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One like building sheds atop concrete blocks because they’re inexpensive and easy to work out with building shed breeze block.
If you have got a plan to work to it will give you the position of the shed in relation to two of your boundary lines, unless you are on a huge block and it gives you a position off the house or something else.
Remove the lines and the pegs and dig a shovel width trench around the marked perimeter about 100-150 deep, throwing the spoil outside. We want this thicker edge to stiffen up the slab where we will be putting in hold down bolts or other fixings.
If the site has a slope, say it falls 150 from corner to corner, you may want to level the area with clean fill sand, as sand is cheaper than concrete. Nail them together in the trench and drag them into position, measuring to the fence lines and trimming the trench as needed. Get odds and ends of packers, bits of brick, cement sheet etc to hold the timber in a level position, using a 900 or 1200 long spirit level to check. What you are aiming for is to get the top of the forms 100 higher than the natural ground level at it's highest point.

Another way is to get someone to hold a heavy sledge hammer against the form to keep it solid while you are nailing. Run around the edge of the forms with a shovel and put some soil or sand down the back of them, firming it up by pressing it in with your foot, to stiffen the forms up more.
A couple of points, if the garden shed concrete slab is to be used for something a little better than a simple storage shed (I know of a few that later got turned in home offices etc. Before the concrete is poured go around the forms and mark where the door is and the HD bolts will go. Then when the concrete is poured ( see my other concrete pages) and just starting to firm up you push in and jiggle the bolts a touch to compact the concrete around them. At the same time that you drop in the HD bolts run an edging tool to the concrete at the doorway. If you are building a steel shed yourself or if it is a kit, put something between the steel and the concrete to protect the steel.
Make sure that the outside cladding runs down at least 25 past the concrete edge to weather it.

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