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Clearing out clutter is incredibly satisfying, and odds are you won’t really miss that fifth spare tennis racket. Cabinetry - build cabinets kitchen, How to build cabinets and doors for your kitchen, bath, or utility room learning how to build cabinets and the matching doors is one of the most popular tasks in. Garage packages - build garage - rona, Garage packages learn build garage garage packages. February 23, 2016 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment If garage organization is one of your goals this year, keep two essential principles in mind. Whether you choose to do a full-scale garage renovation or a mini, do-it-yourself one, these tips will transform your garage into an organized storage space. Once you are left with only the essential items to be stored, decide where each group of similar items would best be stored in your garage. Hang one or two panels or an entire wall of them to create the base for your vertical organization system.
The real beauty of slatwall lies in the countless corresponding accessories designed to meet a wide range of storage needs. Overhead storage racks should be installed by a garage renovation expert, or someone who understands how to safely install loadbearing overhead shelves. An overhead shelf can provide additional storage near the back of the garage or above the garage door. Like the idea of overhead storage, but don’t relish the thought of trudging up and down a step ladder with bulky holiday decorations?
Whether you’re ready for some do-it-yourself garage organization or a full-scale professional garage renovation, a local garage renovation expert can help you use baskets, hook and shelves to transform your garage into a neat, organized space. January 19, 2016 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment When you live in a region known for long, cold winters, you can either hide out inside until the snow melts or learn to love all that the great outdoors has to offer during winter in Toronto. Perhaps you dread winter sports because kids and pets track snow, salt and grime onto floors and carpeting. While there are lots of fun things to do in the Greater Toronto Area during winter, it’s important to put safety first. Per Toronto Municipal Code 719-2, property owners have twelve hours after the snowfall, rain or hail ends to remove snow and ice from sidewalks surrounding their property. A slatwall organization system, like slatwall, with its corresponding shelves, hooks and baskets, is ideal for storing winter weather items near the garage door.
A good wall organization system will allow you to easily configure hooks, baskets and shelves to accommodate your storage needs during the changing seasons. Ice skating: Enjoy free ice skating at Harbourfront Centre’s scenic Natrel Rink, set on the shoreline of Lake Ontario.
Regardless of which Toronto outdoor winter activity you and your family enjoy, your garage can serve as the perfect launch and landing pad for your adventures. If your garage can’t accommodate all of your winter adventures, discover how a few renovations can make winter safe for you and your neighbours while making it easy to enjoy all the fun of the season.  With a little help from Nuvo Garage, planning and renovation during the spring and summer months can improve the layout and function of even the smallest of garages.
January 7, 2016 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment It’s a New Year, but if you’re still dealing with the same old problems with your garage, you’re probably wishing you’d tackled a few of those garage renovation projects last year. Every morning you get up half an hour earlier and trudge out in the frigid temperatures to clean ice and snow off your vehicle. Solution:  You know it’s time to clean up your garage’s act, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. Your family has dubbed your garage the Bermuda Triangle because anything you store there seems to disappear. Solution: Modular or custom garage cabinets provide safe, lockable storage space fitted perfectly to the length of the wall of the garage. Solution: Overhead storage racks transform dead space into viable storage for seasonal and oversized items. If parking in your garage or finding essential tools has become a struggle or you don’t like the look or layout of your garage, there are a number of garage renovation solutions. October 29, 2015 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment Whether this winter is mild or as snowy and cold as our past two winters, we’re bound to get walloped by a few snow storms. Power and communication lines are susceptible to outage during ice storms or heavy snowfall.
The items above can be packed in a backpack, duffle bag or portable container, in case you need to evacuate your home. Always heed warnings broadcast on television and radio by the Alert Ready Emergency Alert System.
In the event that ice or snow knocks out heating, it may be tempting to burn fuel inside of your home or garage. October 28, 2015 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a cold and snowy winter here in Toronto.
During warmer months it’s common to park in the driveway to make room for bicycles and other sports equipment that tends to take over the garage. Once you’ve created space, park your vehicles inside the garage to protect them from the harsh winter weather.
The contradictory predictions about what to expect this winter require cautious drivers to prepare for whatever lies ahead. Whether we have a cold and snowy winter or a particularly mild one, there are sure to be plenty of days when winter weather will impact your commute.
September 28, 2015 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment The end of summer is upon us, and soon we will be bolstering for winter. The best way to proceed is to determine your family’s organizational personality, and design storage solutions that will work for everyone. As you set out to reorganize your garage storage system, there are three basic styles to consider.
If the idea of open storage doesn’t appeal to you, closed storage keeps everything out-of-sight and sometimes, out-of-mind. Closed storage is also extremely flexible, so if your hobby is woodworking, you could have small drawers to hold screws, nails, hinges, all within arm’s reach of your workbench.
With some consultation, you can devise a garage storage system that will help your family stay organized, as well as giving your car (or cars) a safe, warm spot indoors this winter. July 13, 2015 by Rick Scully Leave a Comment Toronto is the proud host of the 2015 Pan-Am games this summer.
There are two events for kayaking and two for canoeing, and both have men and women competing. The first is a sprint, a fiercely competitive event where the first one to the finish line wins. If you are just looking for a regular touring canoe or kayak, you can easily find one for under $1000 but if you want high-end competitive boats, you are starting at least around the $3000 mark and depending on the make and customization, you can easily spend ten times that amount. If you find yourself hesitating to buy a high-end canoe or kayak because you don’t have the room to store it, then think again. You may not have enough room on the floor of your garage to store your kayak but chances are you have plenty of room up top. If space is at a premium in the garage, consider using a sling to keep your canoe or kayak up off the floor. No matter which solution you think might work best for you, the smart idea is to consult with a garage storage specialist.
Therefore, if you find yourself idling in the stalled traffic this summer, wishing you had a third person for that HOV lane, don’t despair. With only so many drawers and cabinets, people are constantly trying to find an answer to the age-old question: What do I do with all this clutter? With this ingenious idea of using the ceiling as a storage area, you can once again park your car in the garage! The days of rummaging through overstuffed cabinets to find aluminum foil and wax paper are over.
Save space under the sink by hanging a shoe organizer on the inside of a closet door and placing all of your cleaning supplies in the pockets. That laundry drying rack is never in a convenient place a€” youa€™re either tripping over it on the floor or wasting valuable counter space with it. Instead of cluttering up your bathroom sink with beauty products, install one of these Ikea spice racks on the wall to hold all of your hair spray, moisturizers, mouthwash, etc. While this doesna€™t solve the mystery of where all of our missing socks go, it will help you match them up when you do find them again.
Usually wea€™d suggest some counseling if you felt the need to install a wine rack in the bathroom, but in this case, we think ita€™s a fantastic idea.
Instead of picking up the scraps and tossing them in the trash while you prep for dinner, you can just scrape the unnecessary food bits into the hole on this cutting board that pulls out like a drawer a€” and is conveniently situated above the drawer containing the trash.
Add a well-concealed power strip to your kitchen counter so you can plug in food processors, blenders, toasters and other kitchen appliances in the most convenient location possible.

Your kitchen will look so much neater with this nook for all your appliances, such as your microwave, blender and mixer. Never again will you need to sort through tangled cords to figure out which one goes to which appliance, computer, lamp or fan. Install towel racks on the inside of the pantry doors to hang the lids of your pots and pans. Try this shelving system from AtticMaxx that maximizes empty, often wasted space between attic trusses. Instead of buying one of the plastic organizers for your silverware, have the organization capability built in by adding dividers to a kitchen drawer. To add more storage space to an already packed closet, install shelving on the inside of the closet door. Zika virus continues making headlines, with the Ohio Department of Health reportedly confirming the state's first case in Cleveland. Let us show you how to maximize your unused storage space and unclutter your life, all at reasonable prices! One thing to keep in mind, as opposed to other organizing installers, is that we can reconfigure your space with framing and drywall changes if necessary. Please contact us if we can help you plan your storage, come up with solutions, and make those dreams happen. Looking at the space you have as a blank canvas can give you a better idea of what you’re working with. Available in a variety of colours, the 1 x 8 foot panels are super strong, engineered to meet heavy-duty industry standards. Prefabricated steel shelving, like Strong Racks, provides strong, sturdy overhead storage that is easily accessible with a step ladder. Whether you’re the adventurous type or prefer to be a spectator to the winter fun, Toronto has something to offer.
Avoid the mess in the house by making your garage the launch pad for all winter activities.
That means wearing proper gear like helmets, mouth guards, and knee and elbow pads during sports like hockey or snowboarding. If the removal of snow or ice leaves the surface slippery, the property owner must put down sand, salt or ashes to cover the surface. The snow blower will likely fit best along a back wall, so it won’t interfere with parking your vehicles in the garage. Hockey sticks, pucks, ice skates and other winter sports equipment can be accommodated during winter. Grab your sled (makeshift or store-bought) and head for one of the various toboggan hills located in neighbourhoods all over the Greater Toronto Area.
Winterlicious offers a great opportunity to sample some of Toronto’s finest cuisine without breaking the bank. An organized garage with a wall organization system, cabinets or bins for specific sports or individual family members makes it easy to store and retrieve everyone’s gear. Before this year flies by as quickly as the last, here are five reasons to get a jumpstart on those projects now.
If you don’t, you’re forced to choose between rushing to work in dangerous winter driving conditions and arriving late to work. Finding your golf clubs and tennis rackets or the children’s hockey sticks and softball equipment is a chore.
But the other eleven months of the year you find yourself sharing space in the garage with Old St. Strong metal storage racks or sturdy, made-to-measure wooden shelves take advantage of ceiling height and create additional space for items seldom used, like holiday decorations and seasonal sporting goods. Applied in a single day, this flooring system is vastly superior to paint and comes with a 10-year warranty.
Slatwall, cabinets or overhead platforms can deliver the form and function you want in your garage.
To ensure all of the items are good when an emergency does occur, check the kit periodically. Such warnings are issued by emergency management officials and Environment Canada to help you take immediate action to protect your family when severe weather strikes.
Yet, meteorologists are expecting a mild winter in Southern Canada courtesy of the worst El Nino we’ve seen in half a century. However, to maximize the life of your car and minimize your morning prep time, park your vehicle inside the garage whenever possible. A wall organization system with movable shelves, baskets and hooks will maximize the items you can store along your garage perimeter. Take a few simple steps now to prepare your vehicle for frigid temperatures and snowy conditions.
Keep kitty litter or gravel on hand to create traction if you get stuck and a shovel to dig yourself out. By keeping the engine warm, the block heater prevents damage to engine components that can occur when heating the engine in extremely cold weather. Prep your garage by reducing clutter, organizing the space and arranging items along the perimeter so you can park your vehicles inside. For months, your garage has become a receptacle for sports equipment, camping gear, bikes, and more, leaving your car in the driveway.  Before a snowy winter arrives, it is time to organize. Maybe your four-year-old won’t remember to brush his or her teeth, unless it is all laid out before them. You can get everything off the floor, and leave plenty of room to keep your car safe over winter. If your idea of a garage renovation includes sleek lines, and a polished aesthetic appeal, cabinets may be the way to go. If you are an auto enthusiast, the drawers may be better placed next to the spot you will be working. Some of us store valuables in the garage, or we keep cleaning supplies and oils or windshield washer fluid for our vehicles there.
If your family can keep a system going, terrific, but some families tend to start out with good intentions, but life has a way of distracting us and we end up creating chaos but behind a closed door. Garage renovation specialists can help you sort out your family’s storage needs based on your family lifestyle. Fans have been thrilled to watch their favorite athletes with several Canadian gold, silver and bronze medals already tucked away. The nation will also have an eye on Jazmyne Denhollander, our Canadian women’s hope in the kayak slalom. It is sleek, strong and generally made of polyethylene or carbon-Kevlar (the same material as bulletproof vests). A high-end canoe or kayak is an investment so you need to ensure you take care of it properly, and that means storing it safely indoors during our Canadian winters. He (or she) can tell help you find the right solutions to keep that high-end competitive boat in the best shape.
You can use that time to daydream about the new kayak or canoe you are going to buy at the end of the Pan-Am games.
There has been a consistent increase in the number of cyclists in the country since the beginning of the millennium. This dispenser from Pottery Barn holds paper towel, aluminum foil and wax paper rolls that you can easily access and tear off from their convenient spot on the kitchen wall.
Get rid of that old rack and install one of these crafty pull-out racks that lays flat against the wall until you need it. These bookshelves fulfill your need for end tables next to the couch, while also elegantly storing books and knickknacks. The Container Store has tips for tidying up the fridge and sells these containers to help you sort your foods.
Click here to learn more about the concept, created by Torrance-Calif.-based Doug Mockett and Co. Use those little plastic pieces that keep your bags of bread closed to label the cords a€” on both ends a€” so you can easily identify the electronics they go with. Recycle and donate as much as possible, and dispose of paint and other hazardous waste safely. These receptacles provide a tidy place to store items like gardening supplies, household chemicals, hardware and more.
This creates a system flexible enough to meet your family’s changing storage needs from one season to the next and throughout the years. Overhead shelves and platforms convert wasted space into a convenient place to store stackable plastic bins.

For something tailored to your unique space, hire a garage renovation expert to build a made-to-measure overhead storage shelf that will allow you to maximize the space configuration in your garage. However, keeping yourself and others safe during snowy, icy winter weather begins by making sure the driveway and sidewalks outside of your home and garage are properly maintained. Failing to comply with this code could lead to fines or slip-and-fall lawsuits, so stay vigilant about preventing ice and snow from building on sidewalks, driveways and around your garage.
However, shovels, salt and ashes should be stored near the garage door for convenient access. Larger items, like skis, snowboards, sleds and toboggans can be stored using specialty hooks and shelves or on larger, made-to-measure shelving or platforms. See the downtown skyline from Riverdale Park East or check out Christie Pits Park where the hills come in different sizes to accommodate daredevils and more reserved sled enthusiasts. See magnificent ice sculptures inspired by Ancient Egypt and check out live ice carving competitions.
Try prix fixe, 3-course meals at more than 200 restaurants all over the city or take a cooking class during this yummy winter event.
When you return home, you can clean toys, skis and sleds so they’ll be ready for the next adventure. The limited space in your garage is overrun with bicycles, sporting goods, broken furniture, lawn equipment, gardening tools and seasonal items. You own duplicate ratchet sets and gardening tools because it was easier to buy new ones than spend an entire afternoon hunting down the old ones. Maximize storage in each zone with the corresponding baskets, hooks and shelves of a good wall organization system. Or perhaps you need to keep toxic household and automotive chemicals out of the reach of curious hands and paws. If your garage is older, there may be some chipping and cracking that occurred during settling of the concrete floor. Advanced preparation will increase your odds of staying safe during treacherous winter weather events.
Rotate food, water and batteries, as needed, so they are fresh and ready to go when you need them.
Faced with a sea of bicycles, skateboards and soccer balls, it may seem impossible to safely squeeze your vehicle into the garage. Create an area near the garage door to store winter weather items, like salt and snow shovels.
An aggressive tread enables all-weather tires to bite snow and divert water and slush, so they handle better during perilous winter conditions. Thinner oil performs best during colder temperatures, but check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer suggests.
Fill your tank at the halfway mark so you’ll be ready if forced to sit in traffic for hours during a storm. You can simply walk in, spot what you are looking for, and then when you are finished, you know exactly where to return the item. New technology has provided systems that accommodate tremendous weights using a simple CamlokTM hook.
Your garage storage can go from chaotic to controlled using the proper choice of cabinets, in a layout tht suits your needs.
Having a dedicated space for the things you may use a handful of times throughout the year will provide better accessibility and convenience. Without a doubt, Canadians will be watching their every move, not just for racing, but to also check out the latest and greatest equipment. Again, like the kayaks they are made out of lighter materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber.
It will be sleek, light and will be safe and accessible thanks to your new garage storage system. Click here for more clever ways to store small appliances, from Better Homes & Gardens. However, integrating simple elements like baskets, hooks and shelves can increase the available storage space exponentially, providing a designated spot for each item. In many cases, the entire garage is consumed as garage becomes a dumping ground for old furniture, broken toys and a host of unused items. They provide raised storage for everything from seasonal items to lawn mowers, bicycles, motorcycles and cars. When spring arrives, the wall organization system can be reconfigured to store summer sporting goods.
Install a slatwall organization system with corresponding hooks, shelves and baskets to maximize vertical storage space. Then there’s the seasonal sports equipment—kayaks, pool floats and winter sleds—to contend with, leaving little or no room for your vehicles. However, for ultimate accessibility, motorized overhead storage provides push-button access. It has a multidimensional look similar to granite and is available in a host of attractive colors, like Chocolate, Mountain Road, Moonlight and Sandy Beach. Pull out your to-do list and contact a garage renovation specialist by early spring to plan your garage renovation project.
It’s fine to store your grill or propane tank in the garage, but move them outdoors when you’re ready to cook.
Prepare an emergency survival kit and store it in your garage or someplace accessible to everyone. Can you see yourself opening a cabinet door and releasing a barrage of assorted items cascading over your head? For many Ontarians who grew up along the shores of the Great Lakes or spent time camping in Muskoka, some of the most anticipated events are the canoe and kayak racing. It is literally a thrill a minute as upsets and almost-upsets can change the lead in a heartbeat. You don’t have to be an Olympic level athlete to enjoy the benefits of top-of-the-line equipment; many recreational boaters are also looking for high-end products. In fact, they have gotten so much lighter that the Olympic committee put in minimum weights for these boats to keep the competition fair -10 kg for a single canoe and 15 kg for a double. Click here for more tips for improving the look of the laundry room from the Bryn Alexandra blog. Turn the fun up a notch with another free event, DJ Skate Nights on Saturday nights through February 20th. Everything will be easier to find, so you’ll spend less time on garage scavenger hunts during frosty winter weather.
Perhaps you only need to secure a few items, like valuable automotive tools or toxic household cleaners and antifreeze.
The texture provides added grip, reducing the hazard of slipping during rainy and snowy weather. For more resources on building your survival kit, see the Ontario Ministry of Safety and Correctional Services. Or do you prefer to have everything in sight and within easy reach of where you will need it? That’s why professional help, via a free in-home consultation, can be extremely helpful.
There are few Canadians who have not spent at least one afternoon in their life paddling their worries away, so you can be assured these events will be among the best attended.
Whether for leisure, commuting, fitness or sport everyone from high school students to busy executives to retired seniors are strapping on helmets and pushing pedals.
Donate old furniture, appliances and clothing and housewares to local charities or to a friend. Now let’s review the supplies every garage should have stocked in case of a severe weather event. Properly maintain vehicles, top off fluids and use a block heater to avoid starting an ice cold engine. If you are a fan of these sports, the following are a few things you need to know about the events, the equipment, and how to store your new boat.

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