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The cat tree is nearly finished, just need more carpeting and a coat of paint, but we are calling it quits for the day. Cat lovers looking to keep their feline friends comfortable and happy typically find there is no better accessory than a cat tree. Consider the space available in the home for the cat tree, including the maximum allowance for width and height. Owners who have multiple cats can create a multi-level tree that accommodates several cats at once. Pet owners creating a custom cat tree with additional play areas may want to purchase additional cat toys.
With all of the supplies in hand, pet owners can easily start creating their new custom cat tree. Build the base of the cat tree by cutting two squares of plywood and gluing them together for extra thickness.
Building a cat tree may be any easy process for pet owners to start on their own, but consider some tips to make the project even easier.
If pet owners are still experimenting with the design, lay out the different wood platforms before nailing them together to play with dimensions. Pet owners making their cats a custom cat tree can find all the supplies they need right on eBay.

Every person that ever owned a cat knows love to look over their territory from a high vantage point and since they are predatory animals, they love to hunt and sharpen their claws on almost any vertical and slightly hard surface, for example, your favorite sofa. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
These trees are large towers, complete with several platforms that usually come covered in a durable carpet for scratching and nail sharpening.
Most cat owners choose to cover the tree with durable carpeting, but specialty cat scratching fabric is a higher-end option. Once constructed, the tree needs to be sturdy and should not wobble under the weight of a cat. I mean I get why they are expensive, but we built this for like 70 bucks and we have a ton of ply wood left over. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This tree can serve as a place for naps, a scratching post, a play area and a climbing device. Creating the right cat tree is all about developing a system that is in line with the cat's preferences.
When purchasing big items like tools or plywood, make sure to be clear on shipping costs and periods of time.

Having a cat tree and a scratch post is a perfect solution, but they tend to cost hundreds of dollars. While pet owners can purchase a pre-made cat tree for their animal companion, it is also quite easy to build a custom piece. With a few of these basic carpentry items and a few household tools, any person can start making a cat tree for their pet. So, to save you some grief and some money, we offer you the top 10 DIY cat tree projects that you can do with cheap material, a bit of effort and a lot of love.
With a few basic tools and supplies, any pet owner can make a tree that specifically fits with their pet's unique needs.
Once completed, this pet accessory can provide any domestic house cat with hours of fun and entertainment and can be a long lasting addition to any cat owner's home.

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