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Matt Fajkus Architecture designed Tree House (located in Austin, Texas) as a place of balanced shade, dappled sunlight and garden views of the beautiful oak trees that wrap the property. The entry to Tree House is positioned in line with the primary oak and each interior zone radiates around it, creating a relationship with it that is both organic and functional.
The 2-story home is designed using a composition of materials that are tough enough to withstand the indoor outdoor lifestyle of the homeowners while at the same time completely sophisticated within a relaxed and restrained aesthetic.
The same restraint show on the interior has been extended to the facade with a street presence that is almost humble in its presentation. The second story sleeping volume is stucco and is meant to abstractly resemble a restful tree house in the oak canopies. Peaceful and restrained as the exterior facade is, the home still flaunts its cheekiness with a bold butter yellow front door popping against a backdrop of dark grey siding. The width of the front door has been chosen to allow for easy access of the owner's motorcycle. Inside the home the polished concrete flooring creates a hard but beautiful surface for the motorcycle and homeowner's to enjoy. Directly across from the foyer a wall of windows opens to the inner courtyard, framing the sculptural view of the oak tree that is the muse for the home's layout. The windows have been designed as playful apertures that invigorate the courtyard at night. During the day, the oak provides shade for both the outdoor living space and the interior zones.
The social zone is contained on the main level of Tree House and runs down one wing while a home office, family room and the master suite create the plan for the second wing. Although the sleeping zone of the master suite is fully exposed to the backyard, the social terrace is contained within the U of the home's plan and is completely separate from this vantage point. The warm tones of the knotty wood ceiling layer in a contrasting softness to the the concrete floors and since its on the ceiling, the homeowner's dog can't scratch it with its claws. The Master Bath may not have a view of the oak trees, but it still features garden elements via the two planters below the skylight within the shower stall. The social zone in the other wing culminates in the living room and begins with the kitchen.
The living room is a couple of steps down from the dining and kitchen area and an integrated board formed concrete planter spans the distance from the steps to the exterior wall. As comfortable as the interior social zone is, on a sunny day or evening, the courtyard is the place to be.

While the two wings of Tree House are single story, the front of the home has a second volume that contains the two children's bedrooms and a bathroom. Its only when you arrive at the stairwell that the intricately exciting risers are visible, repeating the pattern of the kitchen backsplash visible in the distance.
Its amazing how well Matt Fajkus Architecture incorporated a park like setting into a small city lot, and in so doing maximized mother nature's innate ability to create shade for the summer and light for the winter, taking into account the need for vertical space as the tree canopies continue to grow. Perfect L-shaped House Design For a Couple With Children - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. This is our smallest L-shaped house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, large living room with built-in kitchen and a usable area of 153 m2. A beach house designed by architect Charlotte Perriand in 1934 has been constructed, furnished – in short brought to life by the French fashion house Louis Vuitton.
The prefab home has constructed exactly like the original design under the guidance of Perriand’s daughter, Pernette Parriand Barsac. Created exclusively for the Miami design fair, the beach house is a homage to the 20th century modernist icon.
Bharat has been reviewing latest gadgets, toys, robots and new home technologies across various platforms. One of the Oak trees was almost centrally located within the site of the structure and that one tree became the focal point and muse of the final design as it wraps around the tree in a deep U-shaped formation. In winter when daylight is at a premium, the fallen leaves of the deciduous tree open the courtyard to the sky above and winter sun lightens and brightens the home naturally. Creating a connectivity to the backyard views is the tongue and groove wood ceiling that continues outward, morphing into the home's soffits. A wide open plan, there are views to the garden from every vantage point but interior detailing as not been ignored - check out that amazing backsplash.
Here, the U shaped terrace acts as a natural amphitheater for large gatherings and performances. Access via a stairwell positioned behind the home office and before the master suite, this portion of the home is kept private from the more active areas. Dubbed the La maison au bord de l’eau (translated ‘house by the shore’), the U-shaped beach house is targeted at well-off holiday makers who prefer a makeshift shelter on a vocation by a water body. The state-of-the-art sustainable designed home feature Perriand visioned furniture made from walnut, oak, and slate, which are meticulously placed around the house, complementing the designers concept of high functional design and practicality. In addition to reporting and reviewing new products and technologies, he spends too much time digging the Internet for endless questions.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! However, there are some simple solutions that can help you design your house in an L shape.
The beach house features a marine blue roof and rests on short pillars, which can be extended on user’s requirement. On the street’s side it is low but the side that faces the water is three storeys high. L shaped house plans allow you to express your decorating while keeping the rooms pulled together. The Perriand design was conjured up in Italy and was shipped to Florida to be exhibited at the Design Miami fair. The prefab beach house has a terrace which is well connected to the bedrooms and bathrooms on one side and a living and dining room on the other.
In order to design your house in an L shaped style, you have to put come things into consider to successfully complete the job.What makes L shaped house styles are popular is because it evokes the look of modern design. This floor is a great place for children to play and for their parents to cook or meet with friends.
You can broaden the potential view of your home because it features the windows all along one side of the house in the side that angles inward to provide privacy and shelter from elements while enclosing the yard space.
Two other floors are divided between parents and children and are places where they could found their privacy. Some designs if an L shape also features courtyards between the two sides of L to give an extra patio space and a walkway from one side of the house to the other.
The inside of the L can be featured with a pool that is hidden from the view from the outside. The furniture and accessories used in the home serves both function and decorative appealing.

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