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A sloped roof and lean-to design allow you to abut this Arrow Yard Saver storage shed against another structure for maximum space efficiency.
Everyone needs storage space, but if you don't have a lot of room in your yard, this attractive little Lifetime 7 ft. This shed does have a door that is designed with an exterior padlock loop and a polyethylene floor.
The 5-Shelf Unit provides ventilated shelves that help keep items dry, reduce odors and prevent mildew.
Suggested weight limit is imprinted on the underside of each shelf; we suggest not more than 150 lbs. This question is from 44 Combo Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet 1 answer Can you mount this to pegboard?
This question is from 44 Combo Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet 1 answer dimentions? When I ordered this I guess I was thinking of Akro-Mills products from 15 years ago and this is not one of them.
I own about 8 sets of drawers I bought from Akro-Mills in the late 90's and they are excellent.
Even after all of these shortcomings I still recommend this product because it is made in the USA and I can't find anything better made today. When I first got this item I was concerned about the drawers being too wiggly and not staying in properly. The kicker is, every drawer HAS the slots for the dividers, yet when you call them, or search for them at home depot, nobody offers them. Home Depot plastic storage tote review – be sure and get the Rubbermaid RoughNeck brand. I ended up going to Home Depot to get some plastic storage totes and ended up buying slightly more expensive Rubbermade Roughneck brand containers - they are clearly the best! I was recently looking at several of the ads that came in my Sunday newspaper and in particular is looking at Home Depot, Lowes and some other stores for plastic storage totes.

I noticed that the Home Depot and Lowes had the lowest priced ones for around four dollars or so for 18 to 20 gallon capacity plastic storage tote. So I went to Home Depot to go and pick up some of these mocha or cappuccino colored plastic storage totes.
So I looked around and I finally came upon a slightly smaller plastic storage tote with the Rubbermaid roughneck brand. I knew just by the feel and look of the Roughneck plastic storage totes that these were the right ones to use for my children’s toys and for frequently used storage items. In the end I ended up paying probably almost twice for the Rubbermaid roughneck brand plastic storage totes, but I am very pleased and I’m sure these will last many many years. You can anchor the shed to the platform (foundation) through 4 indentations in the corners of the floor.
With rugged tubular construction, each of the five shelves is designed for heavy-duty usage. HOWEVER, unlike in the past, these organizers no longer come with the same amount of drawer dividers for each drawer.
This really needs to be resolved by Home Depot by putting pressure on Akro-Mils to offer consumers one divider per drawer in the box. To others of us though, who are all about organizing properly & neatly, this is a major deal. You can keep your storage items safe and dry, and your tools conveniently located for all your outdoor projects. The strong, rugged frame is constructed of high impact polystyrene for years of use and abuse. I have put it on my laundry room wall to hold bandages, small medicine bottles and other paraphernalia. Sorry, but I rather pay a few extra bucks and have it look nice, rather than take the advice of some here who say make your own dividers. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

Storage Utility Cabinet features ergonomically designed handles for added comfort, doors that accept a padlock and 3 fixed shelves for a host of storage needs.
D Plastic Shelving Unit (1-Pack) 1 answer Is there a lip under the bottom part of the shelf?
D Plastic Shelving Unit (1-Pack) 1 answer Do the shelves hold regular size rubber made tubs? D Plastic Shelving Unit (1-Pack) 1 answer Can I make 2 individual 2-shelf units out of 1 package?
Our unbreakable, clarified polypropylene drawers are flexible, strong, see-through, and feature finger grip drawer pulls. The cabinet's durable plastic construction resists rust, peeling, dents and staining for lasting performance. Even though the drawers fall out, the tabs that are supposed to stop that keep catching on items in the drawers. This model comes with 2 shatter proof windows and a full-length ridge skylight to provide a well-lit, well-ventilated interior. Lifetime sheds are constructed from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and steel reinforcements for durability and low maintenance.
You will appreciate the stain-resistant flooring, and the no painting, no rusting exterior. Note: This shed must be built on a flat level foundation of wood or concrete (not included).

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