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Bigger Bakers Country StoreBased on our original kit, Bakers Country Store This version is bigger, and is modeled after the prototype.
Dannen FeedsA small, Simple To Build wood structure Laser cut walls Tichy windows Cardstock and paper roof Stripwood bracing Laser printed paper signs. Description: YM652-'Hanok'is a Korean traditional house it was built couples of thousands years ago. Corrugated metal roofing by Northeastern Scale Lumber Scale lumber by Northeastern Scale Lumber 10 pages of step-by-step instructions with plans.

If you've never built a wood structure, this is an ideal kit to get your feet wet without spending a lot of money.
The kit consists of 25 Hydrocal castings Strip wood, color photos, doors and custom windows by Tichy Instructions are included in the box with this kit. The kit consist of Hydrocal castings Tichy & Grandt Line windows and porch details strip wood, color photo, rolled roofing and instructions.
Price, $89.00 Windows and the passenger platform overhang brackets specially made by Tichy for this kit.

It's space was arranged according to a social position, sexes and age and considered family's life in those day. Other manufacturers sell a similar station for twice the price as this Railroad Kits version by Doug Foscale.

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