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The Sarah Bedroom exhibits the clean lines and balanced proportions of its Shaker influence. The best part is that it’s mounted to the wall and takes up absolutely zero floor space! We used one half of a crate to provide extra book storage upstairs in the nursery (above, on the left), and added two halves of a crate to an existing cabinet in our dining room (above, right).
Our book storage crates need to withstand lots of abuse from little hands, so we wanted them to be super-sturdy. For more detailed instructions, check out this post from IHeartOrganizing: Great Crate Book Storage.
I love our wooden book storage crates, and am constantly on the lookout for other spots in the house that could benefit from additional crates.

Home canned vegetables and fruits – you can control quality when you grow it yourself.
Organic chocolate or other favorite treats – do not skip on these, you will want them! Organic freeze dried produce, meats and dairy – I need to find some organic, freeze dried sour cream!
For more ideas on how to get your family more prepared for anything, please visit our post on Emergency Essentials: Preparedness for Families.
This is creative DIY project of how to build food storage shelves on an unused wall or in a small space of your home.
We started with two unfinished wooden crates from JoAnn Fabrics–about $12 each (or less, with a coupon!).

Native Texan, three busy boys, a large dog, an assortment of chickens and an organic garden on three beautiful acres in Northern Virginia.
Building custom shelves is a great way to squeeze in as many places to store food as possible.
Native Texan carefully cut the crates in half and sanded the edges a bit to prevent splinters.
It is recommended to have at least three months of food storage for your whole family and pets in case of a natural disaster or job loss.

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