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Virtually everyone on the planet uses the Internet, and the majority of that Internet use takes place on some website or other. Most people will never start a website, and the majority of them will never realize why they should, and how easy it could be. A website really is online real estate, because you can build a portfolio of income generating websites, however big or small, and they will become your biggest assets. If you can ignore the flashing lights that scam artists shine in your direction, and you have the patience and knowledge to work at it, it’s not impossible to fully replace your income online within 6 months to a year. Following on from this, income earned online isn’t fully passive, it still requires some work, but not necessarily a huge amount (except in the beginning).
One of my sites has earned me a tidy $500 per month on average since May 2013, and I’ve probably invested fewer than 15 hours on it since April 2013. By writing about your passions online, you can learn to earn from them, and really feel like you are living a worthwhile existence.
This All Sounds Well And Good…But What About The Fact That Most People Can’t Do What You Do?
It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to keep up with the changes Facebook makes every week.

Think about buying one of our starter sites if you want to get yourself a head start, then it really IS just like using Word. The sites we sell here at HPD come with the same training that I followed to do this, so it’s even easier for you than it was for me.
Check out our starter sites and see why they could be what you need to start your own website. Hit the share button, you never know which of your friends wants to take action (and share a nice thank you dinner with you later).
On this site I'll be sharing my experiments and experiences with Internet Marketing, as well as offering services to help your own ventures. It’s not as easy as just building a site, then sticking some adverts and affiliate links (referral links) on it and raking in the cash. To me, that beats everything else (Ok…maybe not the earnings or the freedom) about owning successful websites. I once had a website (created on a free domain) that was getting 10,000 visitors per month in its fourth month.
There are countless ways a website can make money online (here are 6), it’s a simple thing.

Learning how to make money online while avoiding the scams is an important skill and if you can do it without falling for the odd scam or two, you are amazing. It is one of the most cost effective ways of creating a business and you can get started for free.
Everyone has a voice, Twitter and Facebook have taught us that they aren’t always worth hearing though. Thanks to things like WordPress, owning a website and writing content for it is as simple as operating your email or using Microsoft Word. It was quite scary, because I had no idea what I was doing, yet there I was with traffic and page views and all other sorts of scary statistics.
I was prepared to spend a lot of time working on my sites in the beginning, in exchange for freedom later on. Other people prefer to just work 9-5 for 60 years.

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