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When you make you own gourd birdhouses not only do you get lovely artwork for your yard, you also provide birds in need with a safe place to raise their young.
It has been shown birds are more likely to inhabit a real gourd rather than a plastic, wooden or aluminum birdhouse. Gourds grown using pesticides and chemicals can actually absorb those chemicals into the gourd wall and potentially cause harm to the birds that nest in them. The Welburn Gourd Farm grows all their gourds organically and uses no harmful pesticides or fertilizers, so you can be sure you and your birds will have a safe gourd experience. In addition, gourds are naturally temperature controlled so the inside stays warmer in cool weather and cooler in hot weather, which may be why birds prefer them over man-made birdhouses.
When you order a box of Craft-Ready Birdhouse Gourds now, you'll also receive the DVD, "Fun and Easy Gourd Birdhouses," with Mary Gehley, as a FREE Gift!
The easiest way to dry your gourds is to spread them out in a box and place them in the garage for the winter. I also drilled small drainage holes in the bottom of the gourd just in case rain should get inside. This is a snapshot of the mother or father wren that worked tirelessly feeding all those babies! Also bird feeder plans, bird house plans, free craft patterns for chickens, signs and more.
How To Build A Humming Bird House Pattern For Bluebird House A gourd bird house is also a simple type of bird house that nearly anyone can make. I found my gourd already beautifully dried out and ready to carve at a local pumpkin patch.

This birdhouse wind chime is decorated with a mosaic of tiny colorful scraps of stained glass.
A miniature garden of moss, dried mushrooms and dried plant material decorate this smoolth round piece of driftwood. This driftwood miniature has a white dove and birdhouse nestled in a garden of dried flowers, pine cones and moss. I found a small container of exterior paint at the Restore and used that to paint one of my birdhouses.
Stain is nice because it gives the birdhouse a color but the natural look of the birdhouse shows through. Turning your Gourd into a Bird House Once you’ve the right gourd available, bird house patterns building bird houses decorative-bird-house-plans This is a product assessment for Bird House. Jan 03, 2007 Gourd bird houses can add a quirky look to your yard The Bird House quilted wall hanging pattern allows you to decorate with birdhouses.
BIRD HOUSES Decorative birdhouses, bird house plans, patterns, kits for the blue bird, purple martin bird house plans, patterns, Choose from large houses to a smaller gourd house.
Free Craft Patterns, Free Craft Projects, Free Craft Resources A gourd bird house can be a lovely House Air Freshener Bird House Feeders Bird House Patterns Build A Bird House Cardinal Bird House Copper Roof Bird House Do You Know That Cub Scout Bird House Patterns Makes Your Cub Scout Assignments Easy And Fun A gourd bird house can be a pretty collection to every patio area.
Either way you will need to scrub and wash and even scrap your gourd clean. It takes a bit of elbow grease.
I also used the two hole pieces, from the door openings which I painted white, for the eyes of this amusing birdhouse. I used Gorilla glue to attach them. Base coat the gourd with 2 coats of Old in a random pattern making sure GORGEOUS HANDPAINTED GOURD BIRD HOUSE~CARDINAL~COCHRANE .

Andian Hand Carved Natural Gourd Bird House -Birds (2) The result is a nearly perfect work of art on natural gourd, all done freestyle without patterns, Some bird house patterns are quite complex and they are not suitable for beginners. I placed this orange gourd birdhouse outside my front door where it is sheltered by our house roof.
It is all about greening up your crafting and moving toward a more sustainable way of living. Maybe you have a better way and would like to share it with the other creative people visiting this site? Click to Enlarge Bird House Patterns, Bird House Kit, Sunflower Bird House, Ceramic Bisque Bird House; An excellent beginning project in carving is to make a band of carving around the middle of a gourd bird house. Linseed oil doesn’t preserve your birdhouse for as long as other products but you can compost the old and make a new.
Despite the fact that wren birdhouse hole sizes are recommended to be much smaller, a pair of wrens moved into our gourd birdhouse and successfully raised six chicks last summer (2009). Making use (re-use really) of otherwise unwanted materials is good for the pocketbook and good for the environment. Saltine Cracker Box Bird House Pattern Patterns to follow along with an online tutorial The gourd wolf project makes a great necklace or pin.

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