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Wood burning is one of the most popular forms of wood craft, because of the fun you can have burning drawings and designs into a wooden plank while creating your own artistic masterpieces.
Here is a pattern ideal for someone just starting to explore the wonders of the wood burning technique. It is a really cool idea to decorate your wooden cutting board with wood burning, and here is a unique honeycomb pattern you can work on. This is one of the simplest, not to mention the coolest, wood burning design for someone looking for a little practice with the pyrography pen. Now, here are some free wood burning designs and patterns that you can try for your next wood work project.
A simple flower pattern, you can add colors to your wood burning project to make it even more interesting. This pattern is really beautiful with the spiral designs for the tree crown, made complete with the two small birds sitting at the very top.

A rather simple Celtic style pattern, check out how the parallel endless lines coil several times to form multiple, intertwined heart patterns. Animals and birds always make nice subjects for wood burning projects with the majestic eagle being a popular choice. One of the most intricate patterns, any experienced artist would love the challenge presented by this horned owl wood burning art idea. Another more complex Celtic design, the intertwining lines make it a fun wood burning project where you need to be constantly careful not to cross the wrong line. How cool would it be to have a classy wooden deer head wall-hanging for your drawing room wall?
Here is a pattern that has it all – beauty, grace, uniqueness, a touch of mystery and mythology along with a wide scope for creativity. This one might look a bit too plain when you look at it, but imagine the pattern in black, on a smooth finish piece of wood, hanging on your dining room wall.
Typography is quite popular in all forms of art work, with wood burning being no exception. Now, it is time to visit a wood craft store to get your supplies and start on your own wood burning project.

I’m looking to purchase a book with these types of patterns for my preteen for Christmas. You can replace the alphabets with your initials, add any small word you may want to or you may omit them altogether to fill the board with the honeycomb design only.
The natural red streaks characterizing the wood helps make your art work even more attractive. Expert artists can opt for the complex ones like the Santa Clause picture and the animal patterns, while the simple Celtic designs are suitable for beginners. Here is a set of designer alphabets for you to work on your own wooden sign or an inspirational quote.
You can begin with one of the easy DIY instructions for etching simple patterns, or pick a more complex design to create a unique piece of art.

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