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Your puppy or young dog doesn't know anything about the value of your garden and if left unattended he will PLAY.
If there are parts of the garden that you do not want your puppy or dog to play on, then the simplest thing is to build a fence. Use the compound for short periods of time, as puppies and dogs of any age can get very lonely and need companionship whether it be you or another dog. I can never understand people who have a dog who is either shut outside all day or kept in a compound at the bottom of the garden. I've planted the new cheery pink and green Maple in the back of the Septic Tank Border, just behind the deceased red Weigela. Lunchtime Dog-WalkI've taken the dogs for a leisurely lunchtime garden dog-walk, camera (and dog biscuits) in hand, finding some pretty things to photograph - like roses, rhododendrons, columbines, and blue lupins.
Escher goes home this afternoon, and so my gardening life will become less brown, and less complicated.
Bye Bye, Best Brown DogBye bye, best brown dog Escher, so boisterous and so busy - come back soon!

This morning we have been busy shifting loads of topsoil onto the lawn by the Hen House Garden, trundling the wheelbarrow back and forth, back and forth, me and my canine companions. The large pink rhododendron in the Willow Tree Garden is flowering for the very first time - it is rather a sweetie. He's been a good gardening dog - he's kept to the paths, and he hasn't knocked me down into the water while I'm crossing any of my bridges. This path was originally designed by him - it's dog-sized, efficient and close to the water. He simply destroyed so many plants following his nose through here that a path seemed sensible. We have already been busy in the garden - weeding, trimming, planting flowering annuals, and spreading organic matter in the Driveway Garden.
The vegetable garden is finally planted with peas, dwarf beans, endive, carrots and parsnips, and more potatoes. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, since I do tend to stop dead still while he charges past.Nor has he crashed into any of the flowering irises or broken any foxgloves.

Now we are all having morning tea - dog biscuits for the dogs, person biscuit for the person (me).
I've topped up the herb spiral gardens with a little more topsoil, and planted a scented pelargonium and more white and yellow daisies.Four little Olearias, three Spiraeas, and a Lantana are now planted in the Hen House Garden, surrounded by topsoil. Escher is not yet a completely countrified dog.Would he, for example, jump the fence and chase the ram?
I'll drink some of Larry's home-made wine with my evening meal, and then have an early, hazy dog-free night safe and snug in the cottage.
I'm bed-travelling around Europe with Michael Palin, enjoying his hand-picked local personality guides.

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