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I am a firm believer you will never have too much room, so bigger is always better in my book!
I was thinking of building or buying something like that for the jeep, too crowded in the garage for it and my 4-wheeler, it's a 2 car style but it has a main support beam that makes it crowded in the middle and from the center of the door but from the middle of the floor it's only like 3 feet to the outer wall. If you are going to build a shed just for storing the 2 quads and nothing else .Then Id say each are just over 6 feet long so a shed that is 14 ft deep would work. I love the Blitz pics too, my dad used a Chevy Blitz for snigging logs out of the bush and loading the truck. My dad always tells me about the local fire truck being a blitz and his first job was down the South East of SA, working in the pine forests, where there were a lot of them getting around pulling logs like you mentioned. I found this great picture taken of our property a few years ago for the Heysen Trail website. Then I started building a cattle crush, a job I'd been putting off for a while, my first proper project in the shed. I bought a head bail and a sliding gate and custom built all the bits inbetween including gates. Unsure what Smiling Samoyed at Myponga do with all their spent grain, but might be worth a call if you have cattle. That's the best retirement that keg could dream of I'd bet it never had anything so tasty in it when it was in commission for West End! But, the biggest job that happened only yesterday, was the arrival of 15 cubes of concrete for the shed floor (well, half of it). It was intended for a family to share playtime, reading, and other activities — and later for the child to use for their own hobbies and interests. My wife and I have a 25 acre property on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide, and I'm building a 12m x 18m x 4.5m (roughly 40' x 60' x 15') shed. Obviously being on a property we need shed space for tractors and machinery but I also have two Mazda rotaries as my play things. With the string lines down we also checked that my measurements were spot on with the front section as this is very important.

I don't think you are going to have any problem with the structural integrity of the frame judging by the size of the base plates and rag bolts, well done.
I've also got an 808 sedan that I bought as a writeoff and brought it back to life, dropping a pretty stock 12a into it a couple of years ago. I don't have any pics of the outside but it's all paved in old red brick with surrounding vegie garden.
Siren, and lights would wake everyone, and grab there attention so nothing is added to house security bill. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Finished building my doors so just waiting for my dad to get some time to bring them up to my place on his truck.
It went in pretty well without a hitch and just need the front end raised slightly higher than I'd set the footings. I got myself a cool new job so managed to get 2 weeks of holidays off between resigning and starting my new job. This is going to be an ongoing task for a few weeks as I make it up as I go along with no real plans. This has been a long time coming but it's finally done and I haven't stopped smiling since.
People are shrinking their living quarters to decrease their carbon footprint, get rid of the clutter, and live smaller and smarter. We are currently in limbo between houses so we have a lot of gear stored at my parents which will all be moved to the shed. We also have an outside toilet, flushing, which we dug a massive hole for with the excavator for soakage. Day one of erection went better than planned although it started off with about an hour of rain.

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I had a chat with Parchem and they priced up the 'Rolls Royce' package at just under $2K trade price. As mentioned in my intro post I'm building it from scratch, using the plans my dad had drawn up by an engineer.
I've had two rotary engined 323's (one of which I still have as a long term stalled project), and I have one mate with a track fc project and another with a 13b in an MG Midget.
We've had an amzaing few weekends which means quite a few jobs have been completed, but only a few are shed related. After spotting a few miniature dwellings during our Internet travels, we compiled a list of unique, itsy-bitsy backyard cottages, adorably dwarfed abodes, and other tiny homesteads. We built the same shed at his place about 10 years ago, so lucky for me I have all the engineering plans as well as a working structure to base my design on. Our neighbour across the road does earthmoving so he's got a bobcat, tipper and excavator and our neighbour behind is a contractor of all sorts including fencing, vineyard etc etc. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. I saved about $2500 building this myself rather than buying a new one, and I also used heavier steel than the manufacturers do.

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