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Frame the floor frame using galvanized nails, referring to the floor framing plan in the storage shed blueprints. Next, setup the joist clip angles at each joist across the 2 outer skids using galvanized nails.
Mark 3 ?” long x 1 ?” deep notches on each of the 4 corner posts on the two adjacent inner faces of every post for fitting girts. Refer to the front framing elevation diagram in the (shed blueprints 10×12) storage shed blueprints. Get rid of the excess waste timber from the notch regions using a circular saw and finally finish cleaning up with the help of a broad wood chisel.

Secure each post such it is accurately plumb, and then secure it to its foundation according to the base manufacturer’s suggested fasteners. Check the length of the diagonals in the front wall frame to ensure that it is accurately square. Setup die girts using adhesive and two 20d nails driven through pilot holes on the outsides of the posts.
Cut out four 2 x 2s which will extend from the peak of the roof to the ends of the rafters. Set them up level with the tops of the end rafters as shown in the storage shed blueprints in the gable overhang detail.

Setup the boards with each other, then check off and trim the outer pieces such that the door remains 36” wide. Secure the 1 x 6 Z-bracing using adhesive and 1 ? “ wooden screws, as seen in the door detail section of the storage shed blueprints.
Setup the flashing on the outer side of the door and install 1 x 3 trim around both sides of the door opening according the door jamb detail diagram.

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