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Wow, i just got outta the marine corps and 3 months ago i bought my first house with the money i saved. As far as the cabinets go ,keep asking and someone will help you out with them.The guys on here are full of good ideas. Just pick up some how too books at lowes or homer depot, you can find all kinds of projects in those type of books.
Otherwise, be sure to crawl through the garage gallery in this forum - man, some of the guys in there have great ideas - heck, look at dustym's work above. For the plain gloss radiused edge design - which I think works best in a garage environment - it would take an age to achieve the standard of finish available on mass produced items.
So I know there's been a lot of threads showing the finished product, but I'm a complete newb to wood working. What I had planned to do is build the 2x4 so the 4" side is facing out but then lay a 2x4 flat so there'd be a 2" ring that goes around the cabinet for the plywood shelf to rest on. I just want it to be uber strong so I don't have to worry about putting too many objects in the cabinet. I measured some of the 4 foot wide by 6 foot tall cabinets at the hardware store and just copied the design in solid wood rather than the fiberboard the store units are made of.
Oh, and it cost me less than half the storebought cabinet price, and you can set an engine and transmission on top of mine. Fiberboard in the garage is a bad idea because of the moisture they will inevitably absorb over time.
Word of caution about having the big box pre-cut your plywood --- if you go that route, plan, plan and then when you're done, plan some more.
I've got about 3 weeks to get this done and the cabinets set up before I have to start remodeling a bathroom, so I'll try to get one or two per night done.
Mikey if they are not in bad shape then sand and paintt stripping will only make thte job longer and much more fun to do if you missed it see my other post on the bottom of page 2 no stripping on my cabinets just sand wipe down with laquer thinner and paint .
There are some rust areas, but maybe I can get away with just sanding the rust away and feathering it so it's still a smooth surface.
The only down side to Rust-O-Leum is the drying time is days as opposed to the Van Sickle brand tractor paint sold by Tractor Supply; it has a much shorter drying time than the Rust-O-Leum brand and everything you can do with Rust-O-Leum you can do with Van Sickle. Van Sickle tractor paint available at Tractor Supply Company; if that is not to your liking any oil based enamel available would do nicely.
I'm probably going to ditch the roller and go and get myself a little spray gun, it'll make it go much quicker.
Poorguy - the difference in gloss you are experiencing is likely from different build thickness.
Thinning out the paint with some mineral spirits helped a lot as well, but damned if it didn't bubble a LOT when I first put it on with the foam roller.
I did a set of uppers a couple of weeks ago that were predominately white, but I was not sure of the type pf paint on them. The paint did not ball up like latex would, so I wiped them down with mineral spirits and sprayed with some thinned Rustoleum Smoke Gray. There are better spraying paints, for sure, but it's hard to beat the convenience - the paint is readily available and reasonably durable. Well, a bathroom remodel, new windows in the house, and a whole heap of other stuff got in the way of getting the cabinets finished up until recently.
Remember that a guy never has to come down out of the clouds if he keeps filling the valleys with peaks. Thought I'd also provide some "relative" price comparison with similar garage cabinets I looked at on-line. I was contemplating going with the seville cabinets myself but opted for unfinished wood ones and finished them myself. I bought a few of those Seville cabinents, I don't think they are quite as nice as the Gladiator but when you look at the price then they can't be beat. The Seville Classic cabinets are all steel, a combination of powder coated metal panels and stainless steel doors. The other cabinets in the comparison are steel, as well, from the information I was looking at.
One thing to note with the gladiators if you get the prebuilt ones they are welded up and very solid.
I actually prefer the look of the Gladiator cabinets, but I'm just not sure I can justify the premium price. I figure for a bench, two wall cabinets, a rolling cabinet and a couple of tall cabinets you would spend $1165 MORE for the Gladiator then you would with Seville. As far as the workbench goes, while I have yet to put it together, it definitely looks bulletproof. Extrapolating that differences in pricing (above) to the rest of my six pieces plus the wall cabinets (probably ~4) I will buy to match and it is easily $1000 less than Gladiators. I personally despise particle boards of any type, but they are OK as long as you don't get them wet. Someone just posted some beautiful pictures of some upper cabinets he just made, showing the cut diagrams, the pieces, and the finished product.

I have been looking at Seville Classic's brand of garage cabinets, workbenches, shelving, etc..
Would appreciate any recent experiences with these products, opinions and information about how you procured them. Apparently, Seville sells some of them on-line (those light enough to be shipped by normal consumer shippers (UPS, etc.). The service from Sam's club was another matter altogether, I ordered it online and was sent a tracking number a couple of days later. Sam's is the only place I know of to buy them other than ordering from their web site, and I have spent some time looking for other sources. TenorPlayer23: I purchased my tall cabinets, work bench and under the bench, drawer cabinets at a nearby Sam's Club.
The only thing pictured in your original post that isn't stocked at our Sam's is the wall cabinet. My ONLY complaint is the closure on the doors some more magnetic tape or something could make it a more positive closure.
A few years back the cabinets had a different face material that was an embossed diamond plate with a gray powdercoat finish, and I actually preferred that over the newer stainless.
I always wondered why they changed because if they still were the older style I'd buy them in a second. Going to remove the wheels of the HF chests as others have done and build a frame for the workbench out of steel or wood, don't know yet.
I like the style of the cabinet and it kinda looks like it may have similar handles as the HF boxes.
I have a whole 12 pc set of these which include 4 wall mounted cabinets, 2 floor locker cabinets, 2 bench height double door cabinets and 2 3 drawer tool cabinets.
I can ask him but I think the cabinets came with but they look so similar to the ones you posted. By the way, I set up the framework to front load the toolboxes into the frames, rather than dropping them in from the top.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. My garage is very important to me, as i will be spending most of my time in there working on various projects. Most home improvement centers will have a way to help you with your plans, either on computer or with books on hand.
I would say before you go out and start buying a bunch of wood and stuff to make cabinets try getting them for FREE .
A machine generated flat, fair surface is especially important cosmetically, when using a gloss finish. I have the general idea and have watched a few DIY videos on YouTube, but I'm curious of everyone's opinions here. While I doubt I'll ever throw an engine in there, I would hope the shelf can hold a few hundred pounds.
I saw other videos on YouTube where they only used 2x2 and the guy was literally sitting on the shelf. I too was like you and building cabinets for the garage is a good way to get your feet wet with doing woodworking. I admit I'm winging it - I have the idea in my head and I'm figuring if I build one cabinet 7 foot wide with 5 shelves and using the "ring" system in my picture above, I'd need about 25 2"x4"x8' planks and then the plywood.
Seems building it out of plywood and skipping the 2x4s would be a lot better way of doing it! I found your thread that you created with more detailed instructions - thank you very much for sharing! A lot of the old kitchen cabinets got overcoated with cheap latex house paint over the years.
I used it because I had it, but have had better results with Devoe industrial enamels or some of the tractor paints. While not necessarily exactly "apples to apples" in terms of all features (aka, # of shelves, ~metal gauge, all construction details, etc.), I thought the significant difference in price was worth mentioning.
Ultra HD Storage Cabinet and various other brands of similar size garage cabinets that Sears sells. Oddly, it came out cheaper than birch veneer plywood, because there was absolutely no waste. Other products, such as their tall (6') cabinets are too heavy for UPS and subsequently, can't be ordered on-line from them.
I put my benchtop drill press on top and used the drawers for my wife's gardening shears, shovels, gloves, and hose nozzels. I followed it to the day of delivery when I recived notice it had been refused and was being returned. They have gotten pretty good reviews from others on the site, and seem sturdy in the store. Great value for the money and it bolted together with the best fit up of any thing similar to this that I have ever seen.

How is it possible that the front of the toolbox fills up the steel frame opening completely but the back of it leaves 6"(?) exposed and visible?
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. I want to build a wooden cabinet system with a decent sized workbench area, but me and my buddies will be spending alot of time in there so i want it to look pretty cool.
But if you want inovation, just wait for replys here or look at old threads for some of the most interesting building ideas ever.
I picked up all the cabinets in these pictures I am linking to for FREE by simply placing a wanted add on Craigslist and picking them up . I have a cordless circular saw and a corded stihl (I think?) circular saw that looks kinda vintage. Very easy to handle, and with a 1x12'' there is no ripping for the cabinet, and only one rip to make the shelves.
Are you eventually planning on finishing that lower trim on the right hand side and capping off the end?
It is a nice unit, and is very sturdy, no doubt it was worth the money for what I use it for. A call to UPS revealed that the box was badly damaged and they were certain pieces were missing, it was not even in the original carton.
I'm planning on getting a couple of the tall cabinets and a couple of the ones that you can roll under the bench. The top seems a little soft for it to be maple "hardwood" but the top alone costs more than this entire workbench from other sources so I can live with a little softness. They're 24 gauge so probably thinner or the same as Craftsman and you get those for $25 cheaper each. I could shear up a panel to close it off, but when it comes to Pretty vs Practical, I'll usually chose the later.
I built 2 large cabinets 4'x6' x11" and 2 wall cabinets (forgot size) for less than $100.00. While it would probably be easier to get the cabinets for free from craigslist, i really want to build them myself, dont know why, i just think it would be fun.
One big thing that if you are going to use plywood, MDF or Melemane I would have all your measurement before hand and have the big box store cut the sheet goods down for you. Figured for most of it I would use the corded since it'll have more "oomph." I'm planning on buying a bigger level - I only have a 2' right now but think a 4' would be better for this project. It's a bit more costly than regular old MDF but depending on how many cabinets you're looking for may be minimal. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Anyone know where i can get some plans to build some really good looking cabinets with materials i can buy at home depot? I have never worked with wood in my life by the way but im pretty handy and im sure i can pick it up. Melamine is extremely durable and has a nice finish inside that you can wipe out very easily. I waited patiently for a tracking number for the cabinet, after a week another call was made. I plan to get 2 more of the 6ft floor locker cabinets for my downstairs workshop now as well. I just ordered a full kit of Epoxy-coat thats going down this weekend, ive already mounted a plasma tv on the wall, and i embedded a nice surround sound system in the walls. I was just gonna get all the wood cut to length at home depot when i bought it, since i havent invested in any tools yet. One thing too is to plan for what you have to go in there and what future things that you might put in there. If i can get some plans ill start building the cabinets immediatly, and ill put up pictures shortly. I placed a new order and again waited, a tracking number was sent and finally the box arrived.
The box was wrapped with fourteen layers of packing tape and was obvioiusly damaged, I suspect this was the firest box that did not ever get delivered.
To assemble them you have to screw everything together; I mention this because it makes them less rigid than a cabinet that is welded. I opened the box to discover nearly every panel was bent or scratched and some parts were missing. Another call was made to Sam's and a pickup ticket was issued, and another cabinet was ordered. Finally this one arrived intact and undamaged, so, if at all possible pick these up at a store and do not have them shipped.

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