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I'm PR friendly and happy to speak at your next engagement about home schooling issues, frugal living, saving money, family travel, Disney and any issues facing moms today. Did you know that The Home Depot Garden Center merchants work with growers over a year in advance to determine what plants will be available in your local store?
The company has 12 regional merchants—each working with an average of 10-15 growers—who help prepare the Garden Center. Though plants may differ from store to store, reliable garden staples are available year after year, and The Home Depot is constantly looking for new products that will bring your garden to the next level. Experimentation with flower colors is also a big trend right now, “Orchids use to be pink, white and lavender, but now with special dyes, we have them in many colors.
Check out some plants that are unique to specific regions, and see if you can spot them in your local store. By Tim Layton 1 Comment I took a few pictures while visiting a local new home landscaping project today. The house in the photos above and below is brand new, so the landscaping hasn’t had time to mature, but even at this stage it looks great.
If you’re a proud owner of a hot-rod landscape tractor, like the ones I fell in love with at The Home Depot last month, you could probably use that to get this big rock into place.
This use of metal throughout the design makes the small section of short fencing a perfect accessory to the main structure and will look even cooler as the landscaping matures. What caught my eye was the way the way the walkway flares out as it approaches the steps, which is a nice touch. I would finish this off with some potted flowers on the steps to make it blend with the landscape and look great.
I think all the landscape design for this new home needs to make it really rock is some flowers!

The well stocked Home Depot Garden Center in Bangor Maine had aisles and aisles of perennials and annuals. We asked the Lawn and Garden Associates for help in deciding what vegetables grow the best in containers. Outdoor spaces are an extension of the home and the garden is an expression of your personality.
Take some lessons from painters and sculptors: Step outside and visualize your landscape as a canvas.
Attract birds to your landscape with things every living creature needs: food, shelter, water and a place to raise their young.
Think beyond the boundaries of your property to borrow the majestic view of the ocean and incorporate it into your coastal garden design.
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And while a quick glance around reveals a wide variety of live goods for the picking, there’s a lot that goes into determining what products are available in your aisles. While some gardening goods thrive nationally, The Home Depot makes sure they are providing products that make sense for your location. Not only do different plants thrive in different regions, but the timeframe for planting and gardening also varies from state to state. Stores up north, however, may not get their plants in until Mid-April or May,” shares Mike DuVall, Senior Merchant for Live Goods Program and Product Development at The Home Depot. This means you’re in good hands when it comes to the perfect selection of plants for your precise needs. Subscribe to our bi-weekly news update and get the top Built from Scratch stories delivered straight to your inbox.

To me, it’s really best used for things other than the main structure itself (the house). Just in this picture you can see the wrought iron inspired coach lights (beside the garage door) and the little copper roof section over the window bump-out. I also thought the pattern of the pavers ended-up looking pretty sharp the way it’s done. It can provide shade in the heat of summer, protect from winter winds, reduce electric bills and improve your home’s resale value. Many factors play a role, but the biggest elements taken into account are climate and lifestyle.
Metropolitan dwellers aren’t only looking for flowers that look pretty—edible plants are also in high demand. Edible plants and shrubs are just two areas of focus that are really expanding across the country. It’s estimated that each store has about 10,000 live good products during the spring and summer months. I just bought a new house and I am trying to decide between landscaping it myself or hiring someone to do it. Having a wide variety to choose from guarantees you get the best plant for your garden, patio or porch.
I’m not really a do-it-yourself type of guy so I think it would be wise to hire someone.

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