated when a test specimen is physically attached to a wall and thermocouples are installed to measure the actual about of heat (BTU's) that is lost with a standard temperature differential.

The example uses horizontal cladding, however it is easy to change this to vertical cladding, or a completely different wall finish.
By increasing the depth of insulation, and by using wood from renewable forests (generally quick-growing softwood) they can also be very sustainble, when compared to standard walls made from concrete blocks and bricks.
We have several LONG pipe clamps that came in VERY handy for gluing the door frame pieces together. I’m a welder now!) about my Ridiculously Large Jacks was a preview of the challenge that we would run at the race. We use NCTL (National Certified Testing Laboratory) to independently provide all of our test data.
In addition, large panels can be prefabricated offsite, making them even quicker to erect, and reducing wastage.
And 2) most headphones lack the concert-like visceral bass impact, which is that feeling of the kick drum shaking your chest that only rock and roll shows could provide. While the bass in a live concert can be felt in your chest, the bass in the HMMMMMM can be felt in your soul(!). Finally, the author has some hesitancy in having the HMMMMMM reproduce recordings with 5 Hz content at 140 dB, because typical hearing protection has little effect at these unnaturally low frequencies.
This year 75 teams raced throughout downtown Milwaukee and along the lakefront to find all 10 of the challenge locations and get their passports stamped.

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