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Families with small homes, across the country, have a hard time finding a viable storage solution for items that they don’t use frequently.
Through the use of overhead storage in Hendersonville, you, like the family above featured in the pictures, can find a place for your items, without adding onto your home or renting a storage unit. If you’re looking a quick and easy way to update your garage flooring in Asheville, look no further. Here at The Garage Authority, we believe that no two storage solutions should be the same, because everyone’s needs are different. With a 1,000 lb weight capacity for on just four feet of shelving, this family can easily store anything they want! A Place For Everything: Have you ever tried to move all your storage into one area of your garage and have it turn into a mountain of clutter? Your Monkey Bars System has shelves and overhead garage storage wide enough to get everything off the floor. Lifetime Warranty: Monkey Bars only offers industrial strength shelving, overhead racks, and cabinets. With the summer months ahead of us, many of us start to realize that our garage storage in Greer is either non existent or a total mess. Have you ever tried planning a summer vacation that required a lot of planning and packing? Double Garage Space – We start by getting everything off the floor by using your walls and overhead garage storage area to organize your belongings.
Versatile Storage System – We understand that your needs are going to change season by season.
Low Maintenance – One of the biggest reasons your garage is difficult to clean is because everything is on the floor.
Quick Installation – Our trained professionals will only take 1-2 days maximum to provide you with the best garage storage Greer has to offer! It’s obvious to see that we have the best garage shelves, contributing to why we offer the best Greenville garage systems. If you’re living near Greenville, garage overhead storage is one of the best solutions for your long-term items. We just wanted to give a little Asheville Parade of Homes recap, considering that we had a great time at the show last fall. For our Asheville Parade of Homes recap, we’ve shown you how we used a cabinet to let the customers see how effective they are. All in all, we plan to do this again for years to come, as it was such a great experience for both us and our customers. When we were installing the racks, we wanted the perfect solution for all of the bridles in supply.
Garage storage isn’t only used for your typical bins, bikes, and outdoor equipment any longer.
Not only can we provide you the perfect tack room storage solution, but we can tackle any problem.
On January 9-11, 2015, we will be showcasing our products and services at the Greenville Remodeling Expo. For more information about the show, check out the Home Show Center. The show will be at the TD Convention Center Friday through Sunday. With the winter months well upon us, most of us find our garage floors grimy, dirty, and unsightly within a matter of days.
Not only does The Garage Authority provide the best garage storage systems Greenville can offer, but we’ve got some amazing garage flooring options too. The inside of our homes tend to get the most attention while the garage often gets the least amount of our time and efforts. Without the help of an attic or basement, it can be hard to hold onto items from your childhood, nostalgic memorabilia, or even seasonal decorations.
Our garage storage experts use the most secure ways of installing overhead storage racks, to ensure they don’t fall or bend over time.
Many homeowner choose it over epoxy floor coatings because of its convenience, and ability to be moved if you buy a new home.
We offer residents looking for garage flooring in Asheville with the textures, including: Diamontdrax, Sporttrax, Ribtrax, Cointrax, and Floortrax.

With a rollover strength of over 75,000 lbs., you can be sure that they will stand up to even the heaviest of items you want to store on top of them. This quick solution has completely taken homeowners by surprise at the ease and style they provide. When developing a plan for your storage solution, we take into account your lifestyle, and what you need to store.
With children, they had toys that they needed to store within reach, as well as long-term storage items, and items that the adults needed to use frequently. The Garage Authority offers the most versatile and durable garage organization system available for your garage storage in Greenville. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and backup all of our storage systems with a lifetime warranty. Trying to plan summer vacations in piles of belongings usually causes frustration and usually leads to giving up on your trip or costing a lot of money.
After a few hours of searching for your old camping chairs or lost ice chest, you start to lose patience and give up on your trip. That’s why we made our garage shelving system easy to adjust with hooks that slide along each bar. Adequate research is necessary, but The Garage Authority can make it easier for you to decide what works in your garage. As you can see in the photo below, we’ve installed our shelving both on the wall and above the garage door. In this particular space, our customer wanted the perfect place to put their tools and hardware. What could have been a disaster zone was a newly organized garage that they won’t have to worry about for years and years to come.
There is a two-inch lip around the entire base, allowing for secure hold of tubs, boxes, and bins. We will come to your home, give you a free estimate, and help you get started on your garage storage solution. With our industrial grade epoxy coating, you’ll be able to completely hide any cracks that your concrete has produced. With our garage cabinets, you can completely hide your storage and make your garage a safe place for kids, pets, and everyone else. If you have a specific hobby that uses a lot of equipment and needs to be stored carefully, I’m sure we have the solution for you! If you’re looking for a great activity for you and your family this weekend, then this is the place to be. Rainy weather results in a muddy mess in the garage, and hosing it out is the LAST thing you want to do when you get home. You don’t want all of your storage in heaps on the ground covering your gorgeous epoxy floor, do you?
Floor space in the garage goes quickly and many people have to give the items they want to keep a backseat to the items that they have to keep. Each of our racks includes six mounting screws that are installed into the ceiling directly.
This specialized, extra high lip ensures that items don’t roll or slide off the overhead storage Hendersonville residents needs. These different modular flooring textures have been the choice flooring for homeowners and business owners alike.
You can easily see from the pictures above the difference between regular bricks and concrete and Swisstrax modular flooring. Through the use of the unique Monkey Bars shelves, we were able to give them a solution they loved. From our 1,000 lb shelving capacity to our 750 lb overhead racks, we can help you start building the ultimate storage system around.
With the system to the left of the garage door, we fit 3 ladders, two bikes, and other various yard tools.
The pegboard was a great way to feature all of their tools, but the garage cabinets were crucial in safety.

If you’re on the hunt for Greenville garage systems, look no further than The Garage Authority! We’ve come up with a way to utilize that dead space while keeping your storage safe at the same time.
We want our customers to feel at peace after the job is done, and to make it as quick and easy as possible. Monkey Bars shelves have countless add ons that make it easy to store everything from saddles to bridles. It was crucial that each one hung separate from the other to avoid any knots and confusion. Tack room storage has become a possibility with the strongest of garage storage: Monkey Bar Storage.
Not only will we be offering special discounts, but there will be countless other exhibitors offering specials as well.
With our garage storage systems, Greenville residents are able to completely lift and store all of their items onto the wall. If you have small children, expensive cars, or even pets, we recommend you go with a storage system that includes these precautions. Because they are so interchangeable, you can swap them out every few years, for a completely different and unique look.
As the family grows, and their needs change, they can easily add more hooks, take hooks off, or move them around. With the best garage shelving Fletcher has to offer, we were able to easily work around corners and walls, still giving the family the garage shelving they needed.
With our incredible weight capacity you will finally be able to clear your cluttered garage floor and utilize wall space. You don’t want to disappoint them so you head over to Walmart and re-buy everything brand new. There are so many different ways we can help you clean up your garage, and it’s our job to find the very best of ways. For those who own horses and need a place to store all of the equestrian equipment, Monkey Bar Storage Shelving is the perfect option. Do you have those disgusting oil stains that refuse to lift from the concrete in your garage? We’ve had customers that do airplane designs, smiley faces, and even cool color patters.
The Garage Authority is here to provide you with premium grade garage shelving, ceiling storage, cabinets, and flooring. The space above the garage door is rarely utilized, but our garage shelving is perfect for the job.
Check out the image below and you’ll notice how perfectly the saddles sit on the hooks.
We can get you set up for your free estimate and you can learn about our special show discounts. Another item in their garage that was hard to store without garage shelving in Fletcher, was sports balls and equipment.
The customer stored buckets and coolers up there, but you can store virtually anything that height.
This is perfect for the heavy equestrian equipment and to keep it off the floor and easily accessible. We usually recommend storing things that don’t need to be accessed very often in order to save you some time.
By using a Monkey Bar Storage ball bag, all the sports balls can be kept in one area, out of the way, and easily accessible.

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