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The Garage is truly the Final Frontier of a home -- usually the last place to be organized and the last place anyone would want to spend time because of all that clutter and disorganization. Because we are a dealer oriented organization we are constantly adding cabinets to our line. Cy also installed the board and batten treatment in our laundry room.  You can see how he did it HERE. One of my VERY favorite projects I have ever completed on my blog is this $3.00 Pottery Barn Style pendant light makeover.
I was so proud of this room, because Cy and I worked so hard to complete it together.  It was a lot of fun.  And to be honest, I miss it like CRAZY! That room is why I started reading your blog :) We just bought a house and I was searching for ideas and I was blown away by the blogosphere. Traci that mudroom is one of the best, most beautiful areas I’ve seen out there in the blog world!
Do not hesitate to stop here if you are looking for free standing kitchen cabinets to add more pantry storage space while offering your home interior in fashion. They are numerous options available here and you could choose one that fits your criteria in term of design, material, color as well as shape. For instance, the one show in the corner picture would be ideal pick as addition unit in your kitchen.

The double door free standing kitchen cabinets with multiple shelves offer more storage space for keeping canned goods, kitchen supplies, or even small electric appliances in well organize way.
If you plan to utilize your tight space and convert it to storage location, look no further than those tall free standing kitchen cabinet. Some people like to choose white finish as it is easy to match with the items surrounding regardless what kitchen decoration theme is. If you are looking for freestanding kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage space, then look no further that those come with 4 doors unit.
This cabinetry system features a sleek, modern two-toned design that is constructed to handle the toughest of garage conditions. Here we find examples of quality, American made garage storage cabinets by GSC. Cabinets by GSC are simple yet elegant, providing some of the most aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. We offer a complete line of cabinets, rather than a few cabinets that you have to stack and arrange to get a usable design. They are offering great portability means that you could move them from kitchen to other room to serve for other purpose in case there is a need in future. They usually come with adjustable shelve so you could keep large kitchen supplies out of sight. Its superior strength and durability provide an excellent solution for finishing your garage.

Constructed of natural wood, all GSC cabinets are sturdy, stylish and built to last. Available in a variety of depths and modules, GSC cabinets can be purchased in several different finishes including Natural Wood, White, Almond, Folkstone Gray, Light Maple, or Dark Woodgrain.
We have these completely filled cabinets so our mess continues to built up outside of them.
In the Spring of 2002, we designed a garage cabinet system that is reasonably priced, sturdy, and versatile so people can effectively organize their garages and store their "stuff". Our cabinets are Architectural Custom, Architectural Custom means that the are the highest quality, they can be used in commercial applications. I am planning to do similar thing to my boiler and hope it will look half as good as your project, lol. Our washer and dryer is out in the garage and I would LOVE to make it into a room like you have. This configuration gives you ample storage for your sports gear, and tools and a bit more workspace. Check out the images below for ideas and when you’re ready visit the GSC section of our store to purchase any of the modules you see here.

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