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This guitar blueprint is for building a classical guitar similar to the over all shape and dimension of Jose Ramirez  (1858–1923).
1-     36”x50” Full scale detailed plans to use as templates to build one of the world most famous guitars.
4-     Detailed bill of material of all items included and needed to build the guitar and optional vendor recommendation.
7-     Fret board interval formula, with instructions and example to enable you to create and calculate your own fret interval.
8-     Inside bracing dimensions and configuration to accurately locate braces and other reinforcements.
Here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine we have a great variey of Guitar Building Plans available for your use in pursuing your passion so you CAN build your own guitar. Brace diagrams are carefully laid out in plan and profile to help you fabricate your top plate braces as accurately as possible.
The plans are electronic in PDF format so they can be printed by the customer at the printer location of their choice.
They would be listed in the phone directory under digital printers or even blueprints - although that term is not used any longer. Digital plans are delivered instantaneously and when you print them they will be full-sized, no fold marks and you can get multiple copies or even 50% sized plans that are very useful for reference or even a part of a plan, say a headstock that can be printed on any letter sized printer.
So that is the long answer and I think you will be very impressed with the full-sized versions.
All guitar building plans can be ordered through our secure server and of course all information will be secure and confidential. If you wish you can link directly to our shopping cart site, where all plans are displayed and defined in detail. I've just published a complete template sets that supplements each guitar plan that we sell here. I would recommend that these plans be reproduced and glue these template layouts over plexiglas or lexan plastic and carefully and accurately cut the templates out for a lifetime luthier's tool. Top Bracing Layout Template: that locates each brace and brace end, eliminating any mis-alignment of baces, sound-hole or reinforcing strips. Fret Layout Template: All frets laid out and dimensioned ready for you to load into a fret template jig or hand cut on your own. Neck Layout Template: Use this for easily roughing out your neck, heel, and neck joints, plut the foot on the Classical Guitar.
Your guitar accuracy will be refelected by the quality of your set of forms you have for each guitar shape. Each inside form features a removable gate to allow construction of the sides without the neck, which in the case of an acoustic guitar, means the total assembly of the guitar body. The plans are very detailed and you will have a lot of fun putting these together and all three of the full-sized construction sheets cost only $7.49.
Additional items to look for at the Plan Shop are Free Downloads for Guitar Building Tools to help you in your guitar making operation. These guitar building plans are very detailed, highest quality PDF's and consist of complete dimensioned plans with bracing plans, sections laterally and longitudinally, detailed bracing layouts. Sheet 1 - Guitar Plan: Detailed full sized dimensioned plan showing all top bracing, bracing scallops, bridge detail, purfling layout, neck layout with perfectly scaled fret locations, head and tuning machine layouts.
Sheet 2 - Guitar Sections: Longitudinal and Latteral Section cuts through the guitar showing internal bracing, lining, side bracing, blocks and neck, included complete dimensions.
Sheet 3 - Guitar Top Bracing Layout: Top and side views of all top braces including dimensions if you need them. Sheet 4 - Guitar Back Plate and Back Plate Bracing Diagrams: Detailed layout of the back outline, including all bracing and blocks required for complete back construction. This guitar will make a very fine fingerstyle guitar or a flatpicking guitar as it has great balance of both tone and volume. These Guitar Building Plans are patterned after the Martin Classic 0-28VS 12-Fret Vintage Acoustic Guitar.
This plans detail the scalloped bracing for the top plate as well as other classic features that Martin introduced with this model. Also you will enjoy the classic Vee joint neck that joins the headpiece to the neck blank, as well as the classic slotted peghead rather than the standard post tuning machines. Other features include the classic prism bridge and the 12-fret neck that makes this such a unique guitar.

These Guitar Building Plans are patterned after the Martin Classic 00-28VS 12-Fret Vintage Acoustic Guitar.
These Guitar Building Plans are patterned after the Martin Classic 000-28VS Auditorium Guitar.
The Dreadnought 12-String Guitar Building Plans are patterned after the Martin D12-28 Series Acoustic Guitar popularized by the C.F. This is the smallest bodied 12-string guitar plan that we currently have, but you will still get an amazing amount of tone and volume out of this guitar. Sheet 2 - Guitar Sections: Longitudinal and Lateral Section cuts through the guitar showing internal bracing, lining, side bracing, blocks and neck, included complete dimensions. It is one of the largest bodied guitars, that is with the most interior volume of any style guitar and is used universally in rock, country, folk and much more. The Jumbo, also known as the J200, after the Gibson Jumbo is one of the largest bodied guitars you will find. These plans are very detailed, highest quality PDF's and consist of complete dimensioned plans with bracing plans, sections laterally and longitudinally, detailed bracing layouts. Ellis guitars uses differing bracing patterns depending Ellis Acoustic Guitars and the Ellis Stompbox Copyright 2004 – 2008. These are the easiest chords to learn, and you will be able to play simple chord progressions in many easy songs. Practice these chords every day, and over time your left hand will "remember" the various chord shapes. Major chords consist of the root note and intervals of the major third and the perfect fifth. Minor chords consist of the root note and intervals of a minor third and the perfect fifth.
Power chords are used by rock guitarists and guitar players that prefer a more powerful sound and a shape that's easy to move around. Also note that movable power chords are just the lowest notes of the normal movable barre chords. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
He was one of the most prominent Spanish luthier, founder of Ramirez Guitars the Spanish luthier dynasty (but not an exact replica). This drawing contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. They have very large printers that can very easily handle these sheets and print them in under a minute.
BTW when you bring them to the printer, they should default to the full-size automatically on their printing equipment. Upon ordering you will be given an email for immediate downloading of the plans through a link directly to the ftp server.
While you don't absolutely need Template Sets to build your guitar, you can definitely save hours of building time so you can concentrate your efforts of more productive items, and they are well worth the price of only $4.49.
This side contour can be cut out and laid directly on your guitar sides and you can automatically cut the correct back arch and taper on your sides without trial and error.
I have to admit, these are some of my greatest work and if you build these inside forms and Workboards, you will be proud to show them off as a great example of your building and woodworking abilities.
When it comes time to work on the neck fitting, simply remove the gate and continue to use the form to hold the guitar securely in place - how cool is that? I make mine out of 1" cabinet grade Teak Plywood and they almost look like pieces of furniture.
Here you will not only find all the guitar plans, bender plans and jig plans, but we will be posting updates on this site for you download. Also there is a very detailed specification describing materials, methods of construction and tools required. The Brace layouts include the 4mm arch for the back, which is required for a durable guitar. Bracing is forward shifted, which additionally enhances the tone and volume of this great guitar. This guitar form is slightly larger in body length, and width, which give it a bit more volume than the 0 version above.

This guitar model also features the forward-shifted bracing pattern, which shifts all bracing back of, and including the X-braces toward the soundhole. This makes for a tremendous fingerstyle or flatpicking guitar and it is set up for just that.
We have also included detailed construction plans for the Martin “Belly Bridge” as well, if you prefer that appearance. This is the first acoustic guitar that I owned when I bought it from a bluegrass guitarist that was moving up to a Martin D-18.
It makes a fine flatpicking guitar and you to will love this guitar, when making it from these plans. If you are serious about making a guitar, we suggest that you pick up a few of them for your library too. Martin company, which is the 12-string version of their wildly popular D-28 herringbone guitar that made the dreadnought shape so famous back in the 1930's, when it was first introduced..
You can give it warm tones with walnut and Mahogany back and side sets and louder and brighter sounds with Koa and Rosewood. The only 12-string that uses scalloping that I am aware of is the Taylor Leo Kottke model and this utilizes lower tuning to be able to pull it off.
It is a big-voiced guitar with a lot of volume potential, depending the the selection of the tonewoods. This guitr is used in all kinds of music styles including Rock, Country Folk and much more.
The Brace layouts include the 2mm arch for the back, which is required for a durable guitar. The bracing pattern is based on the pattern developed by famous French luthier, Robert Bouchet. While the classical guitar has a lot more variety in bracing patterns than does the acoustic guitar, there are a few Taylor Guitars is a leading manufacturer of acoustic and electric Bracing patterns help “voice” a guitar.
This guitar design is a traditional Spanish guitar and uses bracing pattern with 7 fan braces. This is why it remains one of the few woodworking skills that are still best learned through an apprenticeship.
My reasoning is that we market plans all over the world through the internet with a great many plans going to Europe, South America, and China. These plans are very detailed and even include a description of materials, construction tips and techniques and construction specifications overview. This gives this guitar remarkable tone and volume characteristics and makes a great guitar sound even better! I’m sure you can make it sound even better than that great granddaddy that is sitting in my music room right now. You can give it warm tones with walnut and maple back and side sets and louder and brighter sounds with Koa and Rosewood. But other American and European luthiers were also experimenting with bracing patterns for guitar. It will help you create a very well balanced instrument with a medium level of difficulty in execution. Building a guitar requires specialized tools and thorough understanding and precise woodworking skill which will require years to master.
No part of this plans may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the designer. Couple that with shaping the tone with different tonewoods and you will find that this is a very versatile guitar indeed.
The plans are great dimensional guide to create templates and get material information and dimensions such as thickness, relative proportions and component locations. Acoustic Guitar: All About Top How to make a bracing template to use as a reference for laying out bracing patterns on acoustic guitars. The quality of the results is totally dependent on the woodworking skill level of the individual.

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