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If you want a unique and beautiful garden space, Henley can help bring to life your plans for a garden room.
Maybe you already have an idea of how you want it to look, but don’t have the time to make your ideas a reality. Either way, Henley’s team of expert designers can work with you to create something bespoke and special. We already offer a wide range of outdoor room options in both traditional and contemporary designs specifically for work or play. One of our surveyors will spend time talking to you, understanding how you want your garden office or room to look and feel. Whether you want a few tweaks, a redesign or specialist components for say a recording studio, our experts will be able to advise you on the best options available.
If you would like to learn some more about how we can help, get in touch on 0870 240 7490 or simply request a garden office brochure.
Let us help turn your ideas into a reality, and create the outdoor room you’ve always dreamed of.
Henley are one of the pioneers of the garden office, how long have you been around and where did your initial concept come from?
The Henley brand has been around for over 11 years now; we commissioned an architect in 2001 to help us design and develop a professional Office in the Garden, with a difference. What benefits does someone looking to buy a home office get buying from a dedicated garden office supplier?
Many people looking for a garden office plan to run a business from it, what is the situation with Planning Permission in these instances, after all a business isn't incidental to the house as the Permitted Development rules state? We guess due to their design, your buildings generally don’t need planning permission to be built, but if the customers situation requires it are you able to handle this for them? There are many benefits for a business to buy and work from a garden office, such as tax breaks etc.
From  tests we know that our window and door components are more secure and better quality than most new build properties, so we will always stop the opportunist burglar breaking in to your Henley.
Another recurring concern of buyers is, is a garden office comfortable to use all year round, how have you ensured this? This really centers around the glass walls, heating and levels of insulation which we put in to the floors, walls and ceilings to preserve the heat loss.
Your Mini & Vista ranges with their curved roof are iconic garden office designs, why do you think they have survived the test of time so well?
Are we right in thinking that you offer built in office furniture, this must maximise space? Yes we have a Multidesk office system that is specifically designed for our garden office range. We see that in recent years you have added a garden room range to your portfolio, how do these differ to your garden offices? Henley’s are completely portable and easily moved any distance with our national removal service.
How long do Henley buildings take to build on site, and how many people are typically on site to build them? Most projects are completed in a day even if  we have to walk through the house to get to the garden.
Do you project manage the whole job, are there any aspects like the foundations or the electrical connection that the customer has to do? Our offices and rooms have a design life of 20 years and we use a range of components and cladding that are virtually non-maintenance.

From setting your own hours, to taking lunch whenever you feel like it, working from home certainly provides a level of freedom that many people crave. All our outdoor office spaces feature our innovative Henley design specifications – they are completely safe and secure, with integral electrics and high levels of insulation.
In terms of quality, you will not find anything that matches Henley’s innovative design options and high standard of manufacturing. We offer styles and sizes to suit all tastes and budgets, and most of our offices and rooms are delivered to you within just five to six weeks, with us managing the whole project from tree surgery to broadband, whatever’s best for you. Garden offices and studios are revolutionising the way professional people work and play at home.
A Garden Room is the perfect place to relax or entertain and we have designed and engineered our range so you can create your own individual work space.
We manage the complete install of your new Office or Studio building to the highest standards and featuring a level of finish for the most discerning of buyers.
If you have any queries, simply call us on 0870 240 7490, or ask us for a brochure pack and see why 1000's of customers throughout the UK have already chosen a Henley.
It's simply perfect for many uses - as a comfortable office, a home studio, a multi-purpose meeting room or as an additional living space.
The Solus+ boasts 4.6 sqm of internal space with a heavy-duty construction that provides a professional, secure and comfortable Garden Office. Uncompromisingly modern, the Henley Stanza insists on being the centre of attention, bringing together Garden Room functionalism and sleek Studio sophistication. With its double-door feature, the Henley HomeSpace 'Orwell' is not only a high specification office, but a light and airy amenity space in any garden.
The MidiSpace provides loads of interior space making it suitable for 3+ people working at their desks in comfort. Beautiful and practical, Henleya€™s Canto cornera€? garden studio design combines Scandinavian Redwood cladding and coloured frames to achieve an ultra- modern look thata€™s set to create a timeless impression. With its toughened glass-twin doors, subtle decking and eco-friendly non-maintenance cladding, Stanza is a Garden Office with a quality feel about it.
From the entry-level Standard model, to the space-saving Liberty with its front-mounted door to the ever-popular Vista.
Order a complete Garden Office in just a few clicks, or request your information pack and maybe meet a Surveyor and chat about your plans from start to finish. Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes from small cubes suitable for one person through to large multi room buildings you can live in. Smart Garden Offices offer a range of garden office solutions, from small one person offices through to buildings suitable for 3 or 4 workers.
Henley are one of the original garden office suppliers and their curved roof garden office is a classic design!
SIPS Garden Rooms are a relatively new brand but the team behind it has extensive industry experience. The Stable Company offer an extensive range of garden room designs from traditional pitched roof buildings to contemporary flat roof designs.
Bathstone are bespoke garden room suppliers and one of the few suppliers who can successfully design both traditional and contemporary garden rooms, they also have experience of designing and building in oak, and in restoring garden buildings. Green Eco Living design contemporary garden rooms using environmentally friendly materials and techniques, this means the buildings will be efficient and cost effective to run. Perhaps you need a special size to fit the available space or you’re just struggling for inspiration. In short the planners are keen to preserve the residential  nature of most neighborhoods, so the the key test will always be: is it still mainly a home or has it become business premises with your office in the garden?

These are becoming more important especially as we are seeing many clients with smaller gardens. We also use an Eco friendly coloured marine ply that is very hard wearing and only needs attention about every 5 years. By having a garden room outside, you get all the benefits of working from home but without the many distractions usually found in a house.
Our talented fitters build them for you in 1 or 2 days, so you won’t have to worry about your garden being a building site for weeks on end.
As well as providing highly functional workspaces, these characterful garden offices have become a welcome sight in many different styles of garden and close to homes from every period..
Customise the outside with multiple colour options  and a floor plan to suit you and your garden.
But you can choose the model that best meets your needs, be it the Standard, or the front door Liberty. Well, you’ve come to the right place; The Garden Room Guide is full of information and inspiration! We suggest you start your search by looking at our garden room design gallery, have a read of our supplier reviews, and then pick up your copy of Garden Rooms Magazine. Swift have a wide portfolio of builds from small garden offices through to large multi room buildings. Roomworks have extensive experience tailoring buildings to the needs and tastes of the client and the demands of the site. Garden Spaces are continuingly innovating and honing their designs, creating some industry leading features such as cantilevered roofs that allow whole corners of the building to open up.
The Henley range has grown significantly over the years and they now offer several garden office designs, as well as contemporary garden room designs and carthouses which combine garage areas with living space above. The Rotunda Living range are designed and built with the environment in mind and they have a stylish finish. The range has a contemporary feel and buildings can include on trend design features such as floor to ceiling glazing.
Roomworks have won numerous awards and have recently become a supplier to the National Trust. Executive Garden Rooms have experience building to Building Regulation standards and have successfully created self contained granny annexes, garden rooms & offices.
These round buildings are available in several standard footprints and can be used for anything from a garden office through to holiday accommodation. As their name suggests they are built using Structural Insulated Panels, which means the buildings have a quick assembly time and are highly insulated. London Garden Rooms have a contemporary style and can include design features such as bifold doors that fold back to open up whole walls. In short the planners are keen to preserve the residential nature of most neighborhoods, so the the key test will always be: is it still mainly a home or has it become business premises with your office in the garden? London Garden Rooms also have experience in garden design meaning they can also design the space around your garden room.
We guess due to their design, your buildings generally don’t need planning permission to be built, but if the customers situation requires it are you able to handle this for them?Yes we offer a free planning service for customers with financial guarantees that cover all the drawings, design statements and the latest daylight and sunlight assessments There are many benefits for a business to buy and work from a garden office, such as tax breaks etc.

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