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The structure is prefabricated and can be delivered as a complete unit to the owner’s site. The pods feature top-hinged gull-win doors that swing open into what resembles a spaceship with its curved walls and modern interior finish. The possibilities are truly endless with this incredible 14x24, 2-story Gambrel Storage Shed. Jumbo Sheds serves North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
One shed would have a bedroom and tiny bathroom.  The other shed would be an open living area with a kitchen along the back 8-foot wall. What about building a greenhouse in the corner between the 2 sheds covering the water tank. Now you got me wondering if there is an easy way to use the thermal mass of the water in the summer for cooling and in the winter for heating.
In the summer you could cover the greenhouse with shadecloth like they do in some greenhouses or maybe black plastic and open the air vents to let the warm air out. Or maybe another water tank buried in the ground, but that would be more expensive than your coil in the ground idea. I love the clustershed concept but as Lellewyn pointed out they’re not very practical for cold climates, and questionable for hot climates as well. If the idea is that you can build sheds without planning dept approval, I think you find that to be a false hope.
Since it’s going to require a permit anyway, why not just put the corridors in from the beginning? Secondly, if the design is meant to be solar, then the orientation is only going to get you maximum gain in the morning and afternoon. If this is truly meant to be south facing, then the solar panels will not get much sun in the winter, either.
If you moved the one cabin so that the porch separates them and put a roof over the porch, that would be a Dogtrot cabin.
Even the rich southerners would often have a separate building behind their homes used as a summer kitchen to keep the heat out. If we choose to build intelligently today, like these old timers, we actually do ourselves a favor by saving money on energy bills and reduce our risk of being caught in the cold or heat when the power goes out. Have to wonder, what if you made the “greenhouse” out of a wood frame like a pergola with removable perspex or twinwall polycarbonate panels? The one thing about your design is that the orientation of your windows and solar panels are at odds with each other unless this is a summer, hot climate orientation ( ie: you need to limit solar gain to keep cool).
Your insistence on keeping it portable means necessarily that it is on wheels or can be easily lifted onto a flatbed.
Unfortunately, most contemporary buildings are the result of conventional thinking in designs of past days. So, it is probably worth exploring small house designs which are not portable but which integrate with the landscape.
I was taking a look around Holland on a recent trip and I noticed that frequently houses with maximum south facing frontage had planted trees in front of the houses.
Using trellis and appropriate climbers both ornamental and edible types would achieve the same effect. You could also design your green house with an overhang planned for sun exposure in winter, but shaded (at least somewhat) in summer.

The other option is a conventional shed shape like you have, with glazing on the tall wall, but with a secondary roof, usually cantilevered and flat with just the panels angled upwards. Bottom line, the roof containing solar panels needs to be oriented in the same direction as the glazing, and both should be oriented southward of course. Also, regarding the comments about the weight of trombe walls- one frequently used (and inexpensive) trick to providing thermal mass in solar homes is to use water rather than brick and cement.
Heating the new space could be as easy as leaving the shed doors open, or installing a very small wood stove that you can make yourself out of a large coffee can and 2″ electrical conduit pipe.
I have thought of a design using premade sheds that have lofts in them and setting several of them in a more octogonal shape connected with enclosed hallways. Comments are encouraged but please keep it constructive and do not make any direct attacks on other commenters. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice.
The items stored in the shed, as well as the size of the site, determine how large a shed you may need.
A plastic shed is also more difficult to secure than those of metal or wood, so if you have expensive items to store, plastic may not be the best shed material. For most people, the idea of an inexpensive garden shed brings to mind a small metal building with a low, peaked roof. The basic metal garden shed ships with a door and perhaps a small window or translucent roof panel to allow for natural lighting. It’s a safe bet that many metal garden sheds sit directly on the ground, but for the best results, some sort of foundation should be used. Wood is appealing for many reasons, but unless the gardener has access to free lumber and has good carpentry skills, or can relocate and repurpose an existing shed, there is no way wood sheds can be considered cheap. No matter the cost or material, make sure you have all the proper permits before installing your shed.
Bauer can handle all of your custom projects, including new homes, home additions, sunrooms, historic renovations, decks, sheds, bathrooms, pool houses, and more!
By meeting the desires, dreams, and expectations of each client, Bauer Custom Homes has established an enviable list of satisfied customers. The exterior is clad with Western Red Cedar wood shingles, creating  a contemporary, country-chic aesthetic. Remember that any glazing uses for passive solar heating, must be free of any sort of anti-uv coating, so maybe a trombe wall wouldn’t be such a bad idea. If we look back to times before cheap fossil fuel derived energy we find clever solutions like this. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted. Sheds come in all sizes from small units that fit against the side of a building, to structures large enough to serve as garages or workshops.
They have some additional advantages, such as being very easy to assemble and requiring little site preparation. Even ultraviolet-stabilized PVC will eventually degrade and become faded or brittle under harsh environmental conditions. While not the cheapest garden sheds, metal is an excellent, economical choice for most garden owners.

Most manufacturers now use electrostatic coating or other method to apply a colored finish much stronger than normal exterior paint. Shelves, sliding doors, screened windows and a range of other options are available from many manufacturers. A concrete slab, with its edge rebated about 15-20 mm, is ideal but of course, hardly cheap.
Some manufacturers also offer systems that allow the shed to be anchored against powerful weather such as cyclones.
Even the cheapest garden sheds can become horribly expensive if legal fines and neighborhood ill are part of the installation price. The roofs are setup to collect water and fill one cistern that sits on the south side of the house. For those of you playing with Google SketchUp, here is the actual file for you to play with.
My house is oriented so that both halves are oriented with large windows oriented towards the sun (N in my case) in a slight V formation.
In the vernacular, shelter is often merged with the landscape, not just dropped down on top of it.
They were deciduous, often frut or nut trees that of course allowed winter sun through when the leaves had gone and maximum shade from the leaf cover in high summer. The next version will be a solar dog-trot which in itself is a bit of a contradiction since one cools the home and one heats the home. Most plastic sheds are made with floor panels, so a foundation or other flooring isn’t necessary. Plastic can be molded and colored to add architectural flourishes that would be very expensive in wood and impossible in metals, so a plastic shed may blend in with your home’s design more easily. Plastic sheds won’t stand up to heavy storms, so if you are in an area that is threatened by high winds or powerful storms, you may want to make a different choice. It’s wise to check with your home insurer about this; such a system may be required in your area.
It must be painted and placed on a solid foundation to prevent rot, water damage and insect infestation. A large deck exists between the two halves and the halves are joined by a short glass lined walkway ( which happens to actually be a bridge over a small fish pond fed by roof runoff). I have thought of this for years, just never knew if anyone had done anything like it before.
Since most of us don’t have rolls of spare cash lying about, the foremost question becomes which are the cheapest garden sheds available?
Assembly is very easy for most plastic sheds, and the parts are light enough for one person to handle.
I’m just trying to figure out how best to collect water, heat in cool weather and cool in hot weather. A difficult question to answer, as a cheap garden shed for one person’s needs may be an extravagant luxury for another’s requirements.

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