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St Peters Lutheran College is a school of the Lutheran Church of Australia , providing Prep to Year 12 Christian co-education with boarding available from Year 6. When prompted to enter your Parent ID, please note that this 5 digit number is shown on your school fees statement at the top of the payment slip. To obtain the amount owing on your school fees account, please press the Tab button and not the enter button when entering your child’s last name. You can pay for selected events and tours and student activities at either Indooroopilly or Springfield schools. When I use the back button on some web browsers, a message is shown that the Webpage has expired.

If you wish to go back to a previous payment page, you should use the links shown under the heading St Peters Lutheran College eStore rather than the back button. Include your email address when you’re entering payment details and a receipt is emailed to you. Nov 26, 2013 · To change your home page in Internet Explorer, use the appropriate steps for version of Explorer. You can choose to make a Domestic Payment for Australian Students or an International Payment using peerTransfer, should you wish to pay from overseas in local currency.
St Peters does not store, process or transmit cardholder details at any stage during the payment transactions.

The home page in a Web browser is the website that automatically appears when you open window. Yes that was the most shocking thing for me that Yahoo missed out Twitter from that My Favourites menu. Rest of all, I am happy with Yahoo’s new homepage because I can finally make this page as the homepage of my browser and get everything at one place.

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