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Stocked and sold in over 1,000 outlets across the UK to meet strong consumer demand, you too could benefit by adding StorePAK Home Storage Boxes to your range. StorePAK Quarter Trunk Storage Boxes are manufactured from strong, single fluted high performance papers, using white, clay coated corrugated board containing 65% recycled materials. High quality and beautiful solution for storing documents, photographs or fashion accessories.
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For any kind of business office environment, one of the main issues is generally how you can manage office files. Actually, in many offices, they have to help make all files active for approximately ten years well before they are able to stash them away in the cool and dark stockroom.
TweetThis year kicked off with a massive film-related Alice in Wonderland trend, which, as we all know,  involved a lot of teacups, playing cards, bunny rabbits and a general obsession with scale. Check out the hilarious storage head (reminds me of that freaky Little Joseph candle holder…!) – perfect for storing – well, Lego bricks I suppose.
They do look cool, but they also look like some overgrown child has left his toys scattered around the room and has yet to tidy up!
Yes indeed the photos were soooo hard to set-up and get a good sense of scale without making it look like we were shooting a tiny bed and desk rather than giant lego pieces!

Simon, I checked your website and wanted to place my order – it seems there’s no way to have the lego boxes delivered to Italy?? I think you’re right Angela and Sarri, they make for great storage boxes for big kids too in a ’70s retro kind of way! Manufacturers direct sale Biometric-safe solution to store and keep your valuables safe from theft and unauthorized individuals.
The MC100 is built with a thick, high grade 19 gauge cold rolled steel and thick memory retentive foam interior. This user friendly 3 – digit lock with 1,000 combination made of tough plastic for durability, no battery required. 14.Can be mounted under the seat in any car or truck, or at home in any similarly compact space. To find out more about the benefits of retailing or wholesaling StorePAK products, contact us today. Arranging files is not going to involve placing almost all documents collectively without classifying all of them and after that keeping them instantly in the document room or storage place. Because of this, you have to possess organizer containers in your business office with regards to the organization of files and some other crucial documents. The best thing is, all the boxes including the head have real Lego clip-together knobbly bits (this sounds slightly dodge but you know what I mean and the correct terminology is eluding me!!) so you can build away merrily, pretending you’re Arrietty.

My plan was to have them for sale on our website and in STORE early August but the good news is I may have the first batch finished mid July…watch this space. Apart from looking GREAT, I think that they’re going to be a great idea for clearing the clutter of magazines and newspapers or maybe to tidy away DVD and CDs etc. This Combination storage case is perfect for jewelry, guns, documents, and other valuables. The Combination Lock safe box also comes with a high-strength security cable that secures it to furnishings in your home, car, RV, office or motel, giving you double protection. Set your own numeric code while the safe box is in the open position, remember to scramble the number dials after locking to hide your code. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. You can also store your portable GPS unit and stereo face plate in the Combination box and secure the combination box under the seat of your car. With their distinctive, green, contemporary design, they offer an excellent opportunity to capture your share of the growing home storage products market and deliver incredible value to your customers.

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