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It’s time to take stock in our most commonly used household storage nook, and make it as inviting as a vintage general store (with a modern green twist, of course). Open pantries offer easy access for the organic gardener and cook, but also should look tidy since they are exposed to your visitors. I find it’s easy to arrange a cool display of dry goods, serving dishes and other odds and ends containing them in boxes, baskets and jars.
I have staged many pantries of  homes, finding prospective buyers are sold on nicely organized utility spaces, especially when they also reflect some style with a pop of color, especially red.
Reuse glass mason jars: Mason jars from pasta sauce, jams and other goods are great to reuse for storing and displaying dry goods from quinoa and baking ingredients to various herbs and spices. Reuse plastic take-out containers: If you are stuck with plastic, spare the landfill and clean out some of the small containers to store items. Store packaged items in boxes: You can recycle your old shoe or gift boxes or locate eco-friendly storage to place on the shelves along with the jars and cans.
Canisters add flavor: Mix in canisters (an easy second hand store or garage sale find) to hold organic flour, raw sugar, baking soda and other items you use for baking those healthy treats every day after work (yeah, right). Stackers for shelving help you squeeze more in and add depth: Locate metal stacking shelves, like this one from Oraganizeit, to lift and separate cans and other packages. Baskets add charm and warmth: Good natural fiber storage, like these water hyacinth nesting baskets from Cultural Elements, work well for onions, potatoes and other perishables, especially in an enclosed pantry.
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Blue skies, fresh powder and a day full of clean mountain air; nothing beats a great day of skiing, especially in late winter and early spring.
I’ve always been enamored of whole grain salads with seasonal ingredients and flavorful embellishments.
An obstacle people often face when trying to eat a healthy, green, reasonably priced diet is a lack of cooking skills.

If you were to update the list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the internet would almost certainly make the cut. What' s Intresting Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Which Is the Greenest of Them All?
Without the innovation of green furniture designers, the stalks of the rapidly-renewable sorghum plant would simply be agricultural waste. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful organization tips to make your junk useful again. Each week, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. In case you want a bird in your dining room this Thanksgiving, but not on your table – check out these ostrich lovelies from the distant (and more glamorous) cousin of the gobbler.
There are plenty of arguments for the genius that accompanies a messy desk, but I have to disagree.
I love reusing an array of food jars in my pantry because they look cool and help extend the shelf life of the dry goods. Boxes, especially those with fun patterns from the Container Store and other organizing outlets, add flair even when the cupboard is bare. But even though skiing gets us outdoors and active, it’s not always an inherently environmentally friendly sport.
They are a great way to use what you have on hand, add more healthy whole grains to your diet, and eat with the seasons.
But truly, there has been a lack of organic beauty magazines that cover the whole aspect of glamorous healthy living.
With the exception of antibiotics I can think of very few other 20th century inventions that have changed society and people’s lives for good quite so profoundly. Shelter Tina McCarthy We’veall had those days when looking in the mirror results in a dissatisfied sigh.

Thanks to environmentally-conscious artisans like the team at Iannone Design, these reclaimed fibers become kirei board and, through passion and creative energy, are transformed into chic, eco-friendly pieces. If a Communion wafer mated with a tulip, their love child would probably look a lot like a Wasara.
When my mind is scattered and stressed, my purses, closet and office reflect the same all-over-the-place mentality.
Sarah Hood’s jewelry is organic, made from real acorns, eucalyptus leaves, deciduous pods and more. Just read Catherine Pond’s The Pantry, chronicling the history of keeping every can and tin in its place. Make sure the opened items remaining in original packages are well sealed to preserve them. We chalk it up to a bad hair day,yet another pimple or an outfit that’sdullsville,but wouldn’tit be more fun to blame the mirror? You’re now sitting with a gigantic pile of rubble in front of you… and have no idea what to do with it. These are also great for animal kibble which you might want to buy in bulk to avoid the large paper bags. After all,you sleep more soundly each night […] share Bright Green Spotlight: Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture Shelter Elaine Lipson Where can you find a sustainable agriculture paradise,family farm activities,and award-winning cuisine within an hour of Manhattan? BIS Publishers,the Dutch version of Rizzoli,is giving Monopoly game-maker Hasbro a run for its pastel-hued money.

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