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Prestige Plus garage flooring is available in a variety of standard SOLID and CHIP flooring finishs. Our patented system is comprised of three compatible materials which can be used in various combinations producing an array of flooring systems on increasingly higher performance and aesthetic attributes. Our Signature Chip blends come in 270 CUSTOM to order combinations that can achieve any desired floor outcome from your favorite sports teams to theme oriented Auto Showcase garage floor. PrestigePlus is the latest in resinous flooring technology coupled with our extensive industry floor coating experience since 1999. Prestige Plus installers are specially trained in the application of our resinous polymer coating systems. Prestige Pro Tiles are an innovative system of snap-together tiles that install quickly, require no floor preparation, and are extremely durable.
Prestige Pro Tiles can be used indoors or outdoors and are not affected by cold, heat, weather, or most chemicals. The tiles feature an open or closed profile that allows water to drain through, keeping them safe, dry, and easy to clean. Modular and portable, PremierFlex Tiles trade; can be moved and expanded to fill any space. Either way, mud rooms are becoming the rage across the country—especially in places like the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, or back East where rainfall, sleet and snow give ample reasons for having a family mud room.
And when you think about it, having a mud room does make quite a bit of sense, especially if you do live in those parts of the country.
So if you’re antsy and looking for a new spring project, here are four ideas which can help you make a mud room that is both attractive and functional. Since some people think Rover’s natural place is in a mud room, these cubby holes and old gym lockers, school lockers, and sports lockers can also be the perfect place for keeping pet food, leashes and their favorite, chewed up tennis balls—all out of sight and neatly stored. Now admittedly if you’ve seen photos of mud rooms—and there are many—you can build it from whatever resources you can find.

Back the car(s) out of the garage and away from the doors, so you don’t have to work around them. I bought wall panels like these below, to help keep tools out of the house, and organized, and in plain site! Ok now that you’ve been to the container store to see how you can organize a ton of stuff, here are a few ideas that can help you decide how to organize certain garage items. Useful Beautiful Home had a great idea of using a tall laundry basket to store all of the balls that are usually strung all over the garage!  What a cheap and creative idea! Ok I could go on and on with garage organization ideas, but I better stop there, so I can get to planning my own garage organization.
Will you be utilizing any of these ideas for your garage organization?  Let me know, I’d love to see and hear what you came up with! I'm an early "30-something," gal, from Farmington Missouri, who loves organization, decorating my home, good deals, and anything else that makes me feel like "Supermom." I'm so very fortunate to stay at home with my two little boys, while my husband works incredibly hard to support all of us, with his career in real estate development.
We create custom flooring solutions that will exceed your expectations in cost, performance, and long-term durability. Our garage floor coatings cure two times harder than traditional materials, which easily addresses hot tires, abrasion, and chemicals.
PremierCoat comes in a variety of solid and chip colors and give your floors a beautiful shine like no other. Our high end floors have 100% UV protection and zero oxidation, so its good looks will last. Our coatings typically cure in 24-48 hours, getting your garage back into gear almost immediately.
Their non-slip nature makes them ideal not only for garages, workshops, and exercise or playrooms, but also for patios, terraces, and pool areas. They come in an exciting array of colors to choose from so you can create that one-of-a-kind floor.

It can and will get messy, so your mud room needs to be designed and built with materials that are rugged enough and can handle a bit of abuse. Because otherwise you would need to haul all that dirty and wet laundry to another section of the house to be washed, rather than have your washer and dryer right there at the place your kids turn into Ground Zero when they come in muddy and wet. Garage and basement floors that are both chemical and stain resistant without concerns about traction or foothold with our slip-resistant surface for added safety. A mud room also ensures that if you have four-legged family members, it can be used for providing a “staging area” for wet and dirty pets when they charge into your home from the great outdoors. This is why we are seeing more and more used lockers, school lockers and even gym lockers of heavier gauge steel being re-purposed for mud rooms. It needs a good, open area where you can wipe the mud from your feet or pause long enough to let the buckets of water run off your overcoat and onto…? And not only will the rug add an accent color to the mud room, but it will also be functional and fabulous on those days when Mother Nature brings her game into your home. Wherever you put these cubby holes, you can rest assured these storage units will be stuffed with muddy shoes, boots and other footwear.
Make a home theater in your  basement, or if you are an exercise type of person turn the basement into a gym. If you are strapped for space, perhaps try converting the laundry area, or remodel that second entryway into the official laundry room and therefore kill two muddy birds with one stone.
These repositories can also be filled with other outdoor items you commonly use in foul weather, and will always be where you need them—right there in the mud room. Why use the basement to fill it with some old stuff that you don’t really need or use.

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