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An ORG Home garage storage system can transform an untidy garage into an organized, efficient and enjoyable space. We would like to thank you for the concrete overlay that your company did with our driveway. High-performance system protects & enhances surfaces High-traffic spaces demand high-performance systems. Overlays create the authentic, natural look and feel of stone, slate, brick or tile, with exceptional wear ability and longevity, at a much more cost effective price. Our Concrete Coating systems are perfect for the residential customer as well as the most demanding industrial manufacturer. From simple cabinet storage, and hardworking workbenches, to a decked-out space complete with high-performance garage floor coatings, our home organization options are sure to fit your space, style and budget. There were great turn outs and I’m sure great ideas for everyone who came out to check out these beautiful homes.
While these are great places to get organized they just scrape the possibilities of organizing and simplifying your life. Kids are back in school, the public pools are starting to close down, and August is all but over.

Using an extremely durable Polyurea coating, an advanced technology similar to spray-on truck bed liners, this floor coatings system is four times stronger and 98% more flexible than epoxy. ORG Home organization solutions transform an ordinary closet space into an elegant retreat that displays your wardrobe in high fashion. Because ORG Home closet organizers are custom-built, we can create a perfect storage system that’s perfectly fit for your space and style.
Roll-out storage baskets, jewelry organizers, belt and tie storage racks, retractable dressing mirror, fold-out ironing board, shoe racks and cubbies for the closet bring a level of order that’s hard to hide behind closed doors.
Follow that up with some actual sunshine and you have a formula for wanting to get projects done at your own home… Enter Silverline Systems! Well summer isn’t over yet and there is certainly still time to enjoy your patios for barbeques and the occasional get together. Most garages have become catch-all storage zones, housing home improvement supplies like tools and paint, yard and garden necessities, recreational gear, and trash and recycling bins. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Polyurea coatings system is virtually odor-free, with ultra-low VOCs. Custom cabinets with storage shelves and hanging rods organize every shirt, suit, or sweater in your closet.

Using a variety of specialized hybrid polymers and urethanes we can find the right match for the needs of your home or facility. Staining reacts with the minerals present in the concrete giving it the look and feel of natural stone. Add bulky seasonal items like holiday lights and yard decorations to the mix and it's no wonder the family car no longer fits!
Corner shelves maximize storage space and provide just the right place for purses, extra pillows, blankets and other bulky items.
Each concrete slab accepts the stain in varying degrees of intensity creating stunning, multi-hued color variations and an uneven surface that looks variegated. Silverline offers whole home organization solutions that are customized to fit your needs not only at home, but at the workplace as well.

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