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Stone bird houses are an attraction to the birds but also provide a unique decorative appeal.
Hard-shelled gourds cure with a rigid, woody shell that can be drilled, etched, carved, sanded, painted, burned and stained, just like wood. If you what to add a decorative touch to your backyard then being creative with painted birdhouses are as much fun to make as to watch birds nesting in them.
Embellishing and adorning birdhouses with recycled and found objects really puts your creativity to the test. Painting a flower pot birdhouse is still practical and functional, and cute as they can be. You can help birds with their nesting chores by providing materials that birds will use to build their nests.

If you want to attract these joyful friends to your home it is easy to do so by providing nesting boxes for them, and you can make these for almost nothing. Stones, pebbles and river rock are wonderful, natural "found" objects from nature that are not only cost effective but also readily available. It not only provides an inviting home for feathered friends, but it also doubles as a planter to showcase a vibrant display of Mother Nature's finery.

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